Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend get-away....

OK... it is late late late Tuesday night and I am just now getting a chance to blog about our weekend.... one day (maybe, hopefully) life is going to slow down! ANYWHOOOO..... we took off Friday evening after work/school/etc. and went to the cabin with Scott and Josie and all of our kids (we were out-numbered 5 to 4) We unpacked all of our stuff and went into S'boro to meet Dustin and Mo and eat supper at Pizza Hut. I-of course- did not pick this venue- I have one place that I eat in S'boro and that is Buena Vista- but Scott (being the big cry-baby he is) refuses to eat mexican- so pizza it was! We had a rather good dinner- considering we had SEVEN kids that were worn out from all of the weekly rush of "getting out of school" activities. We went back to the cabin and hung out and played some Phase 10 til late and Dust & Mo left (we wanted them to stay but Mr. "I'm so awesome" Kelly had to play for a funeral and had to do all sorts of things for a singing on Saturday... guess we will have to book some of his free time a few weeks in advance next time :)-

We got up Saturday to a house full of kids wanting to go out on the lake.... but their Daddy's had gotten up super early and went fishing so they had to wait (what they felt like was FOREVER) until they returned to go out on the boat. They had a blast riding the intertube and jumping off the boat-house... yes.... the ROOF of the boat-house.... Granny wasn't too thrilled when we told her about this!! They played and swam ALL day.... and it wasn't too much of an effort to get them all to bed that night..... JD and Scott were like zombies too (they took the kids to the park, out on the boat, and went fishing AGAIN that evening) Josie and I basically had a weekend of chit-chatting, cooking, cleaning and tending to kids. We determined that we must be getting oldER because we turned down the oppurtuniy to go out on the intertube ourselves!!! I have something wrong with my shoulder and I didn't think I could hang on tight enough.... and we pretty much agreed that getting in that water just wasn't as appealing as it once was.

We got up Sunday morning- cleaned everything up and headed back home. We seriously unloaded the car and went straight to work on our yard. I had bought flowers about 2 weeks ago and JUST got them planted... hopefully they aren't dead already! We got ready for church, went over our friends' house afterward and came home and crashed! I declared to JD that next time we go to the cabin (where we plan to be ALOT this summer) that I was staying more than 1 whole day.... too much work and not enough rest time... I was wore out!!!! Here is a video of the kids jumping (ignore whatever it is I am saying.... I can't stand the sound of my own voice on video....how do all of you listen to me!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Today is the beginning....

We are up (with the exception of Kaden... and I have been making the kids tip toe around until he is!) we aren't getting ready... we don't have to pack back-packs.... we haven't brushed our hair (oh yeah... really pretty) and we have officially started our summer break!!!! The kids had their awards programs last week and though they did have 3 make-up days they were supposed to go to school for this week... they aren't going.... we are DONE for the school year!!

Kyle got his certificate for completing Pre-K... I was kind of disappointed because there was no program (singing, reciting, etc.) like there was when Kaylee graduated. They did have a program back in February but that is when we were all quarintined with the awful stomach virus and Kyle didn't get to participate.
You can tell from the pictures that he literally RAN to get his certificate and RAN back (the only one who ran- his daddy pointed out to me... like I would be suprised!)

Kaylee had her Awards Day ceremony on Friday (she wasn't happy that it wasn't a true "graduation". She is one who likes to over-celebrate life- which I think is great- except when she gets disappointed when the party is over and it wasn't what she thought it would be LOL She recieved 2 awards- All "A" honor roll for the entire school year (Go Kaylee !!) and All "A"s for the last 9 weeks of school. I am so proud she is doing so well- she is the youngest one in her class and that always worried me- but she is a smart cookie and has done so awesome :)

We went home and opened gifts from Granna (Kaden graduated from taking a pacifier on his own... I was not ready for this.... really sad day for mom)

We got ready and took off to the cabin for the weekend.. I have pics from that too... I will save it for next time.... Have a happy Monday :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday JD!!

