Tuesday, June 29, 2010

For all you moms out there....

I am taking a stab at the couponing thing and I must say it is addictive!! I just came across a deal I thought I would share with all of you.
Go to Crocs.com and look at the girls Mary Janes for $9.99. Make sure you click the promo underneath for FREE butterfly Jibbetz. Go to checkout and put in SUMMERLUV20 in the promo code box and get the shoes for $7.99 with free shipping. That is a GREAT deal- even if the colors are pretty random.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Feeling like a whiner today.....

You know there are days when you wake up and feel ready to take on the world... then there are days when getting out of bed seems to be the biggest hurdle of the day... I am in between both of those! I have some major sinus junk (that from the sound of things is something we all "shared" after revival) and I am feeling pretty rotten. I had to get up and get everyone ready (minus JD who has to work...poor him) and we went to my Mom's to celebrate her 50th birthday (once again- no pics- come on peeps- you were supposed to tell my husband how BADLY I need that camara!!) Anyway-we made it to the mountain- had a great lunch (my first stab at Italian Beef was a hit) kids got to swim and play- we got to laugh and gab- and I am back home with a busting headache and 3 wee little ones who don't seem to be near as tired as I am. I am holding out 'til 9 and we are ALL going down (willingly or with force lol)

We went to Pleasant Oaks yesterday morning and to Gunter's Mtn last night. Both services were good (not counting that it was 1000 degrees @ GM and Kaden some how managed to cut his knee on something and bled all over my skirt) We bailed out a little early and went to Aunt Karen's with about 500 teenagers (OK- I exaggerate... if you have been reading my blog for any amount of time I think you know I can be a little over-dramatic about things... ) We decided at about 8pm that we were no longer young and "cool" and they would probably not miss us much if we headed home. (Though Dustin and I know that we were once the all-stars of Too Late for Supper back in the day) These new teeny-boppers ain't got nothing on us!! lol

This week we will be going to Gunter's Mtn some more (JD is actually there now) and doing the normal routine ( play-get ready- eat- sleep- repeat) My tire is low on my car (I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact it is almost bald.. uhh-hhumm... you might want to throw in that camara request rather soon before we make that $700 tire purchase) so my travels may not be what I had anticipated this week. We are in search of a new-er car and JD is trying his best to hold out on getting those tires... and brakes..... so you might want to say an extra prayer for me and my precious cargo! (or just add us to your daily prayer list... if you have ever rode in a vehicle with me... I know you will understand! )

Take care- be sweet- stay cool!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I am telling you what is the truth- I know I survived last summer with 3 kids during revival but this one was rough! Kaden was a sleepy little bundle last year that everyone willingly held as soon as I walked in the door. This year he is about 20 pounds heavier, loves only his MOMMA and can't sit still for long periods of time. That plus Kyle who likes to sit, stand, talk and laugh at all the inappropriate moments and Kaylee- who thinks she is way older than what she is- ran around like she was NOT supposed to! It all makes for one wild church service after another...and did I mention that 5 people recieved the Holy Ghost... we had a GREAT revival!!! I will take being this tired all over again if it meant 5 more would make it!

We have been doing our usual visiting again- we went to Scottsboro last night and stayed all of 45 minutes due to the rising heat INSIDE the church. I can't handle 83 degrees+ indoors. I love me some Scottsboro people- but we can come back on a much cooler day :) We plan to go to Williams Cove one night this week- and next week we will be at Gunters Mtn most of the week or Aunt Karen will have our hides! I love revival season- the social part is always a plus- but to see someone recieve salvation is priceless. You that know what I am talking about... well.... you know what I am talking about!

We have also been enjoying the abundance of sunshine! I am a summer gal- 90 degrees would be good with me all year. We have been going to Uncle Jimmy's pool, playing with the slip & slide at home and taking full advantage of the water hose! I have widdle my work week down to one day now so we have lots of lounging around time and play time (that we have been using to go to church lol)

I will blog more later- just letting you all know that I am still alive- which most of you already know because I have seen you out and about :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hey Y'all......

I am a blogger slacker lately - this summertime stuff is pretty crazy! I have been setting my ALARM CLOCK to get up before the kids and attempt to get things done around here and still feel like I haven't put a dent in it. (this is a habit that I will most likely be letting go after next week :) Anyone have an extra elf that cleans windows, carports, pressure washes, etc??? If so- send it my way!

We are in full revival mode- going to church and getting ready for ours. I am actually going to church this morning at Skyline (you know- the best place ever!) Today I have had the Holy Ghost for 15 years... and I think WOW... so much has happened in 15 years...yet it seems like yesterday that I knelt down in a little ugly green dress in a church with NO air conditioning (it was broken) and gave my heart to Jesus. Praise the Lord he has kept me until now and blessed me with more than I could have ever planned out myself :) I told you before and I will say it again... He is just awesome like that!!

