Sunday, April 8, 2012


We had a good Easter... we hope you all did too! I am exhausted from all of the weekend festivities... and from staying up to get baskets ready... oh...... I mean let the Bunny in ;)- ... and from getting up at the crack of dawn to hem JD's new suit pants (way to go Jos A Bank.... I really had 30 spare minutes on Easter morning to be a seamstress....)

 We went to church and came back home and had the Jones' family get together. We ate like pigs and then hid eggs so the great-grans could hunt them. We had a good time.  Here are pics from all weekend.... in random order.... because that is just fitting to how I do things!

While no one was looking (we were all running around getting ready for church) Kaden helped himself to Granna's bunny cake ;)

At church

Baskets... before church.... Kaylee was the first one up so she was forced to get dressed while waiting on the boys to get up

My lens had something on it so all of the sweat I put in to getting pics before church was in vain... or maybe my sweat is what got on the lens....


After church at Granna's

Hunting eggs

Karsyn got half an egg and was good to go

Kyle... with the eggs he allegedly stole from Kaylee during a crash/race to get the last egg

Kaylee... after crying that Kyle stole her "heaviest" egg (they had change in them.... she acted like he stole $100 from her)

Granny helping Kaden with his money eggs

Em, Chad and Karsyn

We had a egg hunt at Simmons Park with most of the kids from church. They had a blast as usual.... and we made it through without a major injury from the swings and the giant slide.... this is a first for Kyle!

We all met at home (Granna's) to do the traditional dying of the eggs... it was smelly and pretty messy... so they loved every minute of it!

The Granna Bunny delivered her gifts.... she is why you see four rotten kids in this picture

Miss Priss thought something was funny!

And that is all ... well... all I am posting anyway... JD is whining about needing the computer and Kaden and Kyle are upstairs talking/yelling so I need to go remind them for the 10th time that Granna is in the bed and there is no need to talk that loud- we all have good hearing last I checked!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

More house...

For Amber... yes... kids have rooms...

This is the playroom... see why I didn't do bedroom pics.... I stood as far in the corner as I could and this is all I could get.... and the porta potty made it into the pictures again... creeper ;)

My cubby area... it will have hooks and baskets... I can't wait....

JD's gadget cabinet ... next to the attic access door...

JD had a singing last night and after we got home Kaden found the Oreos and decided we needed to share them... as soon as I would take the top off of mine and he would snatch it out of my hand.....

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

House...(updated from this a.m.)....

OK I have been making pics of my new house since October but wouldn't post them before we sold the other house because I was scared the other house wouldn't sell, blah, blah, blah... but (THANK YOU LORD) it did... and here is the progress in order (maybe.. pics seem to not want to cooperate with me on here)

My kids thought it was made of paper at this point.... seriously.... it was pretty funny!

Media Room/Bonus Room/JD's man cave

Master bedroom and bath

Kaden looks like and strange short worker here with his white gloves on...

From kitchen entry looking into living room

Master bedroom with sheet rock up

Trim that I didn't pick out but I L.o.v.e!

back patio/porch

My joke picture... I told them they should leave the dumpster and porta potty...
that is probably what our yard will look like anyway lol

After siding was put on and sidewalk was prepped..front door will be stained and we are
still debating whether or not to put shutters on the windows

I will make more pics when I go up there today... or one day this week...the walls have top coat of paint and it looks more like how it will look (you know... minus the fact there are no lights, flooring, cabinets, etc.) 

To be continued......

They were building the bookcases while I was there... but you get the drift... this is from the foyer looking in...

Dining room

Breakfast area (half... my cell phone camera doesn't have a broad enough lens)

Master bath- window over where the tub will be

Master bedroom again... but with trim and color...

Bonus room. The shelves are actually small doors to my storage - I have them on both sides of the room.

They are supposed to finish trimming out some areas... like my cubby area by the back door that I am super excited about.... so this is To Be Continued again... posting about the house makes me a little more excited and less "I hate everything house".... so thank you for being my therapist today ;)