Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting Ready....

We have 3 more days! I have the kids things (mostly) packed. I have been working on my house all day- getting everything together that is going with us and trying to get everything here in order so I don't come back to a disaster! I love cleaning my house right before a trip so that when I get home it is still clean- it is awesome. Plus- it is bad enough unpacking in a mess-free house. I still have a few things to buy- but I am hoping that one trip to Costco will tie up those loose ends.

Kaylee pulled ANOTHER tooth tonight! She did it all by herself- I didn't even think it was that loose. She was proud- and I am now waiting for her to go to sleep so the "Tooth Fairy" can pay her AGAIN. (I know if I go to sleep that I will not be waking up before 7ish when Kaden gets up and my luck will be that she will check before then)

I still haven't seen who Kyle and Kaylee have for teachers this year. I am pretty sure Kyle will get Miss Erin b/c she did his testing-but I am clueless about Kaylee- not that it really matters b/c I don't know ANY of the first grade teachers at New Market. I was told by another teacher there that all the teachers are great so she should be safe with any of the 3.. or 4... I can't remember. I guess we will be buying supplies when we return from Disney. Kyle has to get his vaccinations- so y'all pray- I get a sick feeling everytime I think about taking him b/c he is probably going to go nuts on me. Kaylee did really well- Kyle is a little more tempermental than she is though. Kaylee has already asked to make sure she doesn't have to have them again this year.

Kaden is staying awake more these days. He is growing out of "newborn" stage and into "everyone is supposed to hold me and talk to me all day". He likes laying under his little toys but that seems to be short lived. He might be a little spoiled (okay... he is .... majorly) but we like to hold him. Kaylee thinks it is her duty to tend to him constantly- I have caught her changing his diaper twice. She is a great helper- but scares me to death half of the time. She doesn't ask to do things- she takes it upon herself b/c in her little mind she believes she can do just about anything that I can. Kaden isn't going to know what is happening when she is at school and she isn't here to pick him up everytime he whimpers.

I don't have any pics to post this time.... but I guarantee I will have them in a few days.... I may have to do an album link so you can view all of our Disney pics. Goodnight- the Fairy has to fly in the bedroom before she passes out LOL!

Monday, July 13, 2009

I try... I really do...

I have been told to post more than once a week... but I can barely get that much in. And when I do post- I am forsaking sleep to do so.

We had a busy weekend- it was our regular weekend at church which always is more exhausting for some reason. Saturday would have been Bro David's 75th birthday- and that left us all sad and missing him. Joe David just made the comment to me that this same time last year Paw Paw was running his last revival. It is still so unreal that he is gone. The Lord has helped us all and without that I am not sure what we all would do. We are making it.... one day at a time....

Kaylee has officially lost her first tooth! That thing has been wiggly for some time now- but I had banned her from messing with it until I got her picture taken. We did pics on Wednesday- and Friday she yanked it out (mostly) by trying to open a pudding cup with her mouth. ( I had to get it out before she saw the bleeding- or else we may have had to call them in to pray for her LOL) She was so proud! And let me tell you- the Tooth Fairy left her a hefty payment for one tooth. (and I was sure to tell her that the first tooth was special and she doesn't leave that much every time ;)

Kyle wanted me to pull his tooth too, as always, he wants to be just like his big sister! He also had a swollen eye when she was stung by whatever it was.. he would walk around with his eye all squinted... he is a mess!

Kaden will be 3 months old in just a few days. It is truly amazing how time has flown. He is starting to swat at his toys and eating on his hands.... I tried to get him to stay "newborn" but he has had no part of that- he is the most alert baby ever- everyone comments on how he just holds his head up and checks everything out. And I have also discovered that when he gets sleepy- he DOES NOT want to be rocked... he will stiffen his legs and have a fit! He wants to fall asleep eating or on his own free will- I guess the rocking makes him feel "forced". It is so weird how each kid has their own "thing" - personality I guess...

We are 2 weeks closer to our Disney trip- I am so anxious (both good and bad) I am hoping for a great time- no drama- cooperation from everyone- not so hot weather (or lots of clouds minus rain) I know.... if I am gonna dream it is gonna be BIG :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A happy 4th it was

We had a great 4th.... just sitting by the pool ... relaxing and eating- our favorite things to do :)
We went to Jimmy's house, then to Granna's (aka Marquetta's) where we did a few of our own fireworks before heading out to Parkway Place Mall to see the fireworks show after the Stars game was over.

