Friday, April 30, 2010

Strawberry Patch....

We have returned from the shortest little field trip! Kyle's pre-k class went to Brown's Farms Strawberry Patch. We were to arrive at 9:00...... we were in the car to come home at 9:40. We got our bucket of (heavenly, wonderful) strawberries and we got tons of cute pics and it was over with in less than an hour- so to us moms- it was perfect!! The weather was gorgeous too. Here are some of the pics....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Caffiene, you have been such a good friend....

aaaahhhhh!!! My morning coffee is like some of those skinny,fit,exercising girls morning run.... it gets me going minus all the sweating and huffing and puffing (let me tell you- if this chick starts running- a 911 call will be needed!!!) Maybe I don't need to be so dependant- but on days like today I assure I need to extra push! I have tons going this week and this is my only full day at home so I have to make the most of it.

Yesterday was one of those days that I feel like I drove around the world and back all day (I am sure I came close!) and came home to crash! Kaylee and Kyle had to go to the dentist yesterday morning so we didn't attempt school- and we slept too late- and Kaden decided he needed to poop everywhere because getting 3 kids and 1 momma (and 1 daddy!) ready to be out the door by 9:30 wasn't hard enough without throwing in an extra bath and cleaning the bathroom floor (it was bad.... sooooo bad...) We were a little late but they seemed to almost expect it :) I would love to be that person who said "We had no cavaties, everything was great" Oh No... not my children..... I am more like "We will put a second mortgage on our house to pay for all this work so my kids have pretty smiles!!" Whew..... crowns, fillings, sealants, baby teeth, molars...... we were just short of braces by the time we left! The office lady said "We can work with you on payment" I felt like I was going to have to hand Kaden over to her as a down payment! (totally kidding!! ) My kids inherited my teeth- my teeth are straight as they can be but they are cavity prone!!

We left there and ate lunch with JD. Gibson's Bar-B-Que has free pie on Monday and Tuesday this month and we were all over that!!! We ate (all 5 of us) for $20- which was just as awesome as the free pie!!

We headed to the mountain to visit with my mom and the rest of the family. We decided we would have supper together since they didn't get to have a birthday party with Kaden. We had egg rolls and doughnuts in his honor..... and as usual I ate WAY too much. The kids had fun playing together. Kyle was shooting everyone with a bow and arrow and Kaylee decided to play beauty shop on Cloe and herself... they were all painted up let me tell you!!! Kaden just did his usual- ran around chattering, thinking he was just as big as they all were!! All of my nieces and nephews were there- it is still hard to believe that we are the parents to all of those kids!!

I am in spring clean mode today ( I started this post with my coffee... I have now had lunch and completed an over-haul on Kaylee's room ) I am hoping to have things spic and span this evening so I can just chill after supper.... but at the rate I am going... that is some MAJOR wishful thinking!

Off for now- these floors won't vaccuum themselves...... oh why can't I have just one magical power........

Monday, April 26, 2010

No partying in the rain......

We haven't had too much going since my last post. Kaden's birthday party was cancelled due to the LOVELY weather that came in on Saturday. I don't think he was too heart broken. We did get his one year pics made on Friday and I think they are going to be great. I had a lady to look at Kaylee and Kyle's 1 year pics and try to get some shots that were similar and I think she got everything I was hoping for. He had a little cake in the last shots and I told her not to worry- he won't make a mess- he doesn't really like it..... you know what that meant..... oh yes..... he was covered in icing- eyebrows and all!!!! He (and the 1000 gnats flying around) enjoyed it!

My kids are as comical as ever! Kyle brought me a box of Jell-O one night last week and told me he "WUVED Jewwo" and he "meeded" some - but I explained that I would have to make it and put it in the fridge so he could have some the next day. Later that night after they were in bed- I opened the fridge and there sat a box of Jell-O on the top shelf..... Kyle was going to "make" it himself I guess :)
Kaylee had her hair all fixed at church this morning and Bro Jack told her he liked it. We came home and played, ate lunch, etc. and when it was time to get ready for church, she thought that I was going to put her hair up and she said "Ummmm, you need to leave my hair like this because Bro Jack said he liked it this way and that is how I need to wear it again." I was sure to tell Bro Jack that I have enough hair drama out of that child without him encouraging it!

