Monday, November 30, 2009

So how behind am I ????

I have so much to show and tell on this post.... and I wish I could put the pics in order somehow... but as I have already fussed about- I CANNOT figure out how to... all you Blogger savvy ones feel free to pass that info along in "Dummy" terms for me!

First and most important- Kensley made it home!! We had a big welcome party for her- we were so glad to see all of them at home and doing well. She has been all over town since they got home- she has visited her school- been to church- been shopping-and she is loving every minute of it!

and as for us.... we have been on the go as usual.... we have had 2 big events (well... they are "big" in our world) The Alabama/Auburn game and Thanksgiving.

We went to our families Thanksgiving things- lots of food and of course good laughs :) We went to Norma's house with all the family and some of our closest friends. We then went to my aunt's house in Winchester to be with my dad's side of the family.... it is so hard to have only 1 day to go to all of our family functions- I wish I could do all of them but then sometimes wish we didn't have to travel all day either.... I am thankful that we have so much family to spend holidays with :)

Friday I got up at 3:45 to do some Black Friday shopping.... MISTAKE... I didn't get anything that was worth missing out on my sleep! I returned home by 9:30 (because my daughter called my cell and said "Momma, when are you coming home... Daddy don't know how to do nothing!" I still have a major Christmas list to knock out in the next 3 weeks (makes me want to gag thinking about it!)
We headed out to Aunt Karen's that afternoon to watch the game we anticipate every year.... Bama VS Auburn.... and Alabama won!! That was a major thing to us! That was an awesome game if I do say so myself... and I am not one who is all in the know on some football! (I should be as much as I am forced to be a fan.. oh I mean how much I love Alabama and I am the wife to their biggest fan...) lol

and Kaylee is still dramatic... Kyle is still wild... and Kaden is still fat.... its all good...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And another thing...


We are so excited! We can't wait to see them all HERE!
I will have pics of the homecoming and will try to be speedy
about getting them on here. 3 posts in one week... how awesome am I!!

Happy Anniversary :)

Yesterday my hubby and I had been married for 8 years :) ( I know.. AWWWWWWW.... I hear all of you) We have had a very wonderful, eventful, childrenful 8 years. I am proud to say I picked him out myself- but I know the Lord had alot to do with! He is so good ( and messy, and crazy, and rotten) I love him more and more each day!

We went out Saturday (14th) to eat and do a little shopping- just had some peaceful time together ( couldn't do near as much shopping as I wanted b/c of his sprained foot/ankle... I am beginning to think that was planned lol) The kiddies stayed with Granna and Granny for a while. Yesterday we went to lunch (with Kaden and Kyle with us... oh yes... we are so romantic ;)- We aren't big spenders for gifts or suchlike- we require monetary things to show each other how much we really do love one another. Like- I take care of his house and kids and He goes to work everyday to provide for me, the kids and the house. It all works just fine!

Ok- now for the real reason you check my blog- The kids are GREAT!
Joe David had a reality shock Saturday because Kaylee wanted him to pick her up over his head- he said OK- and then quickly realized she is much bigger than she used to be and he could BARELY do it. He came into the room almost in tears because he knew that she was growing up so fast (he also said he was going to work out so he could still do it... HA... I will believe that when I see it!!) She is getting so big it is unbelievable! I put an outfit on her to go to a school function and she had on blue jeans with her new black boots. She checked herself out (yes... her daddy's girl!) and looked at me and said "I look like a fashion girl!"

Kyle did get on yellow at school.... we have been surprised that he made it this long... not that he is mean... but OH SO ROWDY! He is a mess- doing this new thing of copying EVERYTHING you say- I think it is funny- Kaylee doesn't appreciate it one bit! He is our little comedian to say the least and he definitly has his PawPaw David's charm!

And Kaden (who will be SEVEN months old tomorrow *tear*) is coming out of shell to say the least! He gets so mad if you walk by and don't pick him up or play with him. ( he is in the exersaucer fussing at Kyle as I type!) He is becoming super attatched to his momma (who can blame him!) and will let anyone hold him as long as he doesn't catch sight of me. He is still trying to cut his top teeth- I am sure his nose will run until sometime around March! He has also decided that certain men scare him to death.... not cool when we did pictures with a male photographer... not cool at all!