Shall I say DUD... it wasn't the fantastic fireworks we were hoping for.... but the kids had more fun sitting on the hood of my car eating popcorn.

I am still in total CRAZY mode trying to plan for Disney.... I had no idea it was such a big deal to go somewhere for 5 days! I did find out there is a coin laundry at the hotel... this is a major help... Mr Kaden can DESTROY some clothes let me tell you. (We went to church Sunday morning and about 2 miles before we were at the church- he had an explosive diaper which required minor surgery to remove... that wasn't in the morning plans to say the least... I stood in the parking lot for 10 EXTRA minutes trying to figure out HOW to remove the outfit without ruining shoes, socks, ME.... luckily I had a back up outfit... if being a mom to 3 has taught me anything it is to always be prepared for the worst case... because when your not.... it will happen)

Back to Disney- I do believe I will pay more for monogramming than I will pay to go to Magic Kingdom lol. I have schemed some pretty good coordinating outfit ideas in my head- the following through of these schemes is to be determined. Of course as for me and JD... we will be in the coolest (and I am talking temperature...not stylish) clothes possible. My shopping list gets longer by the minute... ponchos, snacks, nursing cover, kids tennis shoes.... it is forever long. Every time I talk to someone- they tell me something I have to add to my list. I am not sure our car can hold it all.

I will post later this week- hopefully with Kaden's two month pics.... which I have GOT to do this week.... he is almost 3 months old.... I am so behind on LIFE! (probably b/c I am blogging lol)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh Sweet Summer

As I am typing- Kyle is asleep in the recliner- Kaden (also fast asleep) has just been put in his bed- and Kaylee is near to joining them in dreamland.... no fussing, no arguing, just sleeping... this is a rare occasion in this house! Summer days are full of hard core play which means earlier bedtime... and this Mom loves some early bedtime.... and I know I am sounding so terrible right now b/c I am so happy they are sleeping... but you have to know my kids.... they are the up all hours of the night and early to rise kind- sleep isn't something they seem to require much of to function. And when I say "go to bed" the tears begin to flow- they are all the sudden thirsty, hungry, sick, sad, need to tell me anything that will keep them out of bed- so a night of going to sleep on their own deserves praise.

We just returned from a friends birthday party (swimming party) and that is why the kids are so pooped. It was Kaden's first birthday party.... to attend that is.... besides Aunt Emily's.... but Mikato's isn't a true "party". We had a blast... pics to prove it.

Brittney and I have had kids together for almost 6 years now (5 for her) She had hers first this time though.... it was so fun having a friend who was pregnant the same time I was! Look at Mr Holden's legs compared to Kaden's... he actually HAS legs LOL! It is looking like we are going to have yet another short kid!

Check out Kaylee's eye- she was playing outside yesterday and was stung on the lower eyelid by something and it has swollen something terrible. This was the first time this has happened to her- totally scared me to death b/c I swell badly when I get stung by certain things- I went on a frantic search for Benadryl when I saw her eye!

We have been visiting churches this week for revival- it is so great to be with everyone and even though it isn't intended to be a "social" event- this time of year is about the only time we get to go to some of the churches and see our friends that we don't see often. With JD in a gospel group- we only visit on Friday nights when New Harmony is booked for a singing- and not everyone attends singings. I also like for our kids to get close to our friends children- and when I say friends- I am talking about those who we spent every weekend with as teens that have married, moved off and we hardly ever have a chance to spend time with. We all still have an incredible bond- it amazes me sometimes- it can be 4 or 5 years since I have seen one of them- yet we can pick up on conversation and never miss a beat.

I must be more tired than I thought- because as I proof read this blog post I can tell I am about as random as I can be.... I have covered kids sleep habits to bee stings and then jumped to long lost friends....... my mind is tired and going in about 100 directions and I am writing it all down for you LOL..... not that I am too concerned.... all of you know I am about as random as it gets......
Happy 4th..... God bless you all