Well.... tomorrow is MONDAY ..... we are starting it off with a double dentist appointment.... prayers are appreciated! (not so much for the appts. but for the one who will be sitting in the office with all 3 kids... lol) Happy last week of April to you all! Revivals will be here in a blink..... oh me.... that is another one for the worry list.........

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Girls Night Out.....

We went out for Kim's birthday (again lol) and enjoyed a fantastic meal with just us mom's! We all have a GREAT love for our kiddos but to get one meal a month to relax-chat-laugh-EAT without having to stop for potty breaks,melt downs or spills .... lets just say it is NICE!!
I took my 3 angels to Granna's house- already bathed, homework already completed, already napped and ready to play. They loved their evening too! We all got a "night out" I guess :) JD had some fun too- he was at the studio doing some finishing touches on their new cd project. He considered it "work" but I know he loves all of that stuff!

Not too much going on these past couple of days. To give you a summary of our over-the-top-exciting-life.... I have de-pollenated my house (interior) for the most part..... I painted all of the wood-work/trim in my kitchen.... I have reserved party entertainment for Saturday (and now it is supposed to rain so that gets a big whatever!!!).....made a guest list for food purposes..... rescheduled Kaden's 1 year photo shoot because it decided to be cold this week (in the mornings).....
Are you jealous yet????? Told you- doesn't get more exciting than this!!!!!

I am putting more pics on here from Marquetta's camara b/c I had to borrow it for Kaden's birthday and I downloaded pics she had taken of the kids blowing bubbles from their Easter baskets. They are too cute!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Kaden!

Kaden turned 1 year old yesterday. We celebrated with some cake and cupcakes at Granna's house before church. (His "real" birthday party is this coming Saturday... we had to delay because we had no air conditioning... which we DO HAVE now.... told you the 80 degree weather would go away once I got some a/c at my house!!!!)
Anyway... back to Kaden.... he had a super good day .... he is walking everywhere.... he got opened gifts..... he got some dollars at church when they sang happy birthday to him..... and he was EXHAUSTED when we got home from church last night! He went to sleep in his rocker while watching Cars with Kyle. I can't believe he is 1 already- this has seemed to fly by even faster than the other two.
Here are the pics-

OK- I know this was picture overload- I am sure you now feel like you were there!! lol

I will post more later.... more words that is .... I am sure this was enough pics for this week :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Haircut.....

OK- I have said several times before that I am not a cryer- it just isn't how I deal- but I must say I was holding back the tears today as Mr. Brandon cut off my baby boys curls!! He is my baby- and this is the last first haircut I will be witnessing of my kids and that just hit me a little hard today.

Last shot of those curls!

He did said so good- he did cry some but it wasn't over the haircut- it was because they were getting in his way of eating his sucker!

He looks so different to me- he looks like he is 2 years old now!!

He was checking Dad's blackberry out. (probably trying to call China!)

Kyle got his hair cut too :)

This is enough for now! We are at my mother-in-law's house because I have had enough of sleeping in a hot house. The new unit is supposed to be put in Saturday morning..... and my world should be a much happier-cooler-more pleasant place :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Feeling better.....

Well- first thing- we are still living in a HOT house!! We were gone most of the day so we haven't had to sweat it out too much- other than getting myself and 3 kids ready for church- have you ever blow-dried your hair in a house with no a/c.... talk about trying your charity before you go to church! I am not sure when our new unit will be installed- but I will be tempted to go out there and hook it up myself if someone doesn't show up to do it for me :) (yall know I am not joking!!!)

On a good note- I did wake up a well person this morning!! I prayed, before I got in bed last night, and asked the Lord to please let me feel better when I got up and what do you know... He heard me!!!!I have felt super good today- my energy was 90% better and my pain was 90% gone- so Praise The Lord for another answered prayer!
I got ALOT finished today- cleaned a house(not mine- but I did work on it a bit), picked up kids, got everyone ready for church, picked up party supplies for my BABIES first birthday party *tear*, went to eat, went to church, came home and tackled that mountain of laundry I had previously spoken of (yes- I folded, hung up, and put away for over an hour- but it isn't all piled up in the basket anymore is it.... have mercy....) I was trying to get myself a jump-start on tomorrow... we shall see if that worked....

