Thursday, June 25, 2009

busy busy busy

What else is new- we are on the run again this week. I have had to work twice (well.... today and tomorrow... so it is ALMOST twice as of right now) We have visited off to church-went to our church- JD is going to visit again tonight (with out me... I just didn't have the "get ready" energy tonight) Go Go Go... it is endless... but I am proud we are well and able to do so... even though it is a little tiresome- it is worth it when we get there.

This is a pic of our big boy.... it is amazing how fast one child can grow! He is going into size 3-6 month clothes... kind of crazy that they only get a few weeks of wear out of each size at this age. I am thankful for my healthy kids... they are worth it all.

I did manage to get a pic of all three of them ready to go to church- this is something I did all of the time when Kaylee was a baby... then with Kyle.... with poor Kaden we are usually completely running out the door with 10 seconds to spare..... no time for pics.....we only got one shot of him on his first time to church.... I have got to do better with the snapshot thing!

We are officially going to Disney World next month and we are SO excited! We have told Kaylee we were going to take her when she was five years old.... and we are going to be there 12 days before she turns 6.... close call on that one :) ( we had 2 other trips planned but timing , sickness and a new baby brother kind of post poned them....) We will actually BE there for Kyle's 4th birthday.... what a happy place to celebrate... last year we celebrated with a 12 hour drive to Washington DC... not so fun.

I am now going to put the baby down and put up the 15 bags of Wal-Mart stuff I brought in .... the fun never ends .....

Saturday, June 20, 2009

We made it

Yes, we survived revival. No, my house will never be the same :)-
No new souls were saved, but our alter going people have been coming out of their "rutts" it seems. We are praying for them with new minds and they have seemed to have uplifted hearts. We are looking for them to make it soon- real soon. Bro Matt and Bro James worked so hard this week- and we are seeing the reaping from their sewing- some things just can't be done in 1 week. The Lord is always on time....
We have our baptizing tomorrow for our "new" additions at church. We had 4 make it the week after we layed Bro David to rest and they have anxiously waited for this day..... we have had to reschedule 4 times I think..... thus leaving it to fall on Fathers Day.... oh well.....

Mr. Kaden weighed in at a whopping 13 lbs and 1 oz and he has grown to 23 1/4 inches. I knew he was big- but that is more like HUGE! He is passing up our other new baby boys at church- and they came into this world almost 2 lbs heavier than him. He must be trying to get big enough to defend himself from Kyle LOL! I am trying to get some new pics on here... but it is the whole "remembering" thing that gets me every time.... I have early onset Alzhiemers I am sure.... being a mom is draining my memory more and more each day!

It is late- but I have been up doing some (secret) online shopping for our upcoming Disney trip. OK I admit that I am a SUCKER to a sale... but the Disney store online had polos for all 3 kids 50% off.... so they all will have matching polos with their names on them..... and of course I "needed" a personlized backpack..... I will spend more getting there than I will after I have arrived!

And for a note on Fathers Day... I will give some praise to my sweet husband whom is the best daddy I know. He adores our kids- and they feel the same about him. Having the home life that he did when he was growing up has really had an impact on how he parents our kids. I love him more than he will ever know- he makes me proud to be his wife :) (except when he starts telling stories in the microphone at singings.... then I want to tape his mouth shut LOL)
I will also praise my Daddy- he is the best also.... he has taught me so much in life. He has a big part in who I am today.

It is hot as blazes and we will be sitting beside the pool for most of our spare time- so I hope to get some great summer pics shot and posted soon. Until then......

Monday, June 15, 2009

Survival of Revival

OK- I am so sure this will be my only post for the week. We are 4 services into our revival at church and OH MY how tired I am already. I do not mean to complain b/c I love my little (big) family of 5- but let me tell you- I don't know that I will survive the laundry of 2 church services a day! I started out with 30+ outfits that I had ironed up for the kids- but my "poop monster" (Kaden) is running through about 3 or 4 outfits a day...... sad thing is ..... we have that many outfits.... and they all match/coordinate for the most part b/c I need a hobby other than making the whole family look picture ready just to go to church/singings/ vacation etc.

