Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Wow! That's about the only word that can sum up the past year of my life.... Seriously! I just looked back on my last post that was almost a year ago and I'd been asking for prayer had I known what this year had in store for me! It has been a doozy! Trials have gotten way harder, God sent me tests I didn't know how to handle but I am still here and kicking so I am not going to complain and I sure ain't gonna question him "why?" .... He knows and when He sees fit to clue me in I will be here waiting ;)

Last January I started feeling bad more and more often with symptoms that seemed to get worse as months passed by. In The spring JD finally made me go get checked out to see what was up and the dr ran some tests but called me the next week to say "ummmm...the lab must have spilled what we were testing and we need you to come back in" Needless to say- we went on an out of country trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, school was ending, summer was beginning and life took over and I didn't make it back to the doctor until August (when school started back and everything got back to OUR normal) By that point I will now admit- I was a sick girl (no matter how old I get I can never refer to myself as a woman lol) I had lost over 20 lbs, I was in pain so often that there were times I honestly couldn't sleep and couldn't even sit still - I would just walk the floors. I went back to the dr for the re-testing and although I was certain I knew what was wrong they floored me by sending me to a GI specialist (I was lucky- JD has one already and we really like him) Two weeks later I was sitting with Dr F who checked me over and said the only thing that was coming to mind with what all I had going on was Chrohns Disease. I was surprised to say the least... All info I ever gathered on Chrohns up to that point didnt seem to be what I had going on... But once he gave me the dr version I could see where he was coming from. This is where things got serious..... We told family and friends... They told family and friends and before I knew it I had prayers going up for me from everywhere... I was touched and I was thankful... But I was also scared because I was still sick and tossing around all of this in my head while still living my life....  Most that know me know that I am a  get up and go type person... Not much for laying around or taking a break but I kid you not- I found myself laying around more and more- once a friend stopped by my house unexpectedly and saw that I was laying down in the middle of the day and she seriously about broke down on me - she just kept saying "your sick ain't you.... Tell me the truth" We laugh about it now - but I was so sick and I was scared. The dr scheduled more testing and here's where Gods plan fell into place..... I had the test and the dr went to JD while I was in recovery and said "God was in her having this done" it was my 32nd birthday and the test I had isn't a test they normally even run on you until you are about 50. He told JD he found what looked to be a precancerous tumor and that it had NOTHING to do with any of the symptoms I had been experiencing but that if he had not found it I would have had cancer within 3 years. Well we were stunned and tried not to dwell on it while we waited on the pathology to come back...... It was a very long week to say the least. The dr called me himself and confirmed that it was a (insert big long dr word) tumor and that it was precancerous and that I should be thankful to the Good Lord that I had this done now. I have to go back in a few months and have a test ran every three years but that was it- he didn't see any cause to do anything else because he had already removed the tumor. Well between the testing and the results- I had a brother come by my house one night and  he laid hands on me. I had been to church numerous times (no one knew I was sick until the Chrohns thing came up) and it seemed like The Lord just wasn't looking toward me. I had questioned myself as to why but again...God had a plan. After the brother laid hands on me I did nothing but improve. I have been SO much better- I have gained weight - I feel almost back to normal (the thirties haven't been so kind to me lol) I honestly feel like The Lord allowed me to get sick bad enough that I would be seen about just so they could find that thing and take it out..... I really do! Crazy as it seems - but If I hadn't gotten so sick I would have never went - I despise going to the dr with every ounce of my body. But I did- The Lord knew and once again He took care of me. 
JD went to see the same dr not long after all of this (my birthday is October 7th so it hasn't been long ago) and the dr asked how I was doing with my symptoms and JD said "she is doing great" and he was amazed. I went along with JD last month to an appointment and Dr F talked about me as much as he did JD - he said he had been telling people about me and he said he was so baffled by how well I was doing since he found and removed that tumor. He gave God the credit the same as I do! 