I am going to get Kaden his first haircut tomorrow. His hair is super long and I can't wait until after his birthday to do it. (not that it is a big deal to me to wait- Kyle had his first haircut at 4 months old because he looked like Don King!!)
I have some shopping/returning/searching for not-so-fat-not-so-snug clothes tomorrow- that never turns out well- but I am gonna try AGAIN!! I am taking both of the boys-shopping isn't Kaden's thing-Kyle is just proud to be the king of the stroller! (he is my critic for the clothes I pick out- I was trying on a shirt about this time last year and I said it made me look like a cow and I later asked Kyle what he thought about the things I had picked out. His answer to all of my choices that day had been "That one is too blue, That one is too black...... and then his answer was "That one is too cow" He knows his momma too well!)

Thanks for all of your concern for my well-being and sanity in this a/c crisis I have going on..... if this problem isn't resolved soon .... I will most definitly be demanding on JD taking me far, far away!!!! :) I will be naming names on who gave me the idea :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Praise Him in the Sunshine......

Well.... I, myself, have thoroughly enjoyed all of this gorgeous weather we have had lately (ok-minus the yellow-pollen-fog that is lurking around!) and I would keep this weather/these temps around all summer long..... but if you are wondering just why it is so sunny and why has it rained one time in the past 2 weeks and is it normal for the weather to be hitting the upper 80's this early into springtime????? I can give you the answer to WHY........ I HAVE NO AIR CONDITIONING PEOPLE!!!!! I am sitting here having been awoken from a pretty good sleep and I feel certain it is atleast 80 degrees in this house (with windows raised and fans blowing.... and pollen seeming to make a layer on MY LIFE!) Oh- we have a brand new central unit sitting outside as a type.... but if it isn't hooked up and blowing ..... it may as well still be at the supply store!!!! This chick doesn't do hot very well!!

I went to bed last night feeling a little nauseated and I have felt near-flu-like all day (I felt feverish.... but who wouldn't in this house!!!) I don't know what the deal is- I have hurt all over and my energy is zapped. I have laid around ALL day... part of the time in the floor....which brings a funny thing to mind- as I lay in the floor, Kaden crawls up to me and starts to whine/cry and Kyle says "It's ok- she's not dead!" Now that makes me laugh!) For those of you who know me- Laying around is not my thing! I am supposed to be having a birthday party in this house Saturday morning and right this moment I wouldn't ask anyone to come sit in this heat..... and for that matter-if anyone came to the door I am extremely doubtful I would answer it. My laundry has taken itself to a total different level- my floors need to be de-pollenated again (I mopped 3 times last week) the entire house is in shambles (yes I exaggerate... let me have my moment...)Keep in mind that all we did all weekend was work OUTSIDE- therefore the inside got a bit neglected.... and I have to clean 3 houses this week... not counting the one I live in!

I am sorry I am fussing and complaining... a bad day requires a vent-it-out blog post! I know that I am blessed with a great life and I am thankful that I have it so good that it shows greatly when things aren't going so good...

So- I am hoping and praying that I wake up tomorrow a very well person - #1- because I have about 1 million things to get accomplished- and #2 I don't do the doctor thing unless I am near dying- and #3- I just want to period!!!!

I will leave on a positive note... I haven't had my unit on in two weeks.... so my utility bill shouldn't require me cutting my left arm off (as they already have my right one from this winter!!! ) :) Yay me!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Someone didn't get the memo.....

that we didn't have church this morning and sleep was very needed!!! Kaden has been awake since 7:40- he obviously didn't help in the yard-over-haul yesterday. My wrists are so sore that typing is a bit more difficult! BUT- all we need is some mulch and we are FINISHED! (that is until I plant my summer flowers... but that isn't near as tasking as what all I took on yesterday! As for pics- HA!- no time to grab a camara when you have Ringling Brothers-yard-work going on! The kids were really good under the given circumstance- the baby couldn't have been any better... but we still had alot of stop and go going on. And to beat all- I thought I would for sure be rocking me a tan- guess you don't get much sun when you are hunched over standing in the same direction all day in what is mostly shade! Oh well- I have gotten used to my winter glow- maybe I will bring back the pale-faced-almost-see-through-white look! You all will be jealous :)

We went to Scott and Josie's last night to cook-out and just hang out. I love nights like that. A little out of the ordinary from our normal weekend routine- singing-chores-church-church- church- wake up on Monday. Not that there is anything wrong with the norm- I just like getting some social time in there every now and again. (Social time that doesn't require getting everyone completely ready- the kind where you tell your scraggly-looking kids to get there shoes on and get in the car- that is nice!!!!)
We had a good time! We had all of our dramatic little girls to tattle on Kyle most of the night- but we are used to that- he defines the term "Little Brother" to a tee. Being a pest is what he does best!

