Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. I survived it ;) We had our first Christmas function Thursday night and our final one last night. I am EXHAUSTED! I have cheated this morning and put a heavy blanket over the boys window so that Kyle David will sleep past 7a.m. (and it is working... 9a.m. and not a peep) After all the madness of Christmas morning and going to 2 more family get-togethers- I had to come home and get my house in tip-top shape for a realtor to show it on Monday. I was praying for the Lord to help me because I was dragging..... and my kids have enough new play-thingys for an entire elementary school! It took an hour to place items in the correct bedroom before I could actually start cleaning(Thank you to everyone who bought a toy.... they really NEEDED those!) lol

Oh the kids.... they have been in full force.... keeping us on our toes at all times! Kyle had a rough go at school last week- his behavior was NOT becoming of him and his teacher was at a loss with what to do with him. On the 3rd day I was at my rope's end with it too.... so we have a major "come to Jesus" meeting. By Thursday he came home and had stayed on green (which is a sign he did good) and I asked him "Now see Kyle, was it THAT hard to be good at school today?" in which he replied "Yes it was! I cannot breathe if I don't talk!"   You have 3 children and you know that one of them will likely be the death of you..... yep..... he is mine....well.... last week he was Joe David's ;)

Kaylee had her first school dance a week or two ago. It was Christmas in Hawaii themed so I allowed her to take a change of clothing to school so she would be properly dressed for the occasion. ( OK- keep in mind- she goes to a very small school , the "dance" was from 3-5 and only 3 grades were invited- so don't panic that I let her go) Well this must have set something off in her little mind because we went to Santa's Village where she wrote her list of gifts she would like to have..... and on the list..... "I would like a prom dress. Size 10 or 12. Thanks, Kaylee. Yes, a prom dress..... and when asked where was she going to where the prom dress that she DID get .... she said , "well , I guess to a funeral because it is black and white" Lord have mercy!

And then there is Kaden....Mr Meany..... he is the grouchiest child I have- yet he is so stinkin' funny! He is everything Kyle is (Power Ranger, Spiderman, etc.) he says everything Kyle says- if Kyle's stomach is hurting, so is Kaden's. If Kyle is irritated with Kaylee, so is Kaden. He talks up a storm, sings all the time- he even makes up his own songs ( he was singing "I don't have to go to my woom Kaywee" the other day) He can almost count to twenty and can recognize letters and numbers when he sees them- which I don't recall the other two doing at two years old.... then again I hardly remember what they did yesterday....

And now you are updated on the Cantrell's.... and I am still sitting her in silence.... aaaahhhhh.... The Lord sent rain just for me today so I apologize for y'all who had to get out in it...... maybe since am so lazy this week I can do about 10 catch up posts.... don't hold your breath!

Happy Tuesday!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Meet our Elf....

His name is Crimson ( yes I know.... we are Bama obsessed in this house!)

He enjoys Super Mario on the DS
Rides the Gingerbread Express (aka... the cookie jar)

He plays dress-up with Ken's tuxedo...

He loves dad's guitar (though Dad's guitar playing needs work!)
Plays on the stocking holder

He hangs out with the Gingerbread person in the kitchen

Plays tic tac toe with Mr. Lion

And leaves a reminder note that he is watching the kids and their behavior is  
in need of improvement..... like staying on green at school for Kyle and picking up after yourself for Kaylee.....

And Mom has figured out the Crimson is a job to keep up with ;)

Christmas program 2011

Kaylee, Sophie & Peyton

Katie and Kyle (Mary and Joseph... and Allie the Angel )

Kaden the broken ear reindeer

Kaden was supposed to sing with Kyle, but wouldn't do it. Kaylee picked him up (and her dress came up all the way in front of everyone) and tried to assist him.... and he still didn't do it.

Beautiful Star of Bethlehem (with Dad)

Kyle sang alone after the Kaden fiasco!

Granny with the babies

Emily, Chad & Karsyn