I know that's alot and crazy unbelievable but this entire process showed me just how for granted I take things. The thought to blog about it popped in my head while I was packing the boys lunches for tomorrow because I was thankful to be doing it (I don't like doing it but was thankful nevertheless lol) I am thankful that The Lord loves me and my family. I know I could die tomorrow (&no I didn't think I was dying- the C word just put things into consideration) but this is one of those things you just have in your memory box forever. "Remember when I was sick and The Lord healed me" ..... Well I have one of THOSE testimonies now. 

Well- I hope this year is a little less dramatic and kind of low key..... I think last year took 2 or 3 years off of me so I need a catch up year ;) 

God is great....God is Good....

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hey there blog peeps!

I was sitting here at the computer looking up Easter attire, checking emails, wasting time while waiting for 3 little boogers to go to sleep (I have to keep watch... they sneak out of their rooms when I am not looking ;) and the thought hit me that I haven't posted in ... oh... ummm... for stinkin' ever! I loved blogging from the get-go.... it was my thang.... but I will confess.... my husband convinced me that once I had a smart phone my life would be sooo much easier and blah blah blah. True as that was- my phone has replaced my computer- which in place has taken me away from my precious blog. Shew- I wish I could go back to simpler times where devices didn't seem to control my life (if my phone isn't within reaching distance of me I tend to have small panic attacks until I find it- sad confession but true) We got all "up to date" when we moved and decided not to get a land line phone and that has made my dependency of my cellular device much much worse. So there you have it- I don't get to blog and I have some how made it JD's fault! ;) It is easy to blame him for everything hee hee hee

Oh life has been good... can't complain... well... prolly could but that would be super annoying to read about now wouldn't it! I have added more to my work load and seems like the days are flying by at a pace that is truly unbelievable.... I mean it is almost Wednesday and feel like today has been Monday.... I remember working in an office feeling like the clock ticked in slow motion- those days are long gone! My kids are growing as fast as the time is passing too! Nobody ever gave me the warning that at 30 your life goes into fast forward speed (nor did they tell me your eyes get blurry and your body starts slowing down and aching a lil more than usual) I need a big ol' PAUSE button to stop, breathe, evaluate things and go at a slower pace. I feel like I am missing out on so much because life is flying by and I can't soak it up fast enough. And I seriously can't remember squat... nothing.... some days I feel like I am so close to having a mental issue (ok we all know I do really have some sort of something wrong in this head) but I honestly can not remember simple things like where I put my deed to our new house( Lawd help, I really can't find it anywhere) When did I last go to the doctor? What stinkin size return vent is in the bonus room? (I have now purchased THREE different filters... all the wrong size) Why did I walk into the pantry/kitchen/laundry room, etc??? I know it is probably 75% "mommy brain" but I need a tune up or something!!

Moving on....I am still loving my new house..... and I am still on the hunt for a bedroom suite.... 8 months in this house and my bedroom and bathroom are still blank slates! I don't want to hang curtains/pictures/etc. because I don't know what bedding I am going to get because I don't know what kind/size bed I am going to get nor do I know when I am going to get it. Every other room has came together pretty good. I am by NO means a decorator but it is looking and feeling totally like "home" now. We walked around the first few weeks and it felt like a new house more than home. We were so used to living in closed quarters between our other house and living with his mom that when we got here we all scattered out and had almost too much space. No worries though- they all found my space and have now gotten back in the habit of staying in it ;)

You ever tried taking pics of the three stooges... well I did.... this is what I got!

