Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all.....

The kids had "Red Ribbon Week" this past week at school to advocate for drug awareness. Each day was themed and I think I like the dressing up part as much as the kids do. They keep the themes pretty practical so not much of an expense goes into it. Kaylee LOVED it- anything to draw more attention to herself..... Kyle on the other hand- he took a little more convincing....

Day 1
Cowgirl day for Kaylee/ 50's day for Kyle

Day 2
Black out day (and after the fact I am pretty sure Kyle's pants were navy lol)

Day 3
Camo Day

Day 4
Crazy/Mismatched Sock day (usually is clothes too but it was make up picture day)

Day 5
Costume Day

We went to the Fall Festival at the school Friday night. We had to leave a little early because we had a singing (I know- big shock!) so we were a little over dressed for the occasion. It was a cute little thing with just enough activities to occupy most kids for 2 hours.

We built birdhouses.... not my plan to get in the gym floor in the dust in my dress skirt but the things we do for our kids....

Kaylee did the cake walk for probably 20 minutes before she finally won a box of cookies!

We saw lots of friends...

And I will do a Halloween post later this week. This one is on picture OVERLOAD!!

Monday, October 25, 2010


I know I am a goof most of the time. I know that my craziness is what makes me ME, but today (and yesterday) when I sat down to blog my usual "life update" blog- I just felt that I had more to say but didn't know the right words. Today I had a spiritual thought- so you will have to pardon me while the more serious Drea takes over for a moment.......

I love fall. The weather today especially. The wind is whipping like crazy outside and the trees are shedding their leaves all over. I was pointing this out to my kids this mornining on our way to school. Peoples yards look like they were painted overnight with yellow and orange and it is the leaves. This is where my spiritual thought came in.
The season change has looked to me alot like our life changes. A tree is in full bloom come spring time- it is green and full of life- just like we are as we head into life as a Child of God- full of zeal and ready for it all.
Then the summer comes along- the dry days start to show a change in the tree- just as it is when our "new" wears off and we are learning that even though all is good in the ways of God, doesn't mean that LIFE can still kick it to you. The leaves don't shine as green and the blooms wither away- just like our bad days come and we seem to loose that zeal we once had and we let our desire fade just a bit.
Then comes fall- the tree sheds off the old leaves that have now dried up with no purpose like they had just a short time ago- just like we shake off the bad because we know we don't need the extra baggage- we don't need the burdens to carry on our shoulders- The Lord needs us to be without baggage.
The winter comes- looks like the tree has no life- just a bare pile of sticks- just like I have many times sat and thought "Just where am I and how did I get here?" One of those moments where the Lord seems to be a million miles away and prayers don't get past the ceiling.
Ahhhhh.... Then the spring comes back again- showing new life in the tree- only the tree is older now- a little stronger than last year, standing a little taller and no having more strength to withhold the new seasons of change. Just as we do when we have made it through a "season change". I am thankful of my many seasons that the Lord has helped me weather. Without going through what has seemed to be the hardest trials ever- I wouldn't have known what it was like to bloom again.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

This is Kaden's new thing.... sock removal.....

The princess.....

The little big brother.....

and I had more but the blog is acting up and I have other things to do.

Have a good week :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

A big shout out to the best hubby EVER......

My dear, sweet, loving husband of almost 9 years has never been the ultimate gift buyer. He thinks that anything Alabama (as in Crimson Tide) is gift appropriate for me and that is all good..... except that my love of the Tide doesn't mean I need a purse, and a shirt, and pjs, and a car tag.... you get the picture....
Well- aside from the sports garb..... JD just doesn't have the gift-buying gene- the one that says "She has asked for Willowtree figurines, a coat stand, anything at Lowes for the house, anything at Hobby Lobby...." His gene says "She really likes this shampoo- I think I will buy her the super sized bottle" (this is not a joke- it REALLY happened people!)

Well- Mr. Bad Gift Buyer has redeemed himself....

I GOT MY CAMARA!!!!!!!!! (did you hear the haleluah chorus being sung... oh... it is just me) :)

I have been taking pictures like crazy but of course I haven't had time to figure out how to put them on here yet..... oh but when I do.... just watch out ;)

So a big shout out to my blogger family who helped me out! JD told me "You better get on your blog and tell how I finally bought you this camara because I am nice like that!"

Next ..... I want a king sized bedroom suit........ lol........

UPDATE...... I figured it out......

And these children may be blind from a camara flash ;)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME.....

it was yesterday and I have decided that I am 29 and holding strong..... I am having my last birthday. From here on out October 7 will be celebrate Drea day minus any numbers! ( I really don't mind that the big 30 is now on count down but I may have a change of heart come this time next year!) I had a great day of eating lunch with my daddy and my aunt Dee and then going to eat supper with Granny and Marquetta. JD stopped and bought me a cheesecake and Marquetta bought me some petit-fors (she couldn't believe he thought to get me a cake- we were all impressed :)

This year was much better than last. For fear of a jinx- I didn't complete this post until I woke up this morning. Melissa text me yesterday and I told her I was thankful that she was still here to be able to text me. My birthday will forever be a reminder of that terrible day- and a reminder of the Lord's mercy and blessings of all the good that we have seen in the outcome of that day! I was telling my aunt all about the events and about choked up and had chills running all over me. I told her it is one of those days you will remember forever. As I have said before "God is Great, God is Good!"

Have a good one! I will do a Smokies update later- I have got to get ready to go celebrate ME some more :)-

Friday, October 1, 2010

Pumpkin Patch...

This is the best time of year! It was 80 degrees yesterday with a cool breeze blowing and it made for one awesome-ly gorgeous day at Tate Farms with Kyle and his classmates.

We are leaving for the Smokies in the mornining so I will have lots to blog about and hopefully lots of pictures to share :)
Happy Fall break!!