Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just for you...

New Harmony's Christmas party was at Dustin and Melissa's this year... again.... I think it was last year too... sorry Mo! We had fun- played Phase 10 because it is the best party game ever- the kids opened their gifts - we played dirty Santa and I am pretty sure everyone but 2 of us ended up taking home what they brought :) Good times- Good times. And here's the pics....

This is what happens when Kristen finds your camera unattended...

This is Kaden's favorite thing at Melissa's ... a pink cowboy hat!

hee hee hee... Dustin will love me for this.... but not as much as he loves this blanket lol

They were trying to do N H for New Harmony....geeks

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Build an Ark....

:) I am thinking someone needs to build an ark! I live on fairly level ground and my yard has turned into a swamp land today!

Anyway... I was uploading pics from Juliah's college graduation Saturday and realized that I haven't uploaded not one picture from Christmas...and I know I had said before I wasn't planning to do a big long Christmas post...but I had over 400! No worries- I am not going to post them all - I just thought it was very unlike me to hold back that many pics. This is just a sample... and it isn't even of half of the places we went... but uploading these took almost an hour so I said forget it.....
This is a typical child on a typical day in my typical house.... typically ;)

Grandaddy with all his grands

Joe and one of his MANY Bama shirts

Me and 3 of my best girls

Santa's Village's very own Gingerbread man... Kaden would not move....he just stood and stared like this!

Granna treated us all to what was my very first trip to Santa's Village

Crimson the elf had fun with Kaylee and Kyle's underwear and Kaden's pull-ups

NMS Sensational Singers

Karsyn's first Barbie for her first Christmas

4 kids+hours of gift opening+matching pj's= THIS... and it was the best one I got

Chandler's first Christmas

This pic cracked me up.... there is no telling the conversation these two are having!

And fast forward to this past Saturday... My little Juliah Dee graduated from college... COLLEGE.... I feel like I am aging ten times faster these days! She is such a good girl and I am so proud of her! She is a smarty too.... graduated with highest honors. (Sniff) I taught her everything I know.... bahahaha.... totally kidding... I can't do some of Kaylee's 3rd grade homework without the aid of Google!

And that is all for now. I have been trying to post for over 2 hours- homework done, baths (almost done), supper done and I am now attempting to make chocolate cupcakes with white filling (ummm, yes, I am having one of those days where I could eat the paint off the walls... whats it to ya??) Oh, and we have a science project that we have to complete... ok we have to START and complete ... before bedtime.... yay me! (insert sarcastic cheerleader here)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh you know what I am gonna say.....

ROOOOOLL TIIIIIIDE!!! We stayed home last night since the BCS peeps are oblivious to work/school schedules when setting dates for the ultimate National Championship game of the century (ok... that was a bit much but I do live with JD- THE biggest Bama fan I know) We were going to watch with friends and family but decided that (on the terrible chance that we lost) it would be too hard and too late to drive home from anywhere- so we had our own game night. I made home made chicken noodle soup and baked some cookies (and made my very-picky-don't-like-anything kids a frozen pizza) and we ate til we were stuffed and vegged out on the couch. I made the kids get in the shower right as the game started and we did all homework during half time. (I also vacuumed up chips out of the floor where Kaden decided he needed to make a trail through the living room... I guess 1700 square feet is a big place where a 2 year old could get lost and need to find his way back to the kitchen !) Kyle ran around the living room- high five-ing us on every tackle- every catch- every time they ran out of balance (aka bounds... he would have it no other way... I could not convince him any differently) Kaylee... well.... she watched tv in her room and popped out every now and again for a glance at the score. She was more worried about which Bama shirt she was going to wear today than she was about watching them win :) But nevertheless- we won! Again! And it was awesome!

I am home with a sick baby today. It is the same typical sick we always seem to get around here- he went to bed completely fine and woke me up at 3am burning up with fever. He has had a few crackers and some sprite today and has not left the couch longer than 5 minutes :( Please pray it is just a quick-viral-run-its-course -in-a-day thing. I hate not knowing what the underlying cause is- but taking him to the doctor is out unless it is untreatable with over the counter meds. He is a doctor-phobe. He has a fit when we walk in any type of office type atmosphere. Sometimes he even starts spazzing when store clerks ask me if I need help. Bless him... he's wittle!

We still have a house for sale if any of you knows anybody interested in our area! I sure would appreciate any help/prayers for this to sale. Just thought I would remind y'all..... again...... pretty please ;)

I didn't do a big "look what we got/did/ate for Christmas" because someone (uh-hmmm TD) told me my blogs were all pictures lately and no real blogging.... but I will tell you that my husband did a great job this year (no shampoo or used blenders lol) He (his mom) had me a charm made for my Pandora bracelet - it is 3 sided- one side says Forever Together and the other two sides have our names engraved on them (Awwww... I know... I was surprised!) He also got me a cell phone cover that didn't remotely fit my phone :) Perfectly fitting gift from JD.... so close- yet so far away! I had bought myself a few things too and wrapped them so we would have an even number of gifts... you know.... making sure the kids saw how fair we are ! He said "Well- you had a much better Christmas than I thought you would" No worries JD, you paid for it :) And after it was all said and done and I DIDN'T get the one thing I requested... I used my bonus Christmas money I get from my houses I clean and bought my self a shiny, new, white......

VACUUM CLEANER! (I tried uploading a pic from my phone but it is being stupid)

I know- how lame am I that I am thrilled to have gotten this- but you have to understand something. Since I have had my new carpet (In MAY if you will recall) I have not had a working beater-bar on my vacuum cleaner so I have been killing myself using a floor tool on my taped up half working old vacuum. I am in love! I have the prettiest vacuum lines in my carpet now. It is just awesome!

And now you know why I have limited my posting lately.... I go from Roll Tide to loving vacuum cleaners! My mind is a whirlwind lately. I am thinking it is a product of too much going on and not enough vacant space in my brain to obtain it.... all the crazy is starting to leak out- feel warned.... and slightly scared.... this could be ugly :)

Happy ugly Tuesday! All else fails- be proud your not an LSU fan .... and if you just so happen to be..... well.... I am not so sure what to say about all that!!