Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!

Well looky here.... Blogger has decided not to be so difficult and I can now type without having to post a pic and do a title yada yada yada.... pretty exciting....  maybe I will post more often now (doubt it but maybe ;)

I am not loving this new weather either (not that I would complain about something else or anything) but I am having an extremely difficult wardrobe malfunction- I have summer clothes and I have dead-of-winter clothes but no its-too-hot-but-too-cold-kinda clothes! I went shopping for my birthday (yay-woo-hoo I am 31 rah rah) and I purchased 2 skirts and 5 shirts.... and I got them home..... and they are all going back! (well- one of the skirts is still in the iffy department) I need an online store with all things Drea that will ship for free directly to my home! When I shop- 9 times out of 10 there is a child (or children) with me and it goes without saying that shopping with kids is like shoveling snow in a blizzard- You ain't gettin' nothin' accomplished! Somebody is hungry, mad, sad, or in the mood to wonder off like a Alzheimer's patient and by the time you get into the women's department you can't wrestle the stroller in between the 3 inches of space they give you to walk between the racks- so you peek over the tops to see if something jumps out at you that is worth shoving your way through (then you pull it out to see it is pants when you thought it was a skirt..... I know y'all have done that.... happens to me ALL the time) so here I am- already in a trial over what to wear to church this weekend and it is only Wednesday.... and I am also trying to dress a 9-going-on-20 year old.... but you ain't got that kinda time......

We have survived most of New Harmony's full fall schedule of singings.... I think we have 2 left... maybe 3.... but we have 10 behind us! I don't mind them for the most part but WHEW - school/singings/cleaning an office/church starting Friday morning and ending late Sunday night is a killer! My kids are sooooo beyond tired of singings! They even sweet talked Aunt Karen into keeping them last Friday night so they wouldn't have to go with us. The singings aren't really what they mind- it is the run in from school and get ready to leave immediately that they don't like at all (well- Kyle doesn't like any of it ;) On the brighter side, we are headed NORTH in a couple of weeks and we are SO excited for real! I haven't been up there since Kyle was about 2 or 3 and I L-O-V-E going and seeing everybody!! We plan to stay an extra night but all of that is still in debate.... there is an American Girl store and Lego place that has sparked the interest of two kids I know- we may take a trip to Chicago to see what they are all about!

I have been slack on the picture taking these days. Instagram is to thank for that! (ok- slack with my camera- my phone however is on overload!) I will probably never admit this to my husband- but that big ol' camera isn't the most convenient thing to whip out of my bag for snapshots. I LOVE it for real- but I see why people opt for the smaller/more convenient sized cameras now. He shall never know I have any complaints about said camera though- because somebody had  to have the big ol' camera (uh-hum no names called) so somebody  will just have to deal with it FOR-EV-ER ! I did get some pics of my kids in their Bama attire for the first Bama game of the season.... and I got a few of them with my big pretty pumpkin wreath that is my FAVE fall decoration.... so I will share those for now...

OK...getting this to continue my blog took a minute but you know I am slower than most ...
I have been in the process of painting/rearranging/finding furniture for this house. I really had no idea how hard it was to find the perfect bedroom suite (well- rephrase- the perfect AFFORDABLE bedroom suite) We planned to go king size but once we started looking (and pricing) we have decided a queen was just enough room for us! Plus now the kids are bigger we don't get any visitors during the night much like we once did- so as long as JD doesn't gain a couple hundred pounds I think we will manage! I have painted all but one piece of Kaylee's furniture- I have plans to start the over-haul of the boys dresser and chest some time next week- and I want to scream/vomit every time I walk into my bedroom (note that I have not posted a pic of my pretty new bedroom... that's because it is still one big blank canvas that I can't seem to get started on!) I have odd pieces in odd places and blank walls and no direction on where to put what and how and what colors..... I am welcome to anyone whom wants to take a stab at it.... I will leave you a key and you can have at it!!
I also need a dining room table and buffet.... I know.... I wouldn't be needy would I! We didn't have a dining room before so my kitchen table was all I needed it to be.... but now I have a vacant dining room that my hubby has mentioned setting music equipment up in since we have yet to find a table- I threatened bodily harm and his idea was quickly shot down!! We have enough noise makers in this house without a set of drums!!!
That's just about all I have to blog about for now. Pretty blah and boring - but I really wanted to keep up with this better than I have been because it has been my sounding board for 3 years now and I don't want to stop! Maybe my next post will have loads of interesting stuff in it..... but I doubt it!!
Later peeps!