Pics are from everything.... and I can't for the life of me figure out how to put them in order on this STUPID new updated blog layout whatever!!!!! It is what it is...

Monday, November 2, 2009

AARRRRR... or whatever Pirates say....

From the little Cantrell pirates.... Happy Halloween! (few days late but who cares!)

We had a blast at Chad and Emily's house. They (along with Em's family) threw her Mom, Lorrell, a big 50th birthday/ Halloween bash. It was so funny! This is the first time I can EVER recall that JD dressed up for Halloween! I know he only did it b/c Scott did- but whatever- it was so fun! We ate (and ate and ate) and took tons of pics and the kids got to go on a hayride around the subdivision to Trick or Treat.

and for the Kensley update... Kaylee finally got to go see her! We checked Kaylee out of school Friday (after her Trick or Treat party) and we went to Birmingham to see the Kelly's. Kaylee was so proud to see Kensley in person- she was so proud to hold her hand and talk to her. She even kicked off her boots and got up in the bed with her and laid with her. (Melissa got pics- we left our camara in the car b/c we're dumbys) Before we made it to the hospital- we realized that Kaylee misunderstood what our visit was- she thought since JD and I had went to Florida to "be with Kensley" that we had actually spent the night with her..... so of course she thought we were all going to spend the night with her in Birmingham (needless to say the tears came when I told her that wasn't how it was going to be! ) When we got in the car- we asked her what she thought about Kensley and she said "I think she is better!" When we left the hospital, we got about 30 miles down the road when I called Melissa and she was hysterically laughing- she said that Kensley was SMILING and trying to laugh at Keelie (Melissa and Dustin's neice) I was thrilled to the point that it didn't matter that we had JUST missed it! I had prayed that the Lord would let her smile and He did !!! They sent us a pic on JD's phone so we could see- it was awesome to say the least. We know the Lord is the one to get all the credit for that child and her awesome recovery. She seems to have some type of improvement DAILY!

I will post more later- we have a wedding this week... therefor.... you guessed it... more pics! I know your so excited you could just pee you pants :)-

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This is how I can explain life for right now... just crazy... just can't get over one thing without another popping up.... we are still treading water though... and not complaining WHATSOEVER.... life is good... we have a life to make us crazy so therefor we are Blessed... yep you got it- I am being glass half full again!

Update on Ms Kensley earns the #1 spot. She is doing better- aggresively going through therapy- showing small improvements everyday it seems. She celebrated her 6th birthday with tons of balloons, cards and a cake. Kaylee and Kyle called and sang to her- I had to pull the phone back because they got a little loud and I am sure she would have told them to BE QUIET if she could have :) We are praying for them continuously. As I talked to her mother tonight I joked that I didn't know I liked them so much until now because I haven't seen them since Thursday nite and I am missing them terribly! We will get there sometime this week- Kaylee is about to have a fit to go so we plan on taking her. She has never went this long without seeing Kensley in their lives (other than the 2 1/2 months Kaylee was here before Kensley was born)She misses her bff!!!

We are trying to get things together in our world- but it is day by day- and we are just going through the motions- not much time (or care) for many things that aren't necessary lately. We had a death in JD's family so that took up our weekend- our a/c decided it no longer needed to work (guess it didn't see the need since it is October and all) and our car decided to start acting up. BLAH BLAH BLAH.... it is all good....

MY KIDS.. are doing great! Kaylee had a "first 9 weeks of school" awards day (not sure why.... ) but she earned an ALL A's award (such a smarty... like her momma lol) and Perfect Attendance (which neither she or myself thought she had... I am still certain she missed a day or two???)
Kyle did really well on his report card- most of his was S's- but he had some N's and P's - mostly on things revolved around TALKING! He is his father's child... doesn't know when to be quiet (you know it CAN'T be me who he got this from!)
Kaden decided after all of my training and assisting that he would roll over- while I was in Florida and he was with Granna and Granny!!! I was like GO FIGURE!!! He did show me his new trick as soon as I returned home- he was so proud:) He is sitting up really well lately- which is a good thing because he has gotten so big I have taken him out of his infant carrier and put him in a BIG BOY car seat and he has to sit in the shopping cart now- which he loves!