Today, 30 years ago, my wonderful husband was born! I know that the Lord put us together- no doubts about it- he is my soulmate- and he was made just for me :) I love him more everyday. His is a big dumby most of the time, he loves to joke around and make everyone laugh, he is so tenderhearted, he tells me how much he loves me everyday, he adores our kids, he works hard (stop laughing... he really does :) to provide our needs and wants, he is perfect for us! He has enjoyed today too. He took off work, hung out at the house with me while I did my "normal" Monday routine (taking the bulldozer to my house to repair it from the weekend) He got to relax... and eventually got to go fishing which really made his day. We met up at his mom's house to eat cake (he always gets an ice cream cake....not really my thing... but he loves them)

We had a surprise party for him this past Saturday at his favorite place... Simmons Park! He has loved going to Simmons park every Memorial Day for as long as I have known him. I have always joked him that Memorial Day was his Christmas- rain or shine or tornadoes (its circulating... I can just hear Goody and Norma lol) we are there every year. I checked out a few places to have his party at - but none suited him like the park did. Keeping it a secret from his was a big deal too... he knew a party was coming but he didn't have a clue as to when or where... and he really was surprised. We had fun and just about burned up in the hot, humid weather. He was so happy with the whole thing..... and I am so happy we pulled it off (and it is OVER :)-

Here are pics..... I will post more about our super spaz week we have.... Kyle is graduating from PreK and Kaylee is from 1st grade..... busy, busy, busy.... we are ready for some lazy summer days FOR REAL......

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Depot and EarlyWorks.....

Well.... that was one LONG field trip!! Needless to say after a full day with lots of walking in cute (killer) shoes and being on the go from before daylight... I didn't make it to church last night... I hope the Lord understands that this tired momma just didn't have the energy left to dip the kids back through the bath, get them dressed and head to town again for the 5th time this week. I love the Lord and I know He knows... so I think we are good :)
Here are some pics from our fun (crazy) day!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I have made it (almost) halfway....

I grabbed my coffee and thought I would do a quick post about how I couldn't believe that it was only Tuesday, blah, blah, blah..... only to realize that it is Wednesday and I am just one day behind in my mind (guess that is better than being 1 week behind, right??) I feel sure this is an effect of going to Higdon last night and sitting through one wild photo session at our good friend Shannon's studio!! 10 kids- ranging from 11 to 1- about 30 shots of 1 pose- and I think we found ONE that would work!!!! lol.... craziness I tell you!!! and I wanted an individual pic of my kids and by that point Kaden was NOT going to do pictures no matter how much I jumped, screamed, acted like a pure idiot to get to him to smile.... yep... 30 more shots with 30 diff cry-baby faces on Kaden..... oh well!!!!

All of this was after our double dentist appointment that took almost 2 hours.... a trip to WalMart that was a waste of my time ( I forgot over half of what I was going for and had to stop at WalMart in Scottsboro to pick up the rest... at 8:30pm....with all three kids..... by myself....but you can't make it without toilet paper in my house so it was a mandatory stop!!!)... Kaylee had a hair appointment at 2 and Kyle was so ill from the dentist, I had to take Kaylee in- tell the girl what I wanted, and go sit in the car with the boys (taking Kyle in public would have been jeopordizing to my failing mental health and most likely to his life!!).... Made it home about 3.... got everyone all prettied up.... headed out the door at 4:30.
We made it home about 10pm last night.

Did I mention today was Kaylee's field trip and I get to go ( yes... I am being sarcastic.... I want to crawl back in bed for atleast 2 more days!!!) That is why I got up before daylight to do some housework that will not get done unless I sacrifice some sleep! Tonight is church night... I may have a funny story to tell of my falling off the bench because I finally collapsed from exhaustion... you might want to check my blog tomorrow :)

Lets go iron clothes, get ready, wake up the little ones, feed them breakfast, drive them to school, come home, make beds, do more laundry, take baby to Granny, be at the Depot by 9, Earlyworks at 12, go to the bank, go to Costco, pick up boys, come back home, iron some more, get ready for church, go out to eat (I am so feeling a no-cook day!!) , go to church, come home........ and CRASH!!!!!!!!! ok.... typing this just made me a little sick..... seriously.....

Monday, May 10, 2010

Well it has been a while....

