Monday, January 18, 2010

Well myyyy goodness....

I would attempt to catch up on all that I have missed posting .... but you see it has taken me over a month to get to do a post so time isn't on my side! I love love love blogging and reading everyones blogs, etc. but finding time to do it (along with keeping up with the kids, dishes, laundry, cleaning X 5= IT AIN'T HAPPENIN!) I know you get me.... so we will just leave it be :)

All is well (ok... good.... not so "well" these days.. bunch of sick kids!) We made it through Christmas alive! I have 4563165413 toys to prove it. We had our first family gathering at our house for Daddy and my sisters (and a few other members of the family) I cooked a HUGE meal - pork tenderloin, potatoes, corn casserole, pintos (REAL ones) and I made a honeycomb cake (HEAVEN in a bundt pan!)

The next day we went to my mom's - more food... and toys.... :)

Then we had Christmas with Granna, Chad and Emily.

Then off to Granny's Christmas Eve.....

We had our little family Christmas at home Christmas morning ( after I was up until 2 am doing all of Santa's work that I will never get any credit for!) Kaylee got her dollhouse (her 1000-different-pieces-make-sure-you-took-ag-in-school dollhouse) and Kyle got Rocky the Robot truck ($65 for a truck he has played with all of 3 times.... and Kaden got a Jumper that he really liked the pretty paper on :) (ho ho ho)

Last... off to Dee and Rod's for the Brewer Christmas....

I will leave this post as it is for now and I will try to get back to posting at least once a week- because I know you have really missed hearing about my over-the-top-so exciting you could gag- life :) And YAY ME for putting pics in order... I know.. I am awesome (really slow to learn) but Awesome :)