I am doing a run through post- I have neglected my blog and thought I would atleast let y'all know that we are still here. I may throw some pics on here to so you can see the kids - and Kaden's new hair that is coming back in!

We will have some trick or treat pics next week.... they are all going to be PIRATES! (I had to do some tricking of my own to convince Kaylee not to be something else ;)

Later gators..... oh.... not gators.... but elephants doesn't work here.... hmmmmmmm

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A birthday I will never forget.....

I am just taking a very long- turned into 1 hour of typing- moment to reflect on the longest/fastest/most terrible week we have had.
It was October 7- the day I was born in 1981. You know birthdays just ain't what they were when you were small! We went to Cracker Barrell for supper for my 28th birthday. This was just a normal Wednesday night- except we had changed things up a bit, Mullins is usually our place we eat at on Wednesday nites- we usually meet up with 2 or more of the Kelly family there- getting something to eat before we head over to our weekly church service. But this night had more in store for our entire church family than we knew. As I turned onto Maysville Road, I recieved a phone call that stopped me in my tracks. It was Heather (my very closest friend) telling me that our other very closest friends Dustin and Melissa had been in a car accident while traveling to the beach from DisneyWorld- where they were to finish out the rest of their fall break vacation.

The events that unfolded over those next few hours made time stand still. We were first told that Dustin and Melissa were being med-flighted to the hospital and the kids were ok- in an ambulance. This WAS NOT the case. Suzie (Kensley's grandmother) came in church and told us that Kensley had been badly injured and had been placed on a ventilator.

I will pause here to tell you about Miss Kensley- this is the child who was born 2 1/2 months after my Kaylee- she is one of my Kaylee's bestest friends- She has came home with us countless times- She is about the only person Kaylee will willingly spend the night with- she is the prettiest little drama queen you have ever laid eyes on- and here we sat - trying to hope for the best and imagining the very worst.

And they were over 400 miles away- it seemed it was almost the very worst case scenerio that could have been. How could this have happened? I just talked to them this afternoon? Dustin and Melissa NEVER go on vacation- this is just their luck!

Without a minute to plan- My husband and I along with Dustin's twin brother Justin- all jump in the car and were Pensacola bound. I have never ridden for 4 1/2 hours where it felt like we made it in 1- no one was tired- no one was hungry- only two stops for gas. We prayed- kept as updated as we could on the condition of all 4 involved. Kensley's older brother Konner was the first to the hospital that members of the family got to see and check on and we were SO thankful that he was there with just a few bad dings and bumps and some road rash (and getting out of some stitches by doing what he does best- Praying) All we knew of Kensley's condition was that is was bad- really bad- can't describe over the phone and can't get there fast enough bad. Dustin arrived and seemed to also be super banged up (which he was - bless his heart). It took hours before we knew of Melissa's condition (she was to be med-flighted to the same hospital with the rest of the family- the hospital she was first taken to was 1 hour away- the helicopter couldn't fly because of the weather- so she had to be brought by ambulance- we did not know all of this was going on... we were scared to say the least) Melissa was also banged and bruised- but she was breathing and we were thanking our Lord! We arrived to the hospital around 1am Thursday morning. It was unbelievable- the sight wasn't anything you could prepare yourself for. Dustin and Melissa were in seperate rooms with limited visitors- it may have been too late for visits but we HAD to check on them ourselves. We went up and down those elevators countless times from the 5th floor where they were to the 3rd floor where Konner was in a room (watching cartoons at 3 in the morning) and Kensley was .... I didn't get to see Kensley until Thursday evening.... I can't explain to you that feeling.... the closest I can come to letting you know was that I saw what every Momma saw.... that was one of OUR babies laying there.... you just can't imagine.

Stopping here to point out ...There are no big "I's " and little "you's" to my post ... I DO NOT want it to seem that way AT ALL.... the "we" that I refer to here is everyone that was down there... other than JD, Justin, and I , there were so many people who arrived before and after we got there that it was amazing... Another testimony.... they wrecked and were placed in a hospital that was 30+ minutes from vacationing family that were in the Gulf area.... friends who were in the area.... family that also NEVER take vacations were right there to sit with Dustin and Melissa's babies.... The Lord did it.... within minutes of their arrival to the hospital- they had someone there.... 400+ miles from home..... Yes- a testimony indeed! Now back to what I was saying....