I had gotten on a roll of posting every other day or so but my chaotic/crazy/can't possibly keep it all together life has left me neglecting my blog.... actually my computer all the way around. My mornings have been get up and go this past week so no coffee breaks and no blogging. I will give you a recap of the highlights... try to keep up!

Last week.....hmmmmmm.... I am really having to think about that one.... I live in the present and it is mostly because my memory has failed me since baby #3 came..... so as far as last week goes..... we survived so it wasn't that bad :)
Friday night New Harmony sang at Plevna which was awesome #1 their church loves singing which always makes for a good one and #2 it is all of a hop-skip-and jump from our house.
I had a yard sale Saturday with my besties (Holly, Heather, Denita and Juliah) We did really good considering we had lots of ... well.... junk :) The weather was awesome- too awesome really- the wind kept us so cool we didn't realize we were being fried like bacon. My burn has toned down alot- the others have had it rough though.
Sunday was Mothers Day- we went to the mountain to see my mom and my family. We had a nice time- got to see a few that we haven't seen in years. We had to leave early to come home and get ready for church. We went to church and then out to eat and came home...... thrilling isn't it..... I bet you are just on the edge of your seat....

I did get a super great gift from my hubby and kids. He (Stacie) had some pictures printed and framed in this super pretty family frame that he (Stacie) bought. I was so proud of his (Stacie's) awesome job! Kaylee made me a poem with her handprints that looked like a butterfly and she made me a card and it was one of those questionare type things which I love and one of the best answers she put down was My mom is as pretty as...... a horse! Kyle made me a shadow portrait of himself and made me a card with a flower on the front with lots of writing that somewhat resembled "Happy Mothers Day" :) I loved all of it and most of all I love that the Lord allowed me to be a mother to the three greatest kids on earth!!

It is late- my kids are all still up- we have double dentist appts in the morning- I have a load of clothes in the washer and about 300 more that need to be washed- my baby has broken out with this mystery rash again (worse than ever!!)& has the ill's in the worst of ways - Kyle was up til 3am this morning with a tooth ache- Kaylee just about blacked her eye on the pipes UNDER the sink while searching for her toothpaste ........ and it is MONDAY!!!!! If you hear that I am missing don't be too worried.... I will be hiding...... and DO NOT come looking for me :) Lets all pray "Lord please go with me the rest of the week so that I may keep what very little bit of sanity I have left... AMEN"

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I am up.....

but it is way too early to be at 'em. For some (stupid, crazy, I am not this old) reason- the medication that I took for this allergy/sinus junk that I am trying to fight off has had a (stupid, crazy, I am NOT this old) side effect on me.... and I am up ..... for good..... at 6 am..... after being awake about 3 times during the night.....I felt like my eyes would fly open at the sound of AIR.... I have that nervous, jittery, eyes-wide-open-brain-still-asleep-feeling.... I don't feel so "normal". Well.... I never feel normal.... but this is another level! I am guessing these meds are headed to the trash! I think I would have been better off not being able to breathe through my nose.... Oh, and I failed to mention that Kaden is up with me.... yeah.... he is the one who "shared" this crud stuff with me.... wasn't that sweet of him! He is actually the reason I am up and not trying to go back to sleep (of course JD's snoring is what woke me up first... but lets not tell him that... he kind of has a complex about the snoring thing :)

We are having "dinner" for our older people at church this morning. We have done it around Christmas in the past but we decided this time of year is just as meaningful and isn't so hectic as around Christmas. I have got to finish icing my cake and make my deviled eggs here in just a few. I hope we have a good turn out- I know some of them were worried about this weather. Speaking of which I just looked out the window and it looks like it hasn't rained!! of course... we have a newly planted garden and newly planted shrubs that we will have to get out and water ourselves!!! Thats OK Lord.... I am sure someone needed it NOT to rain... we will catch it next time!

Well.... my NOT old self is going to go get my newspaper and check out all the sales for the week..... with my orange juice in hand because I fear that mixing caffeine in with all this junk in my system will make me start running laps around my front yard.... and that would make my neighbors think I have cracked up for real this time :)