Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Consider yourself tagged.....

In reading Patrice's blog (aka Jonah's blog) she tagged everyone to do this questionaire type thing and I am being an insomniac tonight and can't go clean or wash clothes with everyone in bed- so I am gonna do it and your gonna read it and really, truth be known, neither of us really care about my answers- so this is for my can't-go-to-sleep entertainment and your I-have-nothing-better-to-do-than-read-Drea's-boringness entertainment. :)

What experience has shaped you most and why?
My life in general- from being a child of divorcing parents to working like a slave in farm life. Getting the Holy Ghost was DEFINITLY the biggest and best event and I feel like the Lord has shaped my life completely, really, some days I don't see how He has much time for all of you when He is doing so much for me.....

If you had a whole day with no commitments, what would you do?
oh, this would take some planning indeed. I really don't know what I would do with myself. Go eat with someone I haven't seen in ages, shopping alone is always nice, grab another friend who got the same "no commitments" day and go sit by the pool ALL DAY and eat a great dinner afterward, take a day trip with JD and go fishing or something outdoorsy.

What food or drink could you never give up?
Cheese and Sweet Tea..... they both go with just about everything.

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why?
Up the coast of Maine, Rhode Island, etc. I could do this in a car and my husband wouldn't have to be tranquilized and put on a plane ;)

Who do you have a crush on?
Joe David......... awwwwww.......

If you were leader of your country, what would you do?
I wouldn't and I couldn't..... that is a job that I know I wouldn't succeed at so I won't even try to babble on about what I would and would not do......

Give me one savory recipe that doesn’t include cheese.
Beef Stew...... home made..... it rocks....

What did you think you were going to be when you grew up?
A lawyer. Housekeeper/cleaner/SAHM worked out so much better :)

If you could spend just one day in someone else’s body, who would it be?
BODY.... ooooooo..... something between Jennifer Annaston and Jessica Simpson

Which woman writer, living or dead, do you admire most?
Nora Roberts is the only one that comes to mind and though I do not admire her because I have no clue who she is other than an author.... you CAN NOT put her books down.

What character trait inspires you the most?
Confident- but not arrogant. Proud but not prideful. True life- for real type people.

What is your favorite kind of music?
Old Country and (go ahead and gag) Bluegrass/Southern Gospel. The newer country is OK- but nothing like Conway Twitty or Kenny Rogers!

What is one fact about you that most people who know you wouldn’t guess?
I have a big-huge-insecure fear that people don't like me, that I am too much, that I am annoying, that I am overwhelming. I walk away from conversations all the time thinking "Why do I open my mouth? Everything that comes out is STUPID"

If money were no object, what's one thing you don't own now or can't afford to do that you'd like to have or do?
Brand New house for my daddy. period.

I am tired now..... and I am sure you now have something way more productive to do :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One day late (as usual)...

Happy Birthday to Kyle!!!!!
He is 5 years old as of yesterday!! (he asked me "When I wake up- am I going to be 4 again?" lol Oh if it were only possible to go back ;)

We did the "For Real Birthday- Not Real Party Day" celebration. We went swimming (I know - big shocker!) got a pizza (Kyle's FAVE after-swimming-lunch) got ready and went to Granna's house for his family birthday party. As everyone walked in he would say "Thanks for coming to my birthday party" We had spaghetti, salad and cake (Kyle had mac & cheese because spaghetti isn't on his list of 4 things he eats!)

He got tons of gifts (looks like Christmas in my living room) and he had tons of fun.

It is unbelievable that my little 6 lb baby boy is going to Kindergarten in a couple of weeks as a FIVE year old! (insert tears here) He is so sweet. He is our caring one- if he has it- he wants you to have it too. He kisses all of us about 25 times a day. When JD comes in from work and gives Kyle his hugs and kisses- Kyle takes him by the hand and leads him to Kaylee and Kaden to make sure he loves on both of them just the same. He is the size of a goat with the heart of a lion. (oh- and he is still wild and thinks he is Spider Man whom can climb my walls/doorways)

So Happy Birthday To Kyle! Mom loves you SO very much!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beach pics....

Friday was another day of getting up WAY early- going to the beach,etc. We went to the Gulfarium and the kids LOVED it! After a few more stops at the outlets and a fantastic supper at Pizza Hut (insert sarcasm here) - we headed back to the resort for the biggest fireworks show I have ever seen. We went down to the beach for some last minute sand time before getting ready to come home. And on Saturday.... halelujah!!!! we made it back home! Here are some pics to show you what all we did....