We stayed until everything got somewhat settled- went and got a hotel room for 3 hours of sleep until we were all back up- we had to go get Dustin, Melissa and Konner some clothes- their luggage, camaras, phones, you name it, etc., etc., were with the car and we couldn't get to it without Suzie with us- so we just had to make due and get them some neccessaties until any of their things could be recovered. Melissa and Dustin were released first (we all thought Dustin was in too bad of shape to be released- but they did it anyway) Friday night they both got to see Kensley for the first time. ( the 3rd floor nurses were kind enough to bend some rules and let Konner go see his momma and daddy and let them see that he was ok) It was hard- harder than you and I will ever know I feel certain.

We got them set up at the Ronald McDonald house for the night- and that place is great for parents of sick children.. maybe not so great for parents and siblings who have been in an accident themselves. They do great things for many people and I think it is wonderful. But Dustin and Melissa checked out the next day and I didn't blame them one bit. They were put out enough- where they stayed needed to be where they wanted to. For the time being- it was a place to shower and to try to rest off some of the pain.... they got the shower.... the pain stayed with them.

We got back to the hospital. We got a deeper explanation of Kensley's condition. Traumatic Brain Injury- pressure needed to stay below 20- medical terms that were far above our comprehension in the most part- we just knew- time to pray. And praying is what we did, from that phone call Wednesday nite... until this very moment... prayer ..... who knew you could sum up such a huge thing in a 6 letter word.

Kensley has had good days.... Sunday was bad day.... but we are back to good days now.... she is now being woke up from the heavy sedation that was helping her ICP - that is inter caranial pressure- to stay stable while her body is healing. We have been to the Lord with this child- so many people we don't even know has called her name in prayer- it has been amazing and the Lord has been sufficient- He has brought her up to this point and we know He is going to be there throughout the rest of this journey..... The effectual ferverent prayer of a righteous man availeth much- Bro David said that EVERY time we had prayer at church and Heather had made mention of it the other day... So true!

It has been 1 week since the accident- which is just beyond me- I feel like the same day has played out over and over.... sitting by for more news on Kensley's condition. Making sure that everything is OK with Dustin, Melissa and Konner.. I have been a pain with all of my phone calls- but I can't stand going 2 hours without any news- I told them I required a "Nothing new" just so I don't have a breakdown here at home. We wish SO badly that we could set up camp down there with them- but we have our kids and jobs that have us tied to home ( and don't you know we came home and had no problem keeping kids up all hours of the night just so we could hug and squeeze on them.... this will put your life into perspective in a heartbeat)

We are going to visit with them this weekend. Oh how precious it would be to see those little green eyes when we get there- We are hoping and praying!

Check out the blog written by the family and some awesome friends... for updates. If it weren't midnight I would be all fancy and figure out how to do links and such... but my brain is shot... especially after replaying all of this again.

Love to you all and Praises to our Heavenly Father.....

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You know your a mom when....

You sit down to check your email, etc- while feeding a baby- and trying to eat lunch- and that same sweet bundle of joy poops all the way out of his "protective barriers" into your lap. Appetite gone for everyone- it is get up and change everyone- without gagging- really without batting an eye:)

And when your 6 year old shuts her bedroom door (that you have removed the doorknob from because you are honestly going to paint it ASAP) and proceeds to SPAZ until you free her. She was trapped for 10 seconds and will never be the same.

And when your 4 year old decides to help himself to a snack of cheese puff balls- right after you have gotten him completely ready- and as you walk in his room to say "Lets go" you see two cheese covered hand printed smudges all down the front of his once-white-now-orange shirt. Without 5 seconds to spare- realizing you have no time to iron something else- or FIND something else since it took you 1 hour to pick "not too hot, not too cool" clothing- you improvise- stick a sweater vest over the severely damaged shirt and head out the door. (the sweater vest was then destroyed by a blessed peppermint given to him by Granna at the singing) Have I ever mentioned that laundry is my most hated, dreaded , despised household chore.. not cool in this household I tell you.... not cool at all.....