I feel like things are going in a good direction for our revival- Bro Jack even commented about it last night. I am hoping and praying for good things to come. Whether it be someone recieving salvation or someone just getting renewed in their body or in their spirit- revival has endless possibilities! You know they say "When it rains, it pours" and I have always looked at the negative aspect of that.... today I am looking at the positive.... With God, all things are possible.....

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Maw Maw.....

My MawMaw was the one I basically lived with everyday until I was about 11 years old. (technically I "lived" with my mom... but I stayed with MawMaw from sun up til sun down with some nights in between) She pretty much raised me and my sisters and half of her 13 grandkids. (She has 4 children, 13 grandchildren, 31.5 great-grandkids) You know the virtuous woman in the bible- oh yeah- that is her- all of it. Worked hard- dawn til dusk- sewed, cooked, worried with all of us running around on their several acres of wooded land (I am still amazed we never got hurt no worse than we did) She taught me "Two wrongs don't make a right" when I was ready for full blown revenge on whomever had crossed my path. She is about 5 feet tall- but she stands high over them all in my book.

I got the news yesterday she was taken to the hospital with chest pains. I went to see her last night and she seemed to be ok- she was talking and laughing at me proclaiming to be the #1 out of her 13 grandchildren because I was the only one up there besides all of her kids. I left there thinking that she was doing good- they had some tests scheduled for this morning - they thought it was more GI related than heart. Then I got one of those nerve wrecking calls about midnight last night. My mom had stayed there with MawMaw and about 2 hours after I left (which was about 9pm) she had started hurting really badly again in her chest and down both arms. They did 4 EKGs and more blood work.... she had or was having a heart attack. They did an arterial gram and found a 100% blockage that seemed to be the source of her problem. They did surgery last night to place a stint in the blockage. She will be in ICU for a couple of days but they think everything will be ok.

Once again... life just happened.... I was going along all fine and dandy.... planning my usual life things of cooking, yard work, house work, etc. and BOOM.... and once again the Lord looked out for us all..... what if she hadn't been at the hospital? What if they had dismissed her thinking it was GI and let her go? ....
Thank the Lord one more time :) He is so awesome like that!!!!

Please continue to pray for her recovery. At 80 years old - things don't tend to go as smoothly in these situations. And pray for my PawPaw too, he may not want us all to know it, but he needs MawMaw. (She made him hug her last night as he was leaving and we had another good laugh... I wished I had a camara for that one!!) I would love to see the day that JD and I are old.... that will be comical to say the least!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why don't I listen to myself???.......

We have a church picnic every year on Memorial Day.... every year we get together and eat too much and talk too much and laugh- well- you can't ever laugh too much..... and every year we play volleyball (that is the ONLY time most of us play ALL YEAR) .... and every Tuesday-after-Memorial-Day I utter the words "Not next year-this pain isn't worth it!" (and every year the pain seems a little worse... and let me tell you... I AM NOT old!!!!!) So I am sitting here with what feels like a dislocated shoulder and a minor spinal dis-alignment with some super sore muscles in between- reminding myself that it will be worse tomorrow- and I have houses to clean Thursday- so I just might need to go find me a super-sized heating pad to lay on for the day :)-

All of my whining aside... We had an awesome day yesterday! The rain came pouring down one time and sent everyone running for cover (you should see about 100 people trying to pile onto a carport in about 15 seconds.... when they have ran from 50 yards+ away.... it was pretty funny!)We were sitting on a 4 wheeler, porch swing, wet chairs, steps.... and eating like pigs and enjoying every minute of it. We finished our lunch just in time for the sun to come out- and we headed back to the park for a major volleyball tournament- I wish I had some video footage of Kerri's "guns" hitting the ball all the way across the ROAD sometimes- good times, good times :)

I took pics on my mother-in-laws camara (Will someone PLEASE give my husband a message that I want a GOOD camara because he is not understanding me!!??) I will post them later when I steal her camara again :) ok.. borrow her camara... don't want y'all thinking I am a thief!

This week has lots of boring cleaning and revival prep in store- everytime I think of how close revival really is I get that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and it isn't because my base boards aren't all cleaned yet.... my spritual house is in need of some cleaning too (more like renovating!!!) I need more than 2 weeks to get all that straightened up!! I guess it is time for me to "Have a little talk with Jesus"! I don't want to tell Him all of my troubles- I just need to make sure I am on the right page in His book :)

Happy Monday/Tuesday!!!!