Thursday, July 22, 2010


We are here- the beach- the sand- the oh so hot sun! and all I can say is WHEW!!! because I am tired!!!!! We made it in yesterday a little before 4 only to encounter a problem- our room (and many other ALFA travelers rooms) was not ready. We panicked a bit (me mostly) because we were to be at the welcoming party at 6:30- and you all know me too well to even begin to think that I was just going to walk into that party straight out of the car (where we were for 7 1/2 hours) when I had planned out everyones coordinating outfits/etc. Oh no way for that! They called us right at 5 to tell us we could check in and we made it to the party and all was well.... and the kids were all matching and I was in a sweat but what else is new- that is normal for me to get anywhere we are going :)

The party was the party- the kids had more fun than the rest of us- which was good. We skipped out early and sweet Stephanie was feeling awful generous (she had MiMi- I had JD- we know who was fairing better in the assisting department) so she came by the room and took Kaylee and Kyle with Abby to burn off some energy in the pool. I joined them shortly after- but Kaden was in a ROTTEN mood to say the least and I didn't think I was going to ever get him to bed. They were all bathed and down for the night about 12.

This morning we got up with the sun (ok- anything before 8 is basically sunrise when you have had a day like I did yesterday!)and Kaylee, Kyle and myself took off to the beach to beat the crowd and the heat. The crowd wasn't there but the heat was. We played, made a sandcastle, let the waves touch our feet (I am still leary of oil water) and headed to the pool- all before 8am. We made it back to the room to wake Daddy and Kaden up to go for some breakfast and luckily Cracker Barrel serves it all day because we didn't get going until after 11 :) We took a long drive up the main strip just checking out what options we had in the entertainment department. We went to Bass Pro Shop, checked the Gulfarium schedule for tomorrow, got a Starbucks while the kids ALL napped in the car and JD was a sweety and sat in car and let me get some retail therapy in at the awesome outlets. We took the kids by a little play area at the Commons and let them blow some money doing bumper boats, climbing a monster slide and jumping on two inflatable castles. It was so hot we all were at the passing out point when we left! I didn't think i had the camara with us and I didn't get ANY pics of this - and the camara was in the car the entire time. I had to help Kaylee climb a multi-level-spider-web-type slide and I can't believe I don't have photo evidence!!! She got 2 turns on the slide- I went up once and told her it was NOT going to happen again- so she did the next turn solo.

Then back to the resort to get ready for dinner (aka supper). We got ready earlier than our party we were meeting up with- so I did a little beach photo session. That was something.... lots of sand, a few tantrums and one soaking wet sand coated baby later- we were back to the room to get RE-ready for dinner. We went to Joe's Crab Shack and waited ONE HOUR to eat (by this time it is 9 PM and I was feeling the affects of getting up with the chickens!) The food was good- the kids weren't!

Here we are now- getting ready for bed- 1 out of 3 down for the night- Zombie Mom updating her blog like she isn't about to collapse out of the chair. Who knows what tomorrow has in store- most likely another mini-marathon!!

I can't post pictures yet- well I probably could but I am finished for the day..... I will get back to you on that one........

Friday, July 16, 2010

I am young... I am young....

I have to repeat this to myself because I keep doing "old" people things... like getting up early for no reason, telling my kids things that my mother always told me that I declared I would never say to my children (ex. "Do you want to get in trouble?" Like any kid is going to answer "Why yes I do!") and now it is official... I spent 7+ hours yesterday CANNING!! I am 28 with 3 kids with my own little life that I thank the Lord for daily- youth just kinda slipped out when I wasn't paying attention and low and behold I think I am grown-up.... well ..... still growing anyway :) I mean ME doing the canning thing?? The jars , the lids, the oh so familiar smell of my Maw Maw's kitchen every summer of my childhood life.... CANNING! I went to sleep one day and I was a teen- living the life- no worries- quite a few less pounds- just happy to be here and WHAM! We did 30 quarts of vegetable soup and we did who knows how many quarts and pints of salsa (we were delirious by that point-Karen finally stopped counting everything lol) It was a fun learning experience (even though Karen couldn't work the blender and I didn't hardly touch the pressure cooker because that thing scares me to death!) Gardening and canning.... the mountain in coming out in me I 'reckon! ;)

Today is full of getting things together and getting ready for Destin next week. I am the least excited about this trip as any I have been on. I fear 3 whole days of entertaining 3 little ones in 100 degree weather while on a beach front that we most likely will not be going on. Are you jealous yet???? Surely I can atleast get some good pictures or something-and some good outlet shopping! JD has already been in fear of that one ;)

Bye for now..... I think I will go weed my flowers while the kiddies are still snoozing :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The video...

Kaylee and Kyle singing Justin Bieber "Baby". I think Kaylee has trained Kyle as her back up rapper/ dancer. Ignore my man-voice/laughter....ugghhhh.....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Its Raining, Its Pouring......

The nice rainy weather that I could (and probably should) have slept super late with still finds me up trying to get things going before the 3 amigos start their daily routine of I am hungry, I don't want to watch this, he is touching me, she hurt my feelings, and the never ending cycle of Kaden's new thing.... Momma-Momma tap tap tap Momma (answer "What Kaden") "jibber-jabber-blah-glory-glory" (and two seconds later) Momma-Momma tap tap tap and continue the same conversation for 10 minutes until he sees the magnets are back on the fridge (where they belong) and he proceeds to pull them all off into the floor (for me to step on and holler because those things HURT) He sees my small fit from the magnets and remembers we were talking.... Momma-Momma tap tap tap And you wonder why I am nuts!!!!! :) just kidding- I love it really!