These events are life- daily life- you just go with whatever is dished out- keeps things from getting boring!
I just told my aunt last week that I honestly can't remember the last time I was bored- I am the definition of "Never a dull moment" Well, most of the time it is "Never a calm,normal, sane moment!"

Been painting, putting up new light fixtures, replacing/painting all hardware in this house... can we say "gluten for punishment". I really think I have a lapse of brain function when I start projects- I forget that I am a wife, mom, I do work occasionally- and I am in no way going to get my own show on HGTV. I just start slinging paint and furniture around like I have nothing else going on... it is a mental disease I am official name for it.... we will just call it "Dretardism"

Gotta go- mom duty calls again.... Kyle is up for the 5th time.... it is 11:48.... who let this kid take a nap at 4:00?!?!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kids say the craziest things.....

And mine is on a roll. Kaylee has totally cracked me up the past two days and I must share. First- I have been SO enjoying our free movie channels and I found that the move 27 Dresses was coming on and I DVR'ed it for Kaylee and I to watch when she got home from school. (anything involving a wedding is SO amazing to her) We sat down to watch it - and I had unknowingly recoreded the SPANISH version. I was so diappointed- and I went to turn it off and Kaylee said " Don't turn it- I have been wanting to learn Spanish".

Well tonight we were having a more spiritual discussion and Kaylee decides to inform me that when we are all born- we are given a special talent - and hers was to sing and color pictures..... and Kyle's talent was being wild......

and as we all took turns saying the blessing (Dad is at church) Kaylee said "God is great, God is good, let us thank ME for our food" and Kyle said "your not uppose to hit, amen"

Never a dull moment people.... this is the real deal......

Monday, September 21, 2009

Polly without the rolly....

I was trying to think of a good headline for this segment of our life this with what I could come up with. This is the works of my crazy mind- you just have to take what you can get from me- I am loony and random- I will say it is a gift... but we all know it is my failing sanity :)-

Now.... we have Kaden.... and he is our Rolly Polly minus the rolly.... he isn't rolling... not gonna do it... no amount of toys or bribes or laying in the floor just out of his reach is going to make this child roll over. He is like "HELLO LADY- this ain't workin' with my big ole' head and belly here". He will just stick to being moved around by everyone in the house. I am in no hurry for his mobile switch to be turned on (I have done this before- once the switch is on- you can not turn it back off) He is a joy- JD says that everyone needs a baby just like him- he is all smiles and he is so loving. He will put his face in the bend of my neck and let me pet him for as long as I want. (used to he would just pull away because he thought if his head was down- that meant I was trying to get him to sleep and he wasn't having any part of that)

We had a big weekend (of course- we will never know a relaxing stay home weekend) We (NH... not me ;) sang at Claysville Friday nite- pretty good- it was over considerably early (someone must have gotten my Kaylee went to a sleepover at a friends house- Kensley was at the same sleep over- so Mr Kyle made his solo debut.... with his guitarist Konner of course!

Saturday was typical- get up and go! I cleaned the house- did a quick run to the story- got the kids ready- went next door for a birthday party- came home to crying baby (I am talking about Kaden- though JD was pretty fixed tacos for our friends to come over (Dustin, Melissa, Scott, Josie and the kids)went to bed very late and woke up Sunday to a very messy house.... worth it... I love having friends over! We always have singings, blah blah blah on the weekends so we have no time just to hang out with anyone. We had fun- the kids played inside, outside, everywhere- and the guys watched the fight (and a singing they had recorded) what a combination right! Us girls just sat at the table and talked for hours (and ate an entire plate of cookies that Melissa had made- the kids helped make sure they were all gone) It was great- no getting all fixed up- no rush to be somewhere at such and such time- I told JD I needed 3 days of Saturday- it was nice!

