Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh the joys of motherhood....

Saturday was Jordan and Tallie's wedding. We love ALL of the Harkins kids and have now witnessed all 4 of them as they began their wedded lives. I had everyone ready- all in pink because I like to match (and the smart thing is... everyone wears the same colors.... you have fewer loads of laundry.... my free tip of the day) We find the place (think over the river... or lake... and through the woods... and down a creepy gravel road...) We unload everyone about 15 minutes before the wedding begins. We walk up the gravel road and up a hill of grass... in heels... well- me in heels... jd left his at home ;) and the sweating begins! It was HOT! Like the kind of hot that makes you feel faint kind of hot. This is where my fun begins....

Kaden (in his cute pink polo and linen pants) has a diaper mishap about 2 minutes before the ceremony begins (I am talking- pee down to his shoes) So- he, Kyle and myself go hiking back to the car to get changed. JD and I decided they would be fine in the car watching a movie because at this point I missed the first 10 minutes anyway- I buckled the boys in (Kaylee WAS NOT about to miss seeing a bride- she is wedding obsessed!) threatened Kyle's life if he dare got out of his seat for any reason- turned their movie on and walked back to see the rest of the wedding. I topped the hill and grabbed a fan to attempt to cool off (the sweat had taken over- I am very hot natured and at this point I was about to collapse) and caught the beginning of the exchanging of the vows. I stood there alone (as in- no kids pulling on me) and listened and fanned.... when I hear someone holler "MOMMA" and I froze thinking "You have GOT to be kidding me!" I turned and politely walked as fast as I could before a scene was made... and he screams again "MOMMA, I neeeeed you" (before you flip out thinking the car is being stolen... this wasn't a scared cry or a hurt cry I was hearing from my child... it was the cry like "I need toilet paper" cry... and I was about to die!) I look to see Kyle hanging out the window of my car (where he is still buckled in his seat) and he says "You have to push play so our movie will come on!" And what could I say... he was just minding for once in his little life.....

And I said "Forget it" and sat in the car until the wedding was over. Yep..... we were there.... I know a few saw us..... even if it wasn't the bride and groom!!!

Next time I take 3 kids to a wedding that is outdoors at the end of June..... it won't happen....... maybe when they are teens.... but even then I will really have to think about it....

And this is how cute they looked before we left..... it didn't last but that is what deceiving pictures are for!

There you have it. Once again- a very real, true, raw moment in the life of Drea..... never a dull moment... never ever never ever never.....

Monday, June 27, 2011

In our hearts forever...

It is still unreal to think that Bro Dennis McAnnally will no longer be here. He was such a good man. I never heard him say anything that wasn't kind. He was so good to JD and I- he just encouraged us along. He will always have a special place in my heart because he played a special part in the night I made it right with the Lord. It was Friday night of Skyline's revival. The air conditioning had been broken most of the week- and it was the 1st week in June - so to say it was hot would be an understatement! Bro David had worked with the lost all week and was give out (he had to be give out... he was sitting on a bench and I rarely knew of him doing that during alter call before his health declined) Bro Dennis said the Lord spoke to him and told him to tell Bro David to go pray for me because I was going to make it. Bro Dennis did just that- he told Bro David "I believe if you would go help her, she will make it" Bro David came to my side and said "Look around at all these people praying for you (I still hear it ringing in my ears) They believe you can make it!" and he turned to catch Bro Eddie Arnold walking away and he said " He was going to sit down but I think he will stay if you will believe the Lord..... Are you going to believe Him?" and my reply "I will  try" ..... and two minutes later I did........ Praise the Lord I did! The first person I caught around the neck on my way up from the floor- Sis Lillian Stephens. It is unreal to think that 16 years later-  4 of the people who played a big role in the night I made it have all passed away. I guess that is why they call it "Precious Memories".

Friday, June 24, 2011

OK...back track post #1....

Hmmm.... I think it is pitiful that I am this far out of whack..... but oh welll.....

Kaylee successfully passed 2nd grade! She made All "A" honor roll all year! She is a smarty pants (in more ways than one ;) I love that I can send her to school without a worry that she will act and perform to the best of her ability. (ummmm... Kyle on the other hand......) Her teacher told Stacie earlier this year that Kaylee was the perfect student... except that she is so SLOW! Stacie's reply "Have you ever met her daddy?"

