Monday, August 1, 2011

Have you missed me????

Wow! This summer has flown by and part of that is due to the fact of us running from boarder to boarder of the Alabama state line (and crossing it a few times along the way). We think our running is done for now- but Kaylee is trying to beg a mini-vacation out of us. Maybe a short trip to the smokies or to the cabin will do....

To try to catch you up would be impossible. In highlights- Kaden no longer has a pacifier! (tears here, this growing up stuff is killer!) About two weeks ago, it was bedtime and no paci was to be found so I did a trial run without it... and he has been fine without it since. Well- fine is a stretch... his terrible two's have kicked it in high gear.... guess he will show us!!! He argues with everyone, has this stubborn streak that won't give and can fall to pieces in 2.2 seconds when he hears the word NO. I think he did all of this before but the paci made him get over it quickly! He talks so well- says just about everything and you can actually understand him (we couldn't understand Kyle until he was about 4 years old....seriously.... he had his own language!) He is definitely the bully of the bunch. I guess you think you can push everybody around when you are two years old and the size of a pre-teen ;)

Kyle turned 6 and was not so happy about until it was over! The night before his birthday, I was tucking him in (and he was not happy that I wouldn't let him vacuum the floors like he thought Kaylee was) I tried cheering him up by saying "Somebody is going to be 6 years old tomorrow" and he busted out crying saying "I know- and my voice is going to be different! I don't want to grow up!" I laughed and said "You will be fine... 6 years old isn't hardly grown up yet" This kid says the funniest things EVER! He is still so sweet too... they sang happy birthday to him at church and he collected his dollars (you get $1 from people at church when they sing) and we went through McDonald's on the way home and he got all excited when we got to the window because he thought he was buying our food with his money! He kept saying "Thanks for letting them sing to me... this is the best day EVER!"

Kaylee is the diva these days- more so than usual! She is Kaden's caretaker and Kyle's boss. The big sister role is fitting her to a T! If Kaden gets in trouble or needs petting... she picks him up and rocks him (like he isn't almost as big as her) and she is sure to tell Kyle what he is/is not supposed to be doing and how to do it and when to do it and to stay away from her at all times.... and he listens to none of it! She is all in to clothes, shoes, make up (play... not for real.... though she did pull one on me the other day.... we went shopping and I looked really close after we were already in town and she had REAL MASCARA on!! I could have killed her! 7 going on 17 for sure!!) and the hair will always be an issue until she does it herself... and something tells me then that I will then be the one crying about it!!! I braided her hair yesterday and here came the tears because she wanted to wear her peace sign headband.... so we compromised with a ponytail and parted ways..... some days I think shaving her head wouldn't be near as difficult!! Oh- she and her bff Katie did not get in the same class this year.... the world just might stop spinning on August 15! (that is until she picks the new-school-bff for this year)

JD and I just returned from our weekend get-away to Nashville. We were totally lost without our kids! I love being able to stay here with my kids- but it has made me socially retarded! I wanted to tell someone to sit down, be quiet and eat their food.... but that doesn't work well at a table full of adults.... I actually ate HOT food and got to chew it rather than swallow it whole in 3 bites. I slept til 10... TEN... I went shopping and didn't loose anyone (though JD did want to run when I got to the spending part :) We missed the kids like crazy- but it was nice. JD said he truly had forgotten what it was like when it was just us two- but we wouldn't change our little crazy, kid-filled life for a million dollars.

And I am going now.... loads and loads and loads of laundry to do..... bags to be unpacked.... house to be found underneath it all! Happy Monday!