Monday, February 28, 2011

No, you really don't want to know...

I will sum up the past weekend/beginning of the week in the Cantrell household.... Stomach virus and RSV...... sound like fun..... no, I didn't think so either.

I am going to get everyone ready for bed- I will be back some time Wednesday- or Thursday......

Now where did I put that straight jacket?????

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Thank you one more time....

The Lord is so busy safe-guarding me and my crew over here in New Market that it really amazes me that he has ANY time left for the rest of you. I feel like he has to say "Hold that thought- Drea's kids have done it AGAIN!"

Yesterday we were having a normal, pretty, Tuesday afternoon. I was on the back steps with the kids and Kyle decided he wanted to ride Kaylee's new electric scooter. (He just found out he could drive it over the weekend but I make him stay in the grass because it isn't as damaging as concrete if he has an accident... or so I thought) I put the scooter in the grass and pointed it towards our HUGE back yard and he took off. In 3 seconds... literally 3 seconds..... I experienced the worst scare in all of my days as a mom. He was going full speed towards the open yard but he cut it too close to the trampoline and the handlebar caught the net bar on the trampoline and it sent the scooter in a flip and it slung my child like a ragdoll into the yard. My first thought was that his arm HAD to be broken.... but then he layed there on the ground LIFELESS- he was not moving at all- face down in the dirt- and I was hysterical (I was on the phone with JD during all of this and he thought Kyle had been hit by a car by how I was reacting.) When I got to him I just knew he was hurt bad..... I grabbed his foot and he looked up at me like "What are you doing?" and just got up like nothing had even happened.He had been knocked out cold. I asked him why he didn't move or answer me and he said his "eyes were sleepy and his arms were tired" Our day of playing outside was OVER. I called the dr's office and asked them what I should do - I had already checked him head to toe and back and found nothing but a slight bump that I still am not sure wasn't there already - other than that- nothing. At this time Kyle was crying because I wouldn't let him back outside to play and RIDE THE SCOOTER! They told me what signs to look for and what protocol to go by but assured me that he more than likely just got his "bell rung". (we were headed to the ER but with him acting, playing, looking 110% normal- the nurses assured me the ER wasn't necessary- so we decided to watch him super close here at home. I would have taken him had I even remotely thought something wasn't right)
We had a very unrestful night of waking up every 1-2 hours to wake him up and letting him go back to sleep.
Whatever it was that happened- I hope to never witness my children, your children, ANYBODYS children do this EVER again as long as I live. I am SO thankful that the Lord watched over my precious boy yet again. It seems if you have more than one child you always have that one that gets hurt no matter what... that is my Kyle.... he is the stunt devil of the bunch and at almost any given time he has more bumps and bruises than he or I can account for.

He got a "stay-home-with-Mom" pass from school today. He was sore all over when he got up this morning- he hurt from his hand all the way to his ankle. Other than that he has been his normal wild self- running around, jumping off of everything, giving everybody hugs and kisses. This child will be the reason the funny farm will pick me up extra early this year.....

Thank you Lord- I will never repay you my debts but I will keep making payments.....

Monday, February 21, 2011

pic post...

I am behind on pics and what to post with them- so I thought I would do a random catch up (and Monday night tv is boring :)

We went to Olive Garden for my aunt Dee's birthday. We shared a variety box of GiGi's cupcakes (the pic of Juliah is unwrapping her Tiramisu cupcake) The food and cupcakes were yummy and we had a good time being together.

Kyle kept giving me this pose and telling me to take his picture- he is his father's child....

I thought "awww- how sweet- playing together on the computer" I didn't pay attention that Kaden was ONCE AGAIN writing on himself......

Kaden was giving himself a front row seat to Mickey Mouse (and yes I moved him a safe 3 feet back from the tv after I snapped the pic)

Getting to play outside in the GORGEOUS weather we have had lately....

Happy Tuesday to you all :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentines part 2....

OK- this week has left me with ZERO time- therefore the Valentines Part 2 post I was going to put on here TUESDAY is just getting posted on FRIDAY. Such is my life- fabulously crazy. (I say fabulous to make it seem like I enjoy driving up and down Winchester Road up to 3 times a day.... gotta keep it positive!)

Pics here are random- V-day party at church, giving Granna her gifts (kids picked them out at CVS by themselves), opening their gifts, etc. I am too lazy to label them and Kaden is hollering for me to get him up.....

OH! I meant to update my part 1 post to say that JD did call on V-day and asked me to lunch- he let me pick the place (Little Rosie's that he doesn't care for) and let me pick him up (true romantic I tell you) and told me we had to hurry because his day was slammed. BUT- I got to eat pocket tacos which are my FAVE and I got to eat with 2 of my 3favorite guys (Kaden was with us- Kyle was in School). So I technically did get a V-day date :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V-day!