I can't remember what I all I posted last- we have went to church some more and yesterday we ALL went to get new tires. (no worries- we were right by the mall and JD met us there so we could all go for lunch) We actually had a good hour and a half of shopping (which Kaylee declared was the first time JD had ever went shopping with us) We finished lunch and a short trip to the cootie-infested-play-area and we were headed to find JD a belt when Kaylee spotted Justice (the lil' girls store for those of you unfamiliar) Well- just 2 days prior we had been chatting that we could go there for some school clothes- and of course she remembered! We all headed in (JD and Kyle were not so fond of the girliness of it all- Kyle kept saying "Mom, me and dad are outta here- this is girl stuff!!") Kaylee started modeling for JD and lets just say she has him so wrapped it is unbelievable- he for once didn't have much to say about "how much" - he just took the boys out when it was time to pay lol! We left the mall with Kaylee's bag of loot and no belt because they called to say the car was ready. We went to Marshall's because #1- I wanted to and #2- JD wanted to make sure the car was driving correctly with the new tires (win-win situation I would say) We shopped in there for a bit and after a small break down over what Kyle got to buy (since Kaylee had gotten ALOT more than he did) we left the store- and I picked Kaden up and he had wet all the way through is diaper- oh yeah- that was nice!! That was our final que to GO HOME!!

OK- that story was like a novel... sorry about that.... it really is that eventful when JD goes shopping! (especially with 3 kids- he was like "Is it like this every time you go somewhere"... well DUH! ... )

I have a video I am trying to post but blogger is being stupid.. so I will add some pics and get off of here!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Free Friday....

"Free" as in no plans! We were going to go to church and that got all kinds of messed up (I was going- then I wasn't- then JD was going with a friend- his friend got soaked to the bone in the passing storm so JD turned around and came back home AFTER I had made supper plans with my bff Holly) I think he gets an A for effort ;)
Holly and myself enjoyed our meal (along with 4 kids- the place we ate at was super noisy so I don't think anyone noticed the wild indians... though I did accidently whack a guy with my diaper bag while corraling my kids out the door.... whoooops)

This week has been pretty normal. I did finish the swing set (pics are parts, phase 1 and 2... I will get a pic of the finished product tomorrow... hopefully) Wednesday night we went to Higdon to church- it was good to see everyone there. I had to clean THREE houses Thursday and that took all extra energy I had plus some. Today we went to the pool- we would truly have nothing to do with our spare time if it weren't for Jimmy and Sissanne's pool! We use it way more than they get to- especially when it is 100 degrees outside and you can't stand to just play outside!

I did get some good buys on with my couponing this week- I got TONS of groceries, neccesaties, needs for less $$$$. The rush of seeing the savings at the end of my reciept (at the stores that actually show the savings ) is awesome! I spent $68 at Publix and saved $38- and that was for swim diapers, air fresheners, baby wipes, breakfast food, meats, fruits, etc. etc. I spent about $106 at Kroger and saved almost $30 and I really racked up on fruit snacks, cereal, pudding cups, fruit cups and our lunch stuff. Ooooo- and don't get me started on CVS- about $40 got me some personal needs, detergent, super large pack of paper towels, a new razor(that almost cut my leg off) 6 cases of cokes, Kaden a pair of "fake" crocs and paper plates. I have to stop myself from going to CVS everyday- those EB's get me everytime!!!

OK- now that I have totally went psycho-coupon lady on you all... I will say "bye" for now....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 5th of July....

****Correction***** EMILY saved the day on the fireworks... should have known Chad was just as much a tight-wad as JD.... Em and I have to keep them balanced with our ability to spend!!
Our 4th consisted of JD going to church, all 3 kids going to Chad's house with Granna, and me.. well... I took round 2 with the swingset. We had to wrap our day up early to go to a baptizing so I took advantage of my work time without the kids here and got the fort part of the set finished and got the swing part all together too- teh monkey bars are still not on- but I am still sore and today is supposed to be super hot- we will see just when those monkey bars get put on.....

So we celebrated our holiday as the 5th with swimming and eating and a pretty pitiful little fireworks show. (Kaylee and Kyle had $20 each- Kyle took out the buy one get one section and Kaylee got 4 packs of sparklers and a hen laying eggs) Chad saved the day with the big finale that shot some really pretty fireworks at the end. (and I must have been having an old people moment because I was thinking "we just set fire to over $40") I have pics of the swingset on the camara that I cannot find the cord to (uh-huh.. what else is new) but I do have pics from the pool. Guess that will just have to do for now....
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Happy 6th to everyone back out in the real world today!!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

happy early (and late birthday) to my kids.....

from Granna... a swingset... which I worked on for 6 hours today and completed 2 walls (incorrectly might I add) and have the frame of the fort standing upright... I have lots of scratches and dings on my hands.... and I have a good 8 hours (hopefully) left of work out there... prayers are appreciated... if you can do it you are welcome to come.... I will have pics later.... for now I am going to crash!!