Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Excuse me....

Yesterday I took my 3 kids plus 1 more to the pool because playing outside isn't an option when the heat index is 110. Well..... I put sunscreen on them but didn't put any on me.... well..... we were the 4 lobsters sitting at church last night! I am just proud Granny didn't see them or else I would have probably gotten a whippin'! I seriously put it on Kaden's face TWICE and he was more burned there than anywhere.... can you say BAD sunscreen! I took a couple of pics with my phone but have yet to master the whole phone-to-computer-to-files-to-blog thing.... trust me.... it was pretty bad! Oh, and my sun burn must have instantly aged me to 45 years old because I was praying for a girl in the alter that looked to be somewhere around 20 years of age and an older sister looked at me and asked me if I was her mother!.... this was not good for someone whom is having an age crisis .... I was almost offended by that one! I nicely said "Ummm, no" and tried not to cry.

That paragraph mostly sums up our weekly life thus far into summer.... church-pool-church-eat-church-sleep super late (the kids- not JD and I)-church- and repeat. I have adapted to getting up in the morning and ironing clothes on the just-in-case we go to church. My kids have 3 questions "Are we going to church? Whose church is it? Are they gonna have food?" They finally gave up on trying to talk us out of going since that isn't optional most times (unless we go to the mountain.... then they get to stay with Nanny)

Since the last post we have baby showered Jacob and RaeAnn for baby Joycelynn whom is to arrive in August (poor momma..... summer is no fun when you are with child!) We have -well- we have..... the whole church-pool-eat thing ..... nothing else really monumental..... how boring.....

We have an upcoming trip to Nashville (woo-hoo... be jealous.... I know you ALL want to vacation to the Bass Pro Shop with me...(insert really big sarcastic laugh here) with JD's employer, but as of last night my kids had begged and pleaded a beach trip out of JD.... so I have high hopes of finding somewhere to stay a long weekend that has sand and ocean.... so far those hopes have been dimmed by no vacancy.... but I am still working on it!

Happy 2nd week of July! I hope you all are more exciting than me.... as I proof-read this I am thinking I need to get a life. Well... I love my life..... and I am not asking for excitement.... because in this house that comes in the form of a 5 year old jumping on a baby bed and almost knocking out his front tooth.... so I will stick with the church-pool-eat thing and not complain Thank you very much :)


The Brewer FireFighters said...

lol im glad your kids ask the same questions Jas asks about church. Are we going? Whose is it? Do they have food? she always asks that!!

So sorry that JD has been replaced!! lol :)

Heather said...

I think that is the standard issued question package given to all holiness kiddos when they are born...and they have plenty of time to master it! I can just see it... right before they're about to shoot out, "Here, ask these questions every time you see your mom ironing... you can even throw some whining and sighing in there if it's a day we're building charity in mom." LOL!

Don't feel bad Drea. My life isn't very action packed right now either...I mean, my blog today is about a trip we took in FEBRUARY!