Friday, February 17, 2012

6 days....

6 days... that is how long I have been without Internet! Six Whole Days... I barely made it let me tell you! I have had so much going on and so much to share - and you know I can't remember diddly squat (yes...I just spelled out the most hick saying in the world!) but I am gonna attempt to tell you all the high points.

Since I last posted- our closing was moved up a week (they attempted 2 weeks and I said no way) We moved out of our house and into Marquetta's last Saturday. If you were wondering "Why in the world was it 10 degrees outside and spitting snow?" Answer- WE WERE MOVING! We were a bunch of Popsicle by the time we loaded the last of the boxes. I didn't over see the loading of the storage building- but when I saw it earlier this week I am certain my things will a)never be found b)never be the same. Oh well... I am too tired still to care :)

Kyle's last trip to our sad empty house... he cried and cried the day we moved :(
We have adapted well to life with Granna. Kids are sleeping- which they do not do if I am not here... Granna is a softy and gives it to whatever they want.... Momma is- well- not so soft. Poor Granna- I am attempting to keep things how she does- but you take a household of 1 and make it a household of 6 and things are just NOT the same. She doesn't mind at all- but I really do!
My very sick baby

Kaden had a major sick spell last week (spell.... I am telling you my vocabulary is going straight country-fied) We had to go to the doctor after 3 days of fever. She checked him out and was afraid his lungs sounded like pneumonia so she sent us for an xray. Praise the Lord it wasn't. He had an ear infection and bronchial inflammation but less than a week later he is 100% again. I had some communion juice that Sis Suzie sent home with us for Kyle and I gave Kaden a cup of it. I believe that, prayers and some faith did alot more than the antibiotics. I am a mother of 3- you don't go from near pneumonia to all clear without a runny nose in 7 days. The Lord loves little children.....

Oh- and happy late Valentines Day! We woke up and Granna had all of us a bag of goodies and cards. (she hasn't learned we aren't very chatty in the mornings.... we are a bunch of grouches lol) After I returned from taking the kids to school- JD walks up with a card, laughing, and hands it to me and says "It is perfect. It was 54 cents!" We had a very good laugh over his Dollar Store purchase. We had said no gifts so it was sweet that he attempted to be thoughtful.... with his big splurge of 54 cents :)
I (along with Kaden) met him for a late lunch. When you are married to an insurance man you learn- when they say "Meet me at 11:30" it really means "I will have 3 walk in appointments and 2 very important home office phone calls. See you at 2..." We grilled out for supper- ummmm- that is after the grill blew up in my face as I was lighting it (really, your surprised I had a near death experience, I know, me either ) Granna's grill is touchy...JD was warning me via phone as I was trying to light it.... he said "Don't stand in front of it because it has blew up on my face before" so I had my abnormally long arm stretched out as far as it could trying to press the click click click- nothing... I told him it wasn't lighting.... and I pressed it some more click click click nothing..... and I did it again.... click click click BOOM-  all I saw was a giant ball of flame in and I jumped back- Marquetta heard it and ran outside where I was and I ran to the bathroom to access the damage- singed hair all down the front left side of my head that looked like hay- one eyebrow and set of eyelashes singed.... but no major damage... again the Lord loves us Cantrell's. And we are gonna make sure she gets a new grill asap ;)

On a brighter note- I did buy myself a Valentine.... An Adele cd- live at Royal Albert Hall.... ummm why haven't you blog slackers informed me of this awesome singer before now! I watched the Grammys Sunday because we didn't have church and I was blown away by her! And I now have Rolling in the Deep playing inside my head constantly! I was semi-singing it as the boys and I were shopping in Costco until Kyle says "Mom- stop that! Your embarrassing!" GASP- I am embarrassing- this was the first of many times I am sure I will be told this and it may have hurt my feelings if I didn't totally understand the fact that I sound nothing like Adele when I am singing... so I continued to pretend to belt it out while he was acting mortified :) Being a mom has so many perks lol

OK- Novel over for now. You are close to updated. We are closing on our house (the sold one) today so say a little prayer all goes well please and thanks! Happy Friday!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Praise the Lord!

I just wanted to let you all know the Lord answers your (and my) prayers :) We have a signed (LEGIT) contract and a scheduled closing date of February 24. Thank you Jesus! We will be living with Marquetta while our house is completed (prolly 8 weeks or so) so you can now add her to your prayers.... and say an extra prayer for her almost white carpet because something in my gut tells me it isn't going to make it through the 3 amigos... or JD for that matter ;) I have been packing and some how making a bigger mess by the day! Trying to decide what stays, goes, has to stay accessible and what we will not be needing for 8 weeks is a major task! I have taken 3 truck loads to the storage facility (aka- Chad and Em's garage lol) and I haven't seemed to put a dent in our stuff! 10 years + 3 kids= lots and lots of junk! I am half tempted to set it all on the curb and put a "Free to a good home" sign on it.

My new stress.... picking out all the things for the new house! And I mean STRESS! I am a simple person- give me a couple of samples and tell me to pick one and that suits me just fine. I have seen more doors, drawers, hinges, paints, textures, lights, etc. etc. etc. until I literally feel like my head is spinning..... and I still don't know what I want.... Whoever says this is fun needs some crazy pills! Or just give me the pills... I could use them right about now!!!

Anywho.... I am thankful the Lord provided for us once again.
He may not come when you call Him but He'll come on time