Sunday I had to clean a house - shame on me for working on Sunday I know- but I think you can tell- my Friday and Saturday were booked. After I returned from that we ate lunch and watched some tv before getting ready for church Sunday nite. (for those of you thinking that we are back-sliders- We only had church on Sunday nite due to a death- otherwise we would have been there) OK- back to the watching tv- my husband had never seen PRETTY WOMAN until Sunday!! One of the best chik fliks of all time- and he was looking at me like I was crazy because I was saying every other line. (and even worse- he has never seen Dirty Dancing either! can we say SHELTERED!) I told him I was going to sit down one day and get him caught up on all he has missed out on! He wasn't so fond of that idea- he doesn't like "girl" movies.

ok- finishing up- gotta save some room for more excitement (lol... If you read my blog for excitement- you need to up your blood pressure medication... )
Kyle almost got in trouble at school for talking- his teacher let me give him a heads up at home before she made him move a clip- which worked b/c he still hasn't had to yet. He is loud and talks too much- but hey- if that is the worst of it I think we will take it!
Kaylee is what she is- a big sweet lovable cry baby! Just last week she was helping a little boy out at school because he had to move his clip and he was devestated because he thought he was going to get a spanking and Kaylee was as tore up as he was (I asked her about it after one of her teachers told me about it ;) Mrs Amy is my inside source) She said-"he was FOR REAL gonna get a whipping- I don't like ANYBODY to get a whipping". She is the defender- unless you mess directly with her- then she is a little more willing for you to get in trouble... lol...

agghhh- this is too long... lots on my mind... I will go for short and sweet next time... unless yall like to read.... I am sure I could make a novel :)-....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In Memory...

I know it is kind of odd to post pics of this- but I know alot of you will probably never get a chance to go by and see it in person. (I myself don't know if I could find it in Maple Hill- I think I would get lost)


Here are the pics that I finally retrieved from the work camara.....

My kids LOVED the creek in Wears Valley..... they had never been to one....I had to explain what it was (which was odd to me- I grew up swimming in the creeks in Paint Rock Valley- I just couldn't believe that they were so clueless as to what it was) We grilled out sausages with peppers and onions, potatoes and cabbage- and then made smores.... it was the best meal we ate while on our trip.

We got a 2 hour trip in to Dollywood. The kids got to ride 3 rides before the storms started rolling in and they shut down all the rides. Being the age they are- they didn't really care- they were just proud to be there!

We stayed in Gatlinburg- which was a first for us. We are usually Pigeon Forge dwellers when we go. It was great- the condo was nice and the traffic wasn't as bad as we had anticipated. Oh- and best of all- we could walk to Pancake Pantry- our FAVE place to eat in the Smokies!

We were with a crowd that were a "few" years older than us- but they were so much fun! I told them I was going to have arthritis just from listening to their stories of needing glasses to read small print! We laughed so much. JD ventured off with the teen crowd and played some lazer tag.... and lost.... I am not sure that he will ever grow up :)

and I did get some retail therapy while I was there. 3 shirts for me and Gymboree outlet- enough said! I bought Kaylee a long denim skirt- she thinks she is "the stuff" when she puts it on.

We all wore our Bama attire to show our pride- but I never did get a group pic- you can't interrupt the game for a picture with our bunch- that is grounds for death. We did get Kaden with his daddy for his first game. I have a very similar pic of Kyle with JD on his first game- love them both :) Kaylee had a jersey and everything- but she opted for her bikini to go swim in the lazy river while the guys watched the game- Thats my girl!

Monday, September 14, 2009


I know... I know... nothing more annoying than a blogger who isn't blogging..... I have been so busy lately that posting anything just ain't happening! I was also trying to wait on my hubby to remember to bring his camara home with my pics from our Smokies trip last weekend... but that hasn't happened either. I will just fill you all in on our craziness....

We did get to go to the Smokies for Labor day weekend... so fun... I will skip on all that until next post when I have pics and that way I will give you something to look forward too.... lol.... like that is really an "event" to mark your calanders for! It was fun... but not THAT exciting....

We are getting back into singing season full swing. We had sing at Sylvania this past Friday night. It was a super small crowd-but the singing was pretty Igood. We have the next 3 Friday nights booked.... Claysville, ( memory is honestly failing me) and then Smyrna..... oh yes... Higdon..... that one I was most excited about (seriously- for once- mark it down that I was excited about a singing... ) This was our regular weekend at church also- so needless to say I have gotten 5 people ready ALLLLLLL weekend. That has to be the most exhausting thing about being a mom/wife is getting ready to go anywhere. By the time I do clothes, baths, dressing everyone... I feel like collapsing.... which I guess is why the Lord let us move all the way out here... the car ride gives me a minute to sit down and rest before we get to our destination :) (being optimistic today... the car ride also makes us have to leave 20 minutes+ early to go anywhere.... but we aren't going there today.... glass half full today )