Well Kyle just told me to fix him a peanut-bunner samwich cuz I was making his tummy starvin' so I better get right on that :) Happy Sunday! (and if you are still asleep...... :(- to you! )

and some random pics because it isn't a good post without em'!

Kaylee and Kaden enjoying a snack!

Kyle and his "bff" Jesse! (this is my fave shirt :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yay For Saturday!

OK.... seriously..... as soon as I typed that line Kyle went into spaz mode because he thought he was locked in the bathroom! lol...
I have so much planned for today! I have 14 shrubs and 2 crepe myrtles to plant- 6 azaleas to dig up and move to another location- 5 or more iris'... or lilies.... to dig up because I planted them 2 years ago and have seen 1 bloom and they are getting on my nerves. Anyone have a spare Saturday they need to lend to a friend????? Oh- and lets not forget that I will somehow be managing to do this with all 3 kids at home with me. JD is already up and gone on a fishing expo...... and I don't have patience enough to wait until he gets back! So- I am blogging with my coffee and when I am finished- I am going to put on my gear and try to get all of this done... there may be pictures so stay tuned!!! :)

Doesn't this look like a good crew for yard work!

We had a singing at Winchester last night. It was a good one! All of the groups did so well. The Wright Family was there and they are one of my fave groups. I have known them since I was born and they are some of the best people you will ever meet!
New Harmony was there too and they are awesome! (ok- I just put that in here for Dustin :) lol)

My aunt Dee has been suffering with a skin problem for over a year now and she was at the singing and the Lord looked at her. I was so thankful- she has been in a bad shape lately. She is like the woman in the bible who sought many physicians with no results! They haven't really given her a diagnosis or a treatment that works- but the Great Physician touched her and she is doing better. (she woke up Easter Sunday with her face swelled out so bad she couldn't open one of her eyes... it was awful!) She still isn't well- so I would appreciate you all remembering her in your prayers. This woman has been a rock to me- I don't think I would be where I am today without her!

Well - baby is crying- Kyle is eating- Kaylee is sleeping- and I have a ton of things to do- so I am going to say bye for now! Oh- you all may want to pray for me today- I am getting that feeling this yard work stuff could turn on me real quick-like!! :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Glory, Glory

Kaden is our little preacher! He plays church more than my other two ever have. I can be talking to someone about the Lord and he will start raising his hands and saying "yah-yah, yah-yah" (which I am sure is Glory,Glory"..... He sits with Norma most church services and he prays more than the rest of us sometimes. I like to hope that he has Bro David's love of church. I see some of Bro David in all 3 of my kids- and it is in ways that are odd and no one else would probably notice.... but I love it! Kaylee can talk you into to anything- sometimes before you even know what you have been talked into! When she was younger she would see Kyle playing with something that she wanted and she would say " Thank you Kyle! Did you get that for me???" and he would hand it over every time!! And Kyle definitly has his charm!! He can flash those dimples and get his way too. He also sits in the car with his leg thrown over the side of the car seat- JUST LIKE Bro David used to sit. He has done this since he was a little baby!!

Today is one year since Bro David passed away..... and I know I have already had a big post about it..... but I just read Shannon's blog tribute to Bro David and decided I would make this a happy day..... Shannon said this has been one year since Bro David has had a worry or a care or a pain or a sickness..... and that is so true. We have great hopes of seeing him again- and him being all well and hopping around on one leg like we have seen him do so many times.

So we are happy today- thankful for things being as well as they are (and more thankful for this cooler weather this morning since I have NO AIR CONDITIONING in my house) Have you ever heard of Murphy's Law.... What can go wrong WILL go wrong...... well lets just say Murphy must be living out in my shed :)-

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hello Monday- you are back so soon........

