Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hey there blog peeps!

I was sitting here at the computer looking up Easter attire, checking emails, wasting time while waiting for 3 little boogers to go to sleep (I have to keep watch... they sneak out of their rooms when I am not looking ;) and the thought hit me that I haven't posted in ... oh... ummm... for stinkin' ever! I loved blogging from the get-go.... it was my thang.... but I will confess.... my husband convinced me that once I had a smart phone my life would be sooo much easier and blah blah blah. True as that was- my phone has replaced my computer- which in place has taken me away from my precious blog. Shew- I wish I could go back to simpler times where devices didn't seem to control my life (if my phone isn't within reaching distance of me I tend to have small panic attacks until I find it- sad confession but true) We got all "up to date" when we moved and decided not to get a land line phone and that has made my dependency of my cellular device much much worse. So there you have it- I don't get to blog and I have some how made it JD's fault! ;) It is easy to blame him for everything hee hee hee

Oh life has been good... can't complain... well... prolly could but that would be super annoying to read about now wouldn't it! I have added more to my work load and seems like the days are flying by at a pace that is truly unbelievable.... I mean it is almost Wednesday and feel like today has been Monday.... I remember working in an office feeling like the clock ticked in slow motion- those days are long gone! My kids are growing as fast as the time is passing too! Nobody ever gave me the warning that at 30 your life goes into fast forward speed (nor did they tell me your eyes get blurry and your body starts slowing down and aching a lil more than usual) I need a big ol' PAUSE button to stop, breathe, evaluate things and go at a slower pace. I feel like I am missing out on so much because life is flying by and I can't soak it up fast enough. And I seriously can't remember squat... nothing.... some days I feel like I am so close to having a mental issue (ok we all know I do really have some sort of something wrong in this head) but I honestly can not remember simple things like where I put my deed to our new house( Lawd help, I really can't find it anywhere) When did I last go to the doctor? What stinkin size return vent is in the bonus room? (I have now purchased THREE different filters... all the wrong size) Why did I walk into the pantry/kitchen/laundry room, etc??? I know it is probably 75% "mommy brain" but I need a tune up or something!!

Moving on....I am still loving my new house..... and I am still on the hunt for a bedroom suite.... 8 months in this house and my bedroom and bathroom are still blank slates! I don't want to hang curtains/pictures/etc. because I don't know what bedding I am going to get because I don't know what kind/size bed I am going to get nor do I know when I am going to get it. Every other room has came together pretty good. I am by NO means a decorator but it is looking and feeling totally like "home" now. We walked around the first few weeks and it felt like a new house more than home. We were so used to living in closed quarters between our other house and living with his mom that when we got here we all scattered out and had almost too much space. No worries though- they all found my space and have now gotten back in the habit of staying in it ;)

You ever tried taking pics of the three stooges... well I did.... this is what I got!

The kids are great! Good grades, good behavior (mostly anyway) , good health... but wow they are getting into this "older" stuff.. Kaylee more so than the boys.... and I am finding myself at a loss as to what to do or say about half of it! Kaylee has a boyfriend (she keeps one usually... she tends to have a revolving door policy...get tired of one - get a new one) and she is developing a love for her social life! She has a desire to go to church more than most 9 year olds that I know but it isn't for the Lord... it is for the friends! Love her to pieces but the Good Lord knew when He gave me one girl that I would barely survive her. When I thought the hair and clothes issues were bad- then along comes the friends/boys issues.... much much much worse .... and she is NINE!!! Prayers appreciated for the next 10 years please! Kyle on the other hand made my life a little easier the other day. While discussing Kaylee's Valentine's dilemmas (gifts, attire, parties) I asked Kyle if he any girl at school that he was interested in. Well he gave me a big "NO WAY!" and continued to tell me he was never gonna have a girlfriend because he was never getting married. He plans to live with me forever.... period.... and wear Batman pajamas and play video games (his father's child he is... ) I guess this eliminates most any drama in his life... I am kinda ok with this plan.... for now anyway! Kaden- well- he just repeats everything Kyle says or does so I guess I have him for life too.... He LOVES his big brother! If Kyle's stomach hurts- so does Kaden's. If Kyle is hungry- so is Kaden. If Kyle is in trouble- well he is on his own because Kaden never does anything..... if I ask "Who did this?!?!" his answer is almost always "Not me, it was Kyle!" (He may be little but he is a smart lil booger!) They are all three truly my pride and joy. I may not seem like a gushy "look at my kids" person.... but I am so proud to be their Momma it hurts. They make every day full of life.... sometimes all the liveliness makes me feel like I need to be committed.... but I wouldn't trade them for the sun and the moon and everything underneath it!

Aaaaaahhh... JD is ok too ;) He has been sick as a dog today, bless his bones. He may drag around and run late to EVERYTHING , but he hardly ever misses a full day of work- especially over being sick. Today was one of those days though. He tried getting ready and kept laying back down... and has laid down the whole day. I am hoping it isn't the flu- though he is the ONLY one in the house that didn't get a shot.... Pray for him if you think of it.... and you can throw one up for me because... well... he is not a good patient to care for lol.... he tends to be sicker than anyone in the entire world when he does get sick and I am not a good petter ;)

Welp... there you have it.... almost an hour of my day to tell you we are in fact still alive and kicking (and screaming ;)  May I live to tell you more about us more often.... or may you see our pics on Instagram and know that I am too crazy to stop and tell you what's goin on in our world! Take care... Happy Wednesday since Tuesday is nearly over.....