The kids are great! Good grades, good behavior (mostly anyway) , good health... but wow they are getting into this "older" stuff.. Kaylee more so than the boys.... and I am finding myself at a loss as to what to do or say about half of it! Kaylee has a boyfriend (she keeps one usually... she tends to have a revolving door policy...get tired of one - get a new one) and she is developing a love for her social life! She has a desire to go to church more than most 9 year olds that I know but it isn't for the Lord... it is for the friends! Love her to pieces but the Good Lord knew when He gave me one girl that I would barely survive her. When I thought the hair and clothes issues were bad- then along comes the friends/boys issues.... much much much worse .... and she is NINE!!! Prayers appreciated for the next 10 years please! Kyle on the other hand made my life a little easier the other day. While discussing Kaylee's Valentine's dilemmas (gifts, attire, parties) I asked Kyle if he any girl at school that he was interested in. Well he gave me a big "NO WAY!" and continued to tell me he was never gonna have a girlfriend because he was never getting married. He plans to live with me forever.... period.... and wear Batman pajamas and play video games (his father's child he is... ) I guess this eliminates most any drama in his life... I am kinda ok with this plan.... for now anyway! Kaden- well- he just repeats everything Kyle says or does so I guess I have him for life too.... He LOVES his big brother! If Kyle's stomach hurts- so does Kaden's. If Kyle is hungry- so is Kaden. If Kyle is in trouble- well he is on his own because Kaden never does anything..... if I ask "Who did this?!?!" his answer is almost always "Not me, it was Kyle!" (He may be little but he is a smart lil booger!) They are all three truly my pride and joy. I may not seem like a gushy "look at my kids" person.... but I am so proud to be their Momma it hurts. They make every day full of life.... sometimes all the liveliness makes me feel like I need to be committed.... but I wouldn't trade them for the sun and the moon and everything underneath it!

Aaaaaahhh... JD is ok too ;) He has been sick as a dog today, bless his bones. He may drag around and run late to EVERYTHING , but he hardly ever misses a full day of work- especially over being sick. Today was one of those days though. He tried getting ready and kept laying back down... and has laid down the whole day. I am hoping it isn't the flu- though he is the ONLY one in the house that didn't get a shot.... Pray for him if you think of it.... and you can throw one up for me because... well... he is not a good patient to care for lol.... he tends to be sicker than anyone in the entire world when he does get sick and I am not a good petter ;)

Welp... there you have it.... almost an hour of my day to tell you we are in fact still alive and kicking (and screaming ;)  May I live to tell you more about us more often.... or may you see our pics on Instagram and know that I am too crazy to stop and tell you what's goin on in our world! Take care... Happy Wednesday since Tuesday is nearly over.....

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!

Well looky here.... Blogger has decided not to be so difficult and I can now type without having to post a pic and do a title yada yada yada.... pretty exciting....  maybe I will post more often now (doubt it but maybe ;)

I am not loving this new weather either (not that I would complain about something else or anything) but I am having an extremely difficult wardrobe malfunction- I have summer clothes and I have dead-of-winter clothes but no its-too-hot-but-too-cold-kinda clothes! I went shopping for my birthday (yay-woo-hoo I am 31 rah rah) and I purchased 2 skirts and 5 shirts.... and I got them home..... and they are all going back! (well- one of the skirts is still in the iffy department) I need an online store with all things Drea that will ship for free directly to my home! When I shop- 9 times out of 10 there is a child (or children) with me and it goes without saying that shopping with kids is like shoveling snow in a blizzard- You ain't gettin' nothin' accomplished! Somebody is hungry, mad, sad, or in the mood to wonder off like a Alzheimer's patient and by the time you get into the women's department you can't wrestle the stroller in between the 3 inches of space they give you to walk between the racks- so you peek over the tops to see if something jumps out at you that is worth shoving your way through (then you pull it out to see it is pants when you thought it was a skirt..... I know y'all have done that.... happens to me ALL the time) so here I am- already in a trial over what to wear to church this weekend and it is only Wednesday.... and I am also trying to dress a 9-going-on-20 year old.... but you ain't got that kinda time......

We have survived most of New Harmony's full fall schedule of singings.... I think we have 2 left... maybe 3.... but we have 10 behind us! I don't mind them for the most part but WHEW - school/singings/cleaning an office/church starting Friday morning and ending late Sunday night is a killer! My kids are sooooo beyond tired of singings! They even sweet talked Aunt Karen into keeping them last Friday night so they wouldn't have to go with us. The singings aren't really what they mind- it is the run in from school and get ready to leave immediately that they don't like at all (well- Kyle doesn't like any of it ;) On the brighter side, we are headed NORTH in a couple of weeks and we are SO excited for real! I haven't been up there since Kyle was about 2 or 3 and I L-O-V-E going and seeing everybody!! We plan to stay an extra night but all of that is still in debate.... there is an American Girl store and Lego place that has sparked the interest of two kids I know- we may take a trip to Chicago to see what they are all about!

