Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Party Pics in random order...

Davida, Kensley, Heather & Ann Marie

Chad and Emily

My BFF's

JD, Isaac & Chad

The Malone's and I ... & Kara doing the hand-on-hip thing :)
Around the bonfire

Looking at the fish in the park

Chad & Karsyn
In the limo... they were so excited

Getting out of the limo

Chad's pics

My pics

Justin, Alicia & Halle

Josie, Nicky, Amy & Alicia

Lindsey and Kerri- the party workers :)

Opening my Pandora bracelet
Mr. Kyle whom hardly ever looks AT the camera

Watching ducks and fish

Sweet girl on the red bicycle in the park

Karsyn loves JD
Sidewalk chalk and ice cream.... now that's a party :)

My bracelet... from left to right meanings of the charms-
Holy Ghost birthday pearl & gift box charm- Kara, Tasha, Heather G, Nicky and Alyson all got me these
Best Friends- Kerri got me
Girl and 2 boys- Marquetta got me
Pink birthstone- JD got me along with bracelet
"D" - Chad, Em & Karsyn

Took my birthday money and added birthstones for JD and my kids and
birthstone for November for my anniversary.
I love this bracelet because of the meaning behind each charm.
It was the perfect gift to remind me of an awesome birthday!

Hmmmmm... 2 posts in one hour..... and it is only 1 am.....

Happy Fall Y'all...

We just got back (Sunday night) from a 6 night stay in the Great Smoky Mountains. It was so nice to leave the crazy madness here (work, school, selling a house, building a house.... and so forth) and go away and pretend we don't have a care in the world. Something about breakfast at Pancake Pantry, lunch at Fanny Farkle's and dinner at the Apple Barn just washes all your troubles away ;) but boy oh boy I am about 10 pounds heavier from all that food!! We seriously ate the entire time we were gone! It was GREAT :)
The kids loved it. Kaylee had a massive "to-do" list and we marked everything off of it except Wonderworks but I told her we had to leave something for the next time we go. The kids saved their wands from last years trip to Magicquest so they got to play for $10 this time ( which means $30 because you know their daddy had to play too!) Kaylee and I went to Titanic and I think we were both kinda disappointed with it. I love the artifacts and stories about all that really happened but all in all it was over $40 for a walk through, self guided tour of a museum. We got ice cream at the Marble Slab Creamery- oh -so- good! They swam in the indoor pool at the condo. We shopped... and shopped... and shopped... The boys didn't fair as well as the girls did in the shopping department but that is the way it goes ain't it! We grilled out at the park by the creek and the weather was awesome as was the food (... again... I am not joking when I say we ate constantly) We enjoyed watching the Tide roll over the Vols once again. And Sunday we went to Dollywood to hear some good ol' gospel singing.... well.... JD, Norma and Marquetta enjoyed the singing... myself and my 3 kids took on the park! Needless to say that I was one tired Momma by the time we headed home that evening. I wish we would have relaxed more instead of going and doing so much while we were there because we have been exhausted since we got home. ( JD is sawing logs as I type) Kaylee and Kyle actually put themselves to bed tonight. I am so tired but on a major insomnia spell. The stresses of life keep my mind going while my body is saying S.L.E.E.P!

And here we are... back to life... back to reality! I have been on the run all day- walking through the new house making changes to rooms, picking out windows, deciding on what brick/rock/siding to use... all of it is GREEK to me! It is fun but stressful. Next up... paint colors and cabinets... and flooring.... and doors.... and fixtures.... Lord have mercy!