We are very proud of our now 3rd grader (gasp..3rd grade....where's the warning sign that kids grow up like a flash of lightening... BOOM... your little 5 pound baby is in 3rd grade and it is almost instantly!)

I helped with Field Day activities also... we were given 2 beach balls and a cd player and told to be creative...lucky for me there were other moms there that were creative.... I just stood there and blocked kids from walking through a fire ant bed!

Kaylee's bff Katie Jo

Kyle was showing off his break-dancing moves! He is a MESS!

And Kaden is still Kaden.... more attached to his pacifier than ever (he is the huge kid with paci in his mouth and dragging a blanket... I am SURE I said my kids wouldn't do this.... I have ate those words on more than one occasion!) He has no interest in potty training (nor do I...) He has decided he loves his daddy (almost) as much as me. He is also Mr. Meany lately.... terrible twos are definitely working on him!

Next post.... Memorial Day..... hopefully before the 4th of July ;)


Monday, June 20, 2011

Ain't that what its all about......

Here I am again.... I won't say (blah blah blah) about neglecting my blog because obviously busy summers and blogging aren't a good combo. I will do it when I can- spare time these days is almost unheard of...

Revival was great! We had 4 new souls delivered by God's grace. (One made it Wednesday before revival so he counts too :) We enjoyed being with Bro Jimmy and Sis Tawana and Bro Edwin and Sis Dean. They are some of the most precious people (and SO funny too!) I hope they left us as blessed as we were to have them.

I worked super hard to get my house together and had NO visitors come home with me (uh-hum.... LACEY!) We live in too far away from church..... and it makes me want to move ..... I love having company! We did have the Hill's and the Gaines' over- 6 adults and 11 kids..... so that was some good entertainment :) Who would have thought 10 years ago that we would have 10 kids between us all ! (it was 11 because Heather brought extras... you know... she doesn't have enough of her own so she borrows other children every now and again :)

And Happy belated Fathers day to my husband and my daddy. They really are two of the best dad's I know.
(Funny kid story) Kyle was all sad Saturday night because he didn't think we had a gift for JD to open for Father's Day. Well, JD knew I had bought him some cologne and I told him I was going to wrap it and let it be from the kids- so he told Kyle "Go ask Mom if she has me a present" Here comes Kyle in the room with me and I handed him the already wrapped box and told him what it was. He was so excited, he took it straight to JD and said "She did get you a present" JD asked him" Can you tell me what it is?" and Kyle said "No, but all I can tell you is that it smells real good!" JD busted out laughing! Kyle IS NOT the secret keeper!

Today is catch up day.... catch up blogging, laundry, bills, cleaning.... I wish sleeping but I have slept late 2 days in a row and it is not for me..... and notice blogging is first because it is the easiest on my list!

***I have loads of pics from Kaylee's awards day/field day and from Memorial Day... but I don't have time to wait on them to upload... so I am going to part once again saying that I will back-track and catch up... don't hold your breath on when that is going to happen!

Happy Monday! If any of you have nothing to do today, you can drive ALL the way to my house and I will have something for you to do I promise!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Making preparations.....

Here I go again! I have had all year to get things ready for revival and what have I been doing.... tearing the house apart more than putting it together! I have trim, boards, blocks and misc. tools all outside on my carport- I am still missing some quarter trim in my bathroom- my painting just isn't going to happen before next week (though I did complete my to-do task of painting my front porch railings yesterday- finally- bye bye country blue hand rails!!! ) My mom is coming to help me out today. She is bringing me a pressure washer and watching the kids while I attempt to get this house looking good! I am saving the inside of the house for the end of the week- 3 kids+too hot to play outside= sticky floors and lots of messes. It is Tuesday and I feel like it is Friday and I am out of time!

I love revival. It is a great time to get together (though I know they say it isn't for visiting- I cannot help myself!) I am hoping that great things happen. I know so many that are in need of what is being offered from the Lord- maybe they will take Him up on it!

And to answer Steph and Nicole :) I am torn on what was wrong with me- Norma declares gallstones- my neighbor says kidney- whichever it was I hope I never have to find out because that was a little too intense of pain for me!! I am well now and that is how I intend on keeping it! (This is not making me look forward to my thirties what-so-ever!)