I have been slack on the picture taking these days. Instagram is to thank for that! (ok- slack with my camera- my phone however is on overload!) I will probably never admit this to my husband- but that big ol' camera isn't the most convenient thing to whip out of my bag for snapshots. I LOVE it for real- but I see why people opt for the smaller/more convenient sized cameras now. He shall never know I have any complaints about said camera though- because somebody had  to have the big ol' camera (uh-hum no names called) so somebody  will just have to deal with it FOR-EV-ER ! I did get some pics of my kids in their Bama attire for the first Bama game of the season.... and I got a few of them with my big pretty pumpkin wreath that is my FAVE fall decoration.... so I will share those for now...

OK...getting this to continue my blog took a minute but you know I am slower than most ...
I have been in the process of painting/rearranging/finding furniture for this house. I really had no idea how hard it was to find the perfect bedroom suite (well- rephrase- the perfect AFFORDABLE bedroom suite) We planned to go king size but once we started looking (and pricing) we have decided a queen was just enough room for us! Plus now the kids are bigger we don't get any visitors during the night much like we once did- so as long as JD doesn't gain a couple hundred pounds I think we will manage! I have painted all but one piece of Kaylee's furniture- I have plans to start the over-haul of the boys dresser and chest some time next week- and I want to scream/vomit every time I walk into my bedroom (note that I have not posted a pic of my pretty new bedroom... that's because it is still one big blank canvas that I can't seem to get started on!) I have odd pieces in odd places and blank walls and no direction on where to put what and how and what colors..... I am welcome to anyone whom wants to take a stab at it.... I will leave you a key and you can have at it!!
I also need a dining room table and buffet.... I know.... I wouldn't be needy would I! We didn't have a dining room before so my kitchen table was all I needed it to be.... but now I have a vacant dining room that my hubby has mentioned setting music equipment up in since we have yet to find a table- I threatened bodily harm and his idea was quickly shot down!! We have enough noise makers in this house without a set of drums!!!
That's just about all I have to blog about for now. Pretty blah and boring - but I really wanted to keep up with this better than I have been because it has been my sounding board for 3 years now and I don't want to stop! Maybe my next post will have loads of interesting stuff in it..... but I doubt it!!
Later peeps!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

This post is all out of order but you can piece it together...

I wrote this big ol blog post this morning and guess what... it didn't save nor did it post... thankfully all the pics I uploaded did remain saved or else I might have tossed the computer across the room (with all the charity in my heart ;) So- here is one more try while I am sitting down from eating lunch.

We have done alot since the last post and due to blogger still being the dumbest thing EVER I am not so sure I have these pics in proper timeline sequence... but it'll do for now (that is if it actually posts this time)

We just came out of one of the best revivals I have been a part of in a long time. We had 3 new souls saved- which is AWESOME- but the spiritual guidance, encouragement, reminding, teaching and nourishment we recieved was soooooo what I needed. I have been side tracked lately (to say the least) and I needed to be re-aligned... it was just good- all of it- if you were there you know what I am talking about.

We didn't make it to our hopeful moving date which was before revival. We had our furniture, big items, all of our storage building moved in but that is it. SO- being the dummies we are- we have attempted finishing the move in the weekend AFTER revival.... and I have been SO tired - the kind of tired where you lay down, aching all over, and CAN'T go to sleep because your mind is still running on all the things you have yet to get finished.... I have determined we may be fully moved in by Christmas ... and I am not sure how/where/why I have so much stuff...

Here are pics from all the things yall have missed.... or I have failed to blog about atleast....

First day of 1st grade

Last day of 1st grade

A B honor roll and DIBELS improvement award

A B honor roll, 3rd grade completion award, Good Citizenship award and class award for being the "girly girl" of Mrs. Pitts class

First day of 3rd grade

Last day of 3rd grade

Foam bath at the B'ham Zoo

Hello Mr Lizard!

First grade Field trip (and our first time to go to) Birmingham Zoo

Washing Daddy's car for his #32 birthday... with Karsyn helping and Kaden not-so-much

Typical Kyle.... always hugging somebody...

Blowing out the candles (and Kaylee doing a dance lol)

Kitchen with all the junk sitting around....