We officially have our house on the market. Go to http://www.valleymls.com/ and put MLS #692435. If you know ANYBODY that wants to look at it please send them our way! Brand new flooring throughout, new a/c, new roof, new paint, new light fixtures..... move in ready! (ok- that is my advertisement for the day ;) 

I have loads of pics from the Smokies that are still on my camera that is currently in the car and I am too lazy to go get it. I still owe you a pic post of the rest of our birthday bash so I may do that next... or next time I post..... who knows when that  will be....

and that is it... you are now updated on whats up with us.... I just know your day will be much better now that you know all of this valuable information ;)- It is what it is... our simple boring crazy busy life that I like to type about. Some say "Why type all that for everyone to see?" "Who cares?" "Do you have nothing better to do?" I say #1- therapy- blogging is therapy and serves as a good guide for my memory of things that I would have easily forgotten the details about #2- I care.... I like showing you that our life is a nutshell- my kids are funny- & I don't have it all together and I am OK with that.... #3 I have tons to do that could take precedence to blogging.... but I obviously choose not to do them during the 15 minutes I use to tell you all about my madness.....  :)

Random post will be ended now .... something tells me I will only half remember what all I posted come morning..... my eyes are starting to cross!
Good night/ Good morning! I hope you have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Birthday indeed...

WOW! My birthday was made FANTASTIC by my awesome hubby, sis-in-law and friends!! Though I had a "hint" that something was going on.... I could have never in a million years guessed what all they did for me (Well, Chad and I ... Chad will be the big 3-0 next Thursday so they treated us to a double surprise party since we all basically have all the same friends :)

First a text came about 3:00 saying Be at the church at 5:00 and DO NOT be one minute late..... which I didn't understand at all.... until I pulled up at 4:57 and see a huge Excursion Limo waiting with a gang holding a sign saying "Honk if you are 30!" lol....
From there we went to Downtown Huntsville and saw the ducks and fish and took some pics of everyone...


 Then we went for ice cream at Bruester's.... just to throw us off.... I could not for the life of me figure out where we were going and what we were doing...

(I have pics of that but Blogger is being so slow and freezes every time I attempt to add them)

Then we drove over the mountain and through the woods to our destination.... Dustin and Melissa's house.... where we were greeted by a ton of friends......

I will do a picture post of the party with details and etc.( & a pic of my gorgeous Pandora bracelet that melts my heart every time I look at it) but I have GOT to get off of here for now!

Thank you to all of my amazing friends and sister in law..... every detail was perfect..... I appreciate every thing you all did!
(and I am most impressed that you got JD to spend his money :)

I love you all!!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Today I am th... th..... th.......

Thirty! Whew... that doesn't roll off my tongue like 29 did! Oh well! I can't complain too much- the past 30 years have been pretty good and I can only hope for 30 more just like 'em :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

My mind is full....

I am talking overload. I have been way more forgetful than usual lately- like making me worried- I even stop mid-convo and can't remember what my point was or what I was even talking about to begin with. I have determined I am on brain-over-load.... problem is..... how do you actually clear your mind? Saturday I cleaned out our storage building- took all of our junk we have accumulated in the 5 years we have lived here and sent it to the dump...... I really wish I could do that with my never-ending-to-do list in my mind.

Just this morning I have finished my cousin's picture/invitation order for her upcoming wedding shower, while potty training Kaden, while cleaning "potty" out of the floor, giving Kaden a bath and deciding the pros and cons of a crawl space- because- oh yeah- we decided as of Friday that we are going to build a house and sell ours. You have to get my drift- the brain is SHOT!

As for the new house- I am excited/scared/already tired from thinking about it. We been tossing the idea around and praying about it for over 2 years now and we have decided that now is the time. Do I have a clue what I am doing? NO! I am not a paint/cabinets/brick picker-outer..... I thought I was doing well when I chose my hardwood for this house! My main concern is that the laundry room and pantry are big and that I have enough closet space to hold 5 peoples stuff..... the rest is Greek..... but that's what friends are for right (Lindsey ;)

Oh, and all of this comes the week before that stupid, horrible, awful birthday I have coming up... in 5 days.... no, I just looked at the calender..... FOUR days...... uggghhhhhhh!!!!!

So, pray for my sanity- I am long past the padded cell.... not real sure where they put people like me nowadays :)

And if you know of anyone who needs a house in my area..... send them to me..... :)