Thursday, August 30, 2012

Well ain't that something....

I know ... what a stupid pic to start a blog post with that is ummm.... about.... 3 months delayed! I tried and tried and tried to do a post that I started, saved, pasted, copied and LOST atleast 3 or 4 times til I said FORGET IT! My mother in law has weird internet that wouldn't let it post because of whatever reason and to be quite frank... I have been a little (majorly) busy since the 3rd weekend in June and I am just now attempting a post from our new home. Thus the pic.... I took this pic the night we moved in and I was trying to find a good starting point since I really don't recall where I left off. If you never did see pics from our trip... sorry bout that.... maybe I will make it up some time before next year ;)

As for now- the new house thing is awesome and tiring and stressing all in one package. I feel like things will never have a permanant place- I may never get one room 100% how I want it- I need a job making loads of dough so I can decorate and furnish this place just how I want to- and having a house that is double the size of your old place means one thing- Double the cleaning! I get one half done and have to give myself a motivational speech to get the other half done (yes Drea, you can do this, no, your not gonna die, get up off the floor and get to mopping!!) I love it though... really love it .... and I am so thankful that for the first time ever in our almost 11 years of marriage I HAVE A GARAGE- 2 of them - WOW- who knew parking in a garage would be such a pleasure- no more wet, wind blown, half soaked mom and kids when we get to church now!!

Speaking of kids- they are awesome! Kaylee just started 4th grade - which made me and JD have a total panic attack since we both CLEARLY remember being in 4th grade. She has turned  9 and acts every bit of 19 most days. I am learning to just go with the flow most days because if I don't- one of us won't survive! We are dealing with wants such as a cell phone (not happening) a small convertable car (she is certain she will be able to drive it  by 10) and highlights in her hair (really- like I am paying for $60 streaks- paaa lease)
Kyle is still Kyle... everyday is a new day and we nor he knows what he has planned! He just turned 7 and has decided he has given up on the fact that there will ever be any boys his age to spend the night with him so he has started asking the girls ... I told him that most of the momma's and daddy's won't like that and he was like "It ain't fair! Nobody can stay with me and everybody can stay with Kaylee!"
So- if you have any 7-ish year old boys you need to loan out send him our way. Kyle isn't picky- he would play with a rock if it talked back ;)
Kaden is morphing into a total different kid.... not a baby anymore :( He is Batman most days - and if you call him Kaden he will quickly correct you until you say "Batman, do you want a drink?" He misses Kaylee and Kyle now that school has started back. He wants me to leave him at school with them but I told him he doesn't have a teacher... it doesn't work.... he still has a total cow about being left alone in the car with me (kinda sad- I think I am fun but obviously staying with me all day is not cool in his world ;)

And that is it..... I have had a ton of funny stories and moments and such that I could't share with you and y'all know my mind isn't sharp enough to just start blogging them right now..... I will catch you up by and by or we will just start this all fresh right now and act like I never missed a beat .... we'll see......

IF this actually posts and works this time I MIGHT do a pic post next.... if not.... I MIGHT throw this computer down (with all the charity in my heart) and go check my Instagram.....

Peace, Love and Rolllllll Tiiiide Y'all!!!!

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