Kids bath... those mirrors will one day be on the walls.... hopefully

The playroom... see the stack of bins.... those were filled with toys.... and that isn't all of them.... have I ever mentioned how bad I dislike toys... well... I do...

3/4 bath...shower is on the other side of toilet but I didn't feel like standing on my head to get a full pic...

Kaylee's Aquamist weird colored room... her furniture is to be painted black sometime in the next 2 weeks... it will look way better...

My bedroom with no furniture because... well... I have no furniture... lol

Master bath from one side....

The other side of the bathroom... with no mirrors because 40x32 oval mirrors are a little (extremely) hard to find.... any suggestions???

I bought this at a yard sale for $10 and had it refinished and I LOVE it... it is now my foyer table

Living room in random order... no the ugly mismatched rocker isn't staying and the book cases are not fixed...

and the dumping ground for boxes... the dining room that doesn't have furniture either.... :)

And a random water balloon fight pic because I thought it was funny :)

Well ain't that something....

I know ... what a stupid pic to start a blog post with that is ummm.... about.... 3 months delayed! I tried and tried and tried to do a post that I started, saved, pasted, copied and LOST atleast 3 or 4 times til I said FORGET IT! My mother in law has weird internet that wouldn't let it post because of whatever reason and to be quite frank... I have been a little (majorly) busy since the 3rd weekend in June and I am just now attempting a post from our new home. Thus the pic.... I took this pic the night we moved in and I was trying to find a good starting point since I really don't recall where I left off. If you never did see pics from our trip... sorry bout that.... maybe I will make it up some time before next year ;)

As for now- the new house thing is awesome and tiring and stressing all in one package. I feel like things will never have a permanant place- I may never get one room 100% how I want it- I need a job making loads of dough so I can decorate and furnish this place just how I want to- and having a house that is double the size of your old place means one thing- Double the cleaning! I get one half done and have to give myself a motivational speech to get the other half done (yes Drea, you can do this, no, your not gonna die, get up off the floor and get to mopping!!) I love it though... really love it .... and I am so thankful that for the first time ever in our almost 11 years of marriage I HAVE A GARAGE- 2 of them - WOW- who knew parking in a garage would be such a pleasure- no more wet, wind blown, half soaked mom and kids when we get to church now!!

Speaking of kids- they are awesome! Kaylee just started 4th grade - which made me and JD have a total panic attack since we both CLEARLY remember being in 4th grade. She has turned  9 and acts every bit of 19 most days. I am learning to just go with the flow most days because if I don't- one of us won't survive! We are dealing with wants such as a cell phone (not happening) a small convertable car (she is certain she will be able to drive it  by 10) and highlights in her hair (really- like I am paying for $60 streaks- paaa lease)
Kyle is still Kyle... everyday is a new day and we nor he knows what he has planned! He just turned 7 and has decided he has given up on the fact that there will ever be any boys his age to spend the night with him so he has started asking the girls ... I told him that most of the momma's and daddy's won't like that and he was like "It ain't fair! Nobody can stay with me and everybody can stay with Kaylee!"
So- if you have any 7-ish year old boys you need to loan out send him our way. Kyle isn't picky- he would play with a rock if it talked back ;)
Kaden is morphing into a total different kid.... not a baby anymore :( He is Batman most days - and if you call him Kaden he will quickly correct you until you say "Batman, do you want a drink?" He misses Kaylee and Kyle now that school has started back. He wants me to leave him at school with them but I told him he doesn't have a teacher... it doesn't work.... he still has a total cow about being left alone in the car with me (kinda sad- I think I am fun but obviously staying with me all day is not cool in his world ;)

And that is it..... I have had a ton of funny stories and moments and such that I could't share with you and y'all know my mind isn't sharp enough to just start blogging them right now..... I will catch you up by and by or we will just start this all fresh right now and act like I never missed a beat .... we'll see......

IF this actually posts and works this time I MIGHT do a pic post next.... if not.... I MIGHT throw this computer down (with all the charity in my heart) and go check my Instagram.....

Peace, Love and Rolllllll Tiiiide Y'all!!!!