I feel like I shut my eyes on Friday night and open them on Monday morning- weekends are SO fast paced! And we even stayed home all day Saturday!!!!! (the kids and I.. JD had some things to do.... like pick up his suit pants and go "try out" Tyson's fishing rod lol....)

Friday night we went to Hytop's Easter program. It was a sweet program. I love to see something depicting the true meaning of Easter so it gets my spirit going in the right direction. It isn't "Do I have enough for my kids baskets? Do we all have matching outfits? Did I get everyone a new pair of shoes?" It is " Thank you God for making this sacrifice for us that we may have eternal peace." Amen
My kids went to my moms and spent some time with them while we went to the program- they had a great time as usual- they love going to Nanny's house!

Saturday we had a day full of blah's and a cranky baby! He is STILL cutting his 1 year molars and he has found that it is a relief to him to BITE someone else..... and it hurts!!! He was biting on everything and body all day. I wasn't feeling that great either- so we just ordered some pizzas and hung out at the house. Kaylee and Kyle loved it- they have been taking full advantage of the daylight savings thing- they stay outside until after 6 almost every day. (and I enjoy this too- they burn off some of that stored up energy!!)

Sunday was Easter.... we did all the Easter-ly things.... kids got their baskets..... we went to church.... we ate ..... kids hunted eggs (110 eggs for 3 kids- they all came out well!) ... we went back to church..... and I am TIRED today!!! Here are the pics.....

There are more but Blogger didn't want to cooperate and my coffee time is up- so that will be for a later post! Happy 1st week of April! I hope you all have a good one!!! I am thinking some yard work is in store.... lets see if I can get some cooperation from JD :)-

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wow... it has been a year.....

I can't believe it has been almost an entire year since our lives were changed forever! I guess it is the talk of Easter, the weather, just all of it in general- that has me looking back to one year ago. This time last year we were anxiously awaiting our 3rd child to be born.... we were living our daily lives at Granny's house trying to care for Bro David..... we were spending most of our time with them knowing that we didn't have that much of it left.....and in a matter of days time was up. That is one of my biggest fears- when I am asked "What are your scared of?" my answer is almost always "Life- and how quickly it can be changed". And even though we knew our lives were going to be changed- there are some things you just can't be prepared for until it is there on you. We knew Bro David was soon to pass- but it still seems like it was soon. I dont' know that we would have ever said that the time was right in our eyes- but we know that in the Lord's eyes everything is done in His perfect time- and in His perfect will. Some people seem to be immortal- Bro David was one of them. He is gone- but SO not forgotten. There isn't a day go by we don't mention him- or see him in things we do- or miss him terribly. I loved that man long before I had the priveledge of being his grandaughter. He was there when I was a lost soul and The Lord let him be the one to help me find my way and to recieve my salvation. He had such a sweet spirit- I remember sitting in the back while he would preach to the lost and I would have tears streaming down my face..... He had a way..... and I know most of you know this.... he preached the gospel and it made you want to RUN to the alter...... He didn't scold you- he didn't shove torment in your face- he made you know that there was so much goodness in the ways of God that you just did not want to miss out on any of it, God had plenty for everyone and it is His will that we take Him up on what He had to give- eteranal peace, joy and love. Bro David was a salesman by trade (a man at his viewing told us of one time buying PINK suede shoes from Bro David when he worked at JC Penney's- when his mom saw that he was dying the shoes a different color she asked "Why did you buy those?" His answer was "Because David sold them to me." That was one the of best stories I was told in those 3 days) Bro David was also the best salesman for God that I have ever known- but he had something to offer that you would never change- you would never return- that would never become out of style- that would not shrink- that you could truly have forever. The 7th will mark 1 year since his passing- it was on Tuesday before Easter Sunday. JD said he always knew PawPaw would pass around Easter because it was his favorite time of year. If you wanted to stir him up- you start talking about that third day when Jesus arose..... I can still hear his high-pitched voice "Don't you know they rejoiced!!!" That Sunday night we had church and all of us went because we knew that is what Bro David would have done (He didn't lay out of church- even when he had every reason to stay home when his health was so bad- he went - and he loved it) The Lord looked at our church and 4 souls were saved that week and it was again the Lord's perfect time.... he knew how to mend our church- how to show us that life was going to go on and that we would all be ok as long as we put HIM first.....

"If you want peace- make peace..... If you want joy... make joy.... If you want love......have love :)"