We have had heavy hearts this week- missing Bro. David more and more it seems. Of course revival season was what he lived and breathed for- and going into it without him just leaves us longing to hear his sermon on Noah or "No-eee" as he would have said. Just to hear that bible slam that Ark door shut one more time.... oh we miss him terribly. We know he would only want us rejoicing and praying in new souls. Pray for us- the Jones family and the church family- pray that someone will make it this week and that our hearts will be lifted.

All sad-depressing- teary posts aside.....

I will be taking Mr Kaden to his 2 month dr appt on Thursday- so I might can through some stats on here.... I am guessing he is weighing all of 12 pounds now- he is a chunk!

Kaylee has found 2 wobbly teeth that I have forbid her to touch until I get a good pro-pic of her before she goes into "scraggly no teeth" mode! Why must they grow up so fast?!?! I am not prepared for all of these major milestones..... my first born has became a first grader over night !

Kyle is now into story telling "Menochio" (Pinnochio) is his favorite.... favorite... I make him tell it to me just to see his facial expressions and hear his miss pronouncing of every other word.... I love it.... this will be classic video 15 years from now!

Good night all- I will catch you up sometime this weekend after I sleep for 12 hours or so ..... or 8.... anything sounds good at this point.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Well today is going to be fun...... shopping for revival with 3 kids in tow.... I have made a list (actually 3) of where to go- what order to go in- and what to get while I am there (cold things must be purchased last we all know- which means leaving the grocery store for last... that never turns out well- I can hear the melt downs now!) We have our revival next week and being organized isn't something I do well. I have 400 outfits picked out to iron for my kids, while I will be stretching it to get 7 outfits in a row b/c my baby weight is here FOR LIFE it seems :( FYI- babies before revival will put you in a trial over clothing! I will have to have shoes, hair accessories, socks, all the baby works, etc. clean, packed, sitting in order to make it to church all 13 services.... yes 13.... not counting that we have church Sat. and twice on Sunday immediatly following.... making that 16 .... lets not ponder on that one....

Now that I am totally complained (shame on me I know) I will say we are doing great with our newest addition. He slept until 4:30 am (after being put down at 12) 4 straight hours is good.... really good.... way better than 2! He is getting so HUGE! I had to add onesies to my shopping list b/c he is busting at the seams in the newborn sizes. He is somewhere over 11 lbs- crammed into 21 1/2 inches- therefore he looks like the marshmellow man. He smiles- which I have yet to succeed in photographing.

Kaylee is as dramatic as ever (tears in the mornings over not enough milk in her cereal, her tv isn't on the right channal, Kyle is breathing her air) I am sure we won't survive teenage years with this one. BUT she is a big help to me right now- sometimes too good- but she can calm Kaden enough for me to finish whatever task I have a hand and she is my "go get whatever I need" person b/c she is the only one who understands where I am talking about in this house. Love her.... she is precious..... even through all the tears :)-

Kyle the wild man- just runs through like the Tazmanian devil.... you can't understand half of what he says and he leaves a path of distruction following him.... and he eats everything in sight!
He doesn't pay much attention to Kaden- except to tell me he is crying (like I can't hear him lol)
He has started wetting the bed again.... out of no where.... we thought we had jumped this hurdle.... guess not...

I guess this is enough for now- I know- LONG post... but this is a catch-you-up post. From here on- just updates... maybe :)
and here are more pics from Kaden's 1 week old photo shoot. Our great friend/family Marty came to our house and stayed with us one CRAZY afternoon to try to get some good shots...Kaden wouldn't sleep and Kyle wouldn't smile.... it was entertaining.... check out the one where Kaden decided he needed to go.... on JD's arm.... hilarious!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

As if I needed one more thing to do....

I am now blogging! I had kept a blog of my pregnancy with Kaden and have since discovered that it is a great way to keep everyone updated on the things they might want/ need to know. And let me tell you- with 3 kids in tow- I will not be out and about as much as I have been in the past- therefore my online posts will be my small "visits" with friends :). We limit our outings to the basic "have to" events such as church, grocery store and dr's appts. I feel sure it will get easier- but for now we are just hanging out at home for the summer....that is until Disney next month lol!