Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Wow! That's about the only word that can sum up the past year of my life.... Seriously! I just looked back on my last post that was almost a year ago and I'd been asking for prayer had I known what this year had in store for me! It has been a doozy! Trials have gotten way harder, God sent me tests I didn't know how to handle but I am still here and kicking so I am not going to complain and I sure ain't gonna question him "why?" .... He knows and when He sees fit to clue me in I will be here waiting ;)

Last January I started feeling bad more and more often with symptoms that seemed to get worse as months passed by. In The spring JD finally made me go get checked out to see what was up and the dr ran some tests but called me the next week to say "ummmm...the lab must have spilled what we were testing and we need you to come back in" Needless to say- we went on an out of country trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, school was ending, summer was beginning and life took over and I didn't make it back to the doctor until August (when school started back and everything got back to OUR normal) By that point I will now admit- I was a sick girl (no matter how old I get I can never refer to myself as a woman lol) I had lost over 20 lbs, I was in pain so often that there were times I honestly couldn't sleep and couldn't even sit still - I would just walk the floors. I went back to the dr for the re-testing and although I was certain I knew what was wrong they floored me by sending me to a GI specialist (I was lucky- JD has one already and we really like him) Two weeks later I was sitting with Dr F who checked me over and said the only thing that was coming to mind with what all I had going on was Chrohns Disease. I was surprised to say the least... All info I ever gathered on Chrohns up to that point didnt seem to be what I had going on... But once he gave me the dr version I could see where he was coming from. This is where things got serious..... We told family and friends... They told family and friends and before I knew it I had prayers going up for me from everywhere... I was touched and I was thankful... But I was also scared because I was still sick and tossing around all of this in my head while still living my life....  Most that know me know that I am a  get up and go type person... Not much for laying around or taking a break but I kid you not- I found myself laying around more and more- once a friend stopped by my house unexpectedly and saw that I was laying down in the middle of the day and she seriously about broke down on me - she just kept saying "your sick ain't you.... Tell me the truth" We laugh about it now - but I was so sick and I was scared. The dr scheduled more testing and here's where Gods plan fell into place..... I had the test and the dr went to JD while I was in recovery and said "God was in her having this done" it was my 32nd birthday and the test I had isn't a test they normally even run on you until you are about 50. He told JD he found what looked to be a precancerous tumor and that it had NOTHING to do with any of the symptoms I had been experiencing but that if he had not found it I would have had cancer within 3 years. Well we were stunned and tried not to dwell on it while we waited on the pathology to come back...... It was a very long week to say the least. The dr called me himself and confirmed that it was a (insert big long dr word) tumor and that it was precancerous and that I should be thankful to the Good Lord that I had this done now. I have to go back in a few months and have a test ran every three years but that was it- he didn't see any cause to do anything else because he had already removed the tumor. Well between the testing and the results- I had a brother come by my house one night and  he laid hands on me. I had been to church numerous times (no one knew I was sick until the Chrohns thing came up) and it seemed like The Lord just wasn't looking toward me. I had questioned myself as to why but again...God had a plan. After the brother laid hands on me I did nothing but improve. I have been SO much better- I have gained weight - I feel almost back to normal (the thirties haven't been so kind to me lol) I honestly feel like The Lord allowed me to get sick bad enough that I would be seen about just so they could find that thing and take it out..... I really do! Crazy as it seems - but If I hadn't gotten so sick I would have never went - I despise going to the dr with every ounce of my body. But I did- The Lord knew and once again He took care of me. 
JD went to see the same dr not long after all of this (my birthday is October 7th so it hasn't been long ago) and the dr asked how I was doing with my symptoms and JD said "she is doing great" and he was amazed. I went along with JD last month to an appointment and Dr F talked about me as much as he did JD - he said he had been telling people about me and he said he was so baffled by how well I was doing since he found and removed that tumor. He gave God the credit the same as I do! 

I know that's alot and crazy unbelievable but this entire process showed me just how for granted I take things. The thought to blog about it popped in my head while I was packing the boys lunches for tomorrow because I was thankful to be doing it (I don't like doing it but was thankful nevertheless lol) I am thankful that The Lord loves me and my family. I know I could die tomorrow (&no I didn't think I was dying- the C word just put things into consideration) but this is one of those things you just have in your memory box forever. "Remember when I was sick and The Lord healed me" ..... Well I have one of THOSE testimonies now. 

Well- I hope this year is a little less dramatic and kind of low key..... I think last year took 2 or 3 years off of me so I need a catch up year ;) 

God is great....God is Good....


Nicole said...

I didn't even know any of that happened. So glad you are ok. That gives me hope for sickness I am experiencing.

Aimee Ashley said...

I didn't know either!!!! So thankful The Lord came by!!!

Ann Marie said...

Oh Drea...I had no idea!!! So thankful you are feeling better and that the tumor is gone!!! Love you so much! Ann Marie