So- that is my boredom coffee time for the day. My kids have actually slept til 9-ish instead of 7-ish so I get some me-time before the madness begins (well.... except for JD saying "Wheres my socks? Have you fixed my coffee? What do you have I can take with me because I am in a major hurry???" He must not can read the "Leave me alone and be quiet or I will hurt you" sign on my shirt.... :)

Happy Tuesday! This ones for you Marty :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

One minute everything is A-OK....

The next it can be totally different! We went to New Market to church last night- just as we had planned to all week. I had gotten everyone ready in fairly fashionable timing- all seemed well. I told JD as we were walking out that I had a pain in my back that wasn't my normal "getting kids in and out of tub and dressed" back pain- this pain was weird. I got to church and felt fine- thought nothing more of it..... until about 12 last night when it came back and sent me crawling on all fours and crying in pain. It was under my right rib cage and cutting off my breath- JD was terrified as was I - I had never hurt like that in my life!! He wanted to call an ambulance but 2 of 3 of my kids were asleep and I knew it would scare them half to death and I just didn't want to deal with that. I couldn't get relief enough to even ride in the car to the hospital. So JD finally convinced me that my options were running out and he was calling people to pray for me. The first few that got here decided to go ahead and pray while we waited on the others to get her because I was for real in need of some immediate help. They must have been on the top- because by the time everyone else arrived- I was better! The pain just left! I can still feel a little twinge there- but that horrible pain I was having left and I know the Lord did it!!! I am thankful first and formost that I have Him to call on and secondly- for my church family whom are always there in my time of need! They didn't mind dragging their poor kids up and coming to my rescue at 1am in the morning.... even though I was better by the time half of them got here!

So Praise the Lord again... Looking out for me at all hours! How He has time for all of yall when He has to deal with me I will never know :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sweeet Summer....

OK.... this is getting a bit rediculous! I know I stay on the go and all that.... but not having a minute in TWO weeks to tell you about it- well- that is for the birds! (though I did attempt a post last week and blogger was being super-stupid and wouldn't let me get to my dashboard and by the time I got logged in I had used up all my spare time and was no longer in the blogging mood :) Anywho..... Alot has happened since the last post.... So I will time-line you in pictures....

Praise the Jesus I got my new carpet and vinyl put in! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! One on One Flooring is the best if you need any type of flooring- call them and they will take care of you!! (Hazel Green, AL - google them :) I have waited 5 long years for my floors to be all pretty and now they are (minus the fact that they need some attention now- but I am blogging.... priorites people!)
***Kaden was sitting on Kaylee's lounge chair from her doll house while I ironed clothes- but you can see my new bathroom floor too****

Kyle graduated Kindergarten (If I were normal I would have cried... but I am not and I didn't though it was sad!) They sang cute songs and he couldn't hardly pay attention for waving to all of us on the bleachers. I will admit- his ADD comes from me- we have a hard time staying focused on one subject or task- we are just all over the place!

JD turned 31. I bought him a new TV for our bedroom to replace the 1 ton monster-vision we had in there. He was in a old-person mood all day- he has yet to realize that birthdays are NOT the same now as when we were 11! We had a birthday/graduation celebration at Chad and Em's.

Yes- All 3- same day! I was more than exhausted after that!

We did the 13243214 graduation things that weekend. NOTE:  I went to all of them- this shall be remembered in  10 years when my kids start graduating ;)

I went to Rocky Branch twice- two days in a row (and then went for the third time this past Saturday for the fun-so-hot-you-want-to-die-out door singing) Oh yes- yall owe me a visit to Huntsville- and you all will need to testify and everything (you know who I am talking to :) And don't be chickens and send your husbands alone..... I know where you live!

We had another storm blow over our house last Wednesday night (actually the wee hours of Thursday morning) and it threw our trampoline into the tree and our carport and it broke the swingset into two pieces (yep- the swingset that I put blood sweat and tears into last July... 10 short months ago...though it is petty to what damage others recieved- it was still very upsetting to this momma!) What a way to start off summer- with both of the main sources of outdoor entertainment for my kids blown away...... not cool...... not cool at all!!

There are a few more things in between then and now but I will get to those next time. I have to get things rolling here because I have 2 of 3 little ones begging and pleading to go to the pool.... and since the heat index is 100.....I think I will give and go (whew- that was a hard choice... stay here or go swimming... such a toss up ;)

Stay cool..... and pray for our revivial that is starting 2nd weekend (yikes!) Happy Wednesday!