The three K's are doing great! Kaylee is excelling in 1st grade- Kyle has made it all year (4 or 5 weeks now is it?) without getting in trouble at school (I worried about this more than most Mom's... but if you have met my child.. you know why) - and Kaden is getting so big in size and in development. (As I type he is in my lap making kissing noises and saying Blahhhhh... this has to be works of a genious baby :) They enjoyed our little weekend trip too... but you will hear about it later ;)- We had a scare with Kyle b/c we thought he may have the swine flu- it was just a virus- Praise the Lord..... he is his hyper self again...

We went to the gravesite yesterday to see Bro David's gravestone (tombstone... whatever you call it) I have pics of it... of course on the camara with the Smokies pics... so I will post one next time. It is gorgeous- black granite with a laser pic of our church and Bro David and Norma. It is 9 feet tall and has 2 side columns with a big cross in the middle. It is perfect. My kids of course were proud to see his pic- and they remembered where he was- it was sad and sweet all together. We miss him the most on the weekends.... regular weekend especially.... you all know how he loved church and seeing visitors.

We are just in normal mode this week. School, work, church, singing, church.... the routine that will repeat itself all fall long- along with some ALABAMA football thrown in there ;) And we will be helping Chad and Em move into their BEAUTIFUL new house- they are so excited and we are so proud for them.

Take care and keep your hands washed.... we don't want the flu to get you....

Monday, August 31, 2009

New name...

Yes- I renamed the blog per my husband's (stupid) request. It is long- but it works... for now ;)

We are getting there...

We may be slow... but we are getting there. This is our life motto- we are in a rush to make it through life it seems- but we will make it! I am ready for some slow down time. I want to soak all of life as it is RIGHT NOW in- I want my kids at this age to be forever burned in my memory. Kaylee is growing up faster than we ever imagined-they are all 3 growing faster than we can keep up with. Bittersweet I guess- I love having them small, innocent and untouched from what the world is going to be offering them in a few days. I also want Joe David and I to be as we are now- young enough to function with some energy in us to keep up- our good health- our great life. I just can't see things getting any better so I just want to stay here- here is good- there is unknown.

I know...... this is deep for me..... believe it or not... I can be serious... though I am mostly retarded mixed in with SOME seriousness and a pinch of attitude for good measure.... Yes- a PINCH.... OK.... maybe a GALLON....

This past week was another calender full- school, work, church- the norm. I started Weight Watchers Wednesday in hopes that it will help me to get back in my fall/winter clothes (Note: I haven't worn them since year BEFORE last) I don't have the maternity privilege this year. I paid the money- hoping it would be more motivating- well.. we will see.... and I will leave it at that :)

We had a singing at our church Friday night. It was good.

Saturday was escape day for me. JD had plans to be gone all day and I just couldn't take another Saturday of sitting at home (when it is just the kids and I at home- there is nothing I can accomplish) So I was out the door- went and got Kaden's 4 month pictures made- did a little shopping with Granna- to the grocery store- then back home. Sounds like so little when you write it down yet as I was doing it I felt like I had been out for hours (it was FOUR hours... FORever when you are getting that blessed double stroller in and out of the car...)

Sunday we went to the Mountain to see my Maw Maw and Paw Paw for their birthdays- she is 79 and he will be 81 in a few days. We had such a great time. The kids played and it was so wild to see them playing the same things we did as kids at Maw Maw's house- they were exploring Paw Paw's big red barn (a garage of things... some would call it junk.... kids call it treasures) rolling each other around the yard in garbage cans- I had total flashbacks when they came in talking about that one. (We tried that once on the biggest hill in the yard- in a METAL garbage can- needless to say we all needed a Tetinus shot by the time that day over!) We miss alot of the get-togethers over there- so we had a great time- only half of the family was there- but that was ok considering there are 13 grandkids- most of whom are married- and I think we are one great-grandchild #34... if I added right... the larger the family gets the smaller MawMaw's house is.....

and alas it is Monday.... PTO meeting tonight- fundraiser's to sell- wardrobes to sift through........ as I said...... we are getting there....