In our rush this morning- I didn't get to give the kids their (very small and inexpensive) gifts so I will have a part 2 post for this one.... but Happy Valentines Day (Or Happy Thanksgiving as Kyle keeps saying :) JD and I aren't doing gifts... I don't think.... well.... I am not doing a gift so I hope he doesn't lol! Maybe we can go out to eat this Friday or something. Valentines Day is a bit over-rated to me and I told JD that and his response was "That's because everyday is Valentines Day with us" I told you before- picking up clothes and giving kids a bath are not his thing but he definitly lets me know how loved I am! He is my sweetheart for sure (awwww...I know.... gag.... :)

For those of you whom didn't get a card (Yes- Kaden is looking off- but the ones were he was looking AT me he was crying or pouting- there for I opted for the sweet profile pic - he isn't in to my photographing EVER)

We Had a rush in and out weekend- singing- a very tearful barber shop visit (Kaden thinks everyone is a doctor these days) 3 church services and a mini-visit from Dee and Rod.... I am wiped out and my laundry is in mounds :( Not a good start for Monday!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Like I needed to know about this....

My name is Drea and I have an online-shopping problem!
Now that we have that clear- I have been sent a sight
called Zulily and it is more than likely going to get me
in trouble.... and when I go down I am taking Melia with me
for letting me know about it :)

if you go to the sight- you can go by my link
and if/when you do your first order (which I just did for some
oh-my-goodness-beautiful paprika serving pieces) I get a $15
credit- then you get your link to send to your friends for $15
credit when they do their first order (the $15 covered almost all of my

Okay- now I am going to sit and be so excited waiting on them to get here....

and though I know the big 3-0 birthday is coming up and all- I am a little scared
to be this excited over serving pieces...... showing my AGE again.... grrrr....

Monday, February 7, 2011

2 hours before sunrise.....

and I am up! JD had to go to Birmingham this morning and he was taking my car so I got out of bed at 4:40 to go remove car seats, diaper bags, etc. so he could run ALFA taxi service lol! I actually spazzed just a bit when he informed me YESTERDAY morning while getting ready for church that he was going to take my car. FYI- along with everything else in my life- my car is total madness at all times! Why did I miss out on the "keep it all together" gene and get a double portion of "put it where ever you can find a place" gene! Ask my hubby- it is his favorite thing about me ;)

We had a weekend of get ready and run! NH had a singing Friday night, we attended the best surprise party ever Saturday, visited Big Cove Saturday night and got up yesterday, left for church and returned at almost 9pm last night. I was so worn out- I laid on the couch to read the last 50 pages of a book I have been in to and I kept hearing a THUD.... it was my book hitting the floor because I was falling asleep and dropping it! I still have about 25 pages to go because I can't read well when my eyes are crossing :)

Oh, and about that surprise party.... watch for Byrd's blog (or Marty's- she was the one capturing moments with the camera) I will let them tell you all about it... we all got surprised at that party!

I have to go change sheets and fold some clothes and hopefully get a bathroom cleaned before time to get the kiddos up for school. I have finished my coffee that has nasty sugar-free creamer in it because I tried so hard to NOT grab a bottle of sugar-free that I must have over-looked the big bold letters across the bottle that said SUGAR-FREE! gag....I added real sugar to it to try and counter-act it..... it didn't work....

Happy Monday :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Nothing exciting to report (and I am NOT complaining) We are pretty good these days- Kaden is cutting teeth which answers some of my "What in the world is wrong with you?" questions... other than that.... its all good :)

Since I have nothing important to say today- I have some cute pics I have taken of the kids lately. My new camera has been the best gift EVER! I just took my memory card and had pics printed (200-something) so I could clear some off (there were over 1200 pics on it- I had discs made for backup) I am going to do photo books of the 2010 holidays because that will be less expensive than having all 1200 pics printed. Told y'all I would use the fire out of this thing..... I meant business!!!

Kaden loves me to wash his hair- he gets so tickled when I scrub his head! Kaylee captured the moment and I LOVE it!

Kyle got caught (more like captured) playing with Kaylee and Sophie..... he was a trooper..... though he prefers to be Spiderman instead of Rapunzel/Sharpay..... this one goes in the "look what you did when you were little" album for sure!

Kaylee decided she owed Kyle a piggy back ride after he cooperated with the dress-up game :)

I attempted to get a cute pic of my kids all dressed up to go - Kaden was in a rotten mood and the other two were wiggle worms- this was the best one (with Kaden's not-matching- paci....

This is without the paci......

These are the moments I adore, treasure and hope I take enough advantage of! I told Stacie the other day to soak up every day with Chandler because she will blink and he will be 7 just like my first baby. They are all 3 under my feet and in my space- but best of all they are in my life! They are my life :) and their Daddy is ok too ;)

Thank you Lord for your blessings on me......