Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Build an Ark....

:) I am thinking someone needs to build an ark! I live on fairly level ground and my yard has turned into a swamp land today!

Anyway... I was uploading pics from Juliah's college graduation Saturday and realized that I haven't uploaded not one picture from Christmas...and I know I had said before I wasn't planning to do a big long Christmas post...but I had over 400! No worries- I am not going to post them all - I just thought it was very unlike me to hold back that many pics. This is just a sample... and it isn't even of half of the places we went... but uploading these took almost an hour so I said forget it.....
This is a typical child on a typical day in my typical house.... typically ;)

Grandaddy with all his grands

Joe and one of his MANY Bama shirts

Me and 3 of my best girls

Santa's Village's very own Gingerbread man... Kaden would not move....he just stood and stared like this!

Granna treated us all to what was my very first trip to Santa's Village

Crimson the elf had fun with Kaylee and Kyle's underwear and Kaden's pull-ups

NMS Sensational Singers

Karsyn's first Barbie for her first Christmas

4 kids+hours of gift opening+matching pj's= THIS... and it was the best one I got

Chandler's first Christmas

This pic cracked me up.... there is no telling the conversation these two are having!

And fast forward to this past Saturday... My little Juliah Dee graduated from college... COLLEGE.... I feel like I am aging ten times faster these days! She is such a good girl and I am so proud of her! She is a smarty too.... graduated with highest honors. (Sniff) I taught her everything I know.... bahahaha.... totally kidding... I can't do some of Kaylee's 3rd grade homework without the aid of Google!

And that is all for now. I have been trying to post for over 2 hours- homework done, baths (almost done), supper done and I am now attempting to make chocolate cupcakes with white filling (ummm, yes, I am having one of those days where I could eat the paint off the walls... whats it to ya??) Oh, and we have a science project that we have to complete... ok we have to START and complete ... before bedtime.... yay me! (insert sarcastic cheerleader here)


Shelby Baker said...

Oh, Drea, you never cease to amaze me. Lol you're CRAZY! I would just love to come spend one day with you. :)

As for the cupcakes - are they the Fun in Da Middles?! If so, THEY ARE AMAZING!

Ahem.. now back to my diet now.. :)

Shelby Baker said...

And I forgot to add... the title of this post made me think of this.. (I promise I will shut up after this one!)

''Need an ark? I Noah guy.'' HA!

Drea said...

Why yes, Ms Shelby, the Fun-Di-middles were/are awesome! I saw them while buying the science project ingredients at DG and they were screaming TAKE ME WITH YOU!! ( I have had 2.... but the night is still young!) As for you spending the day with me- I am rather boring but with all these kids running around there is always some sorts of entertainment.... like earlier when Kaden decided to use his big red car to dump his bath water out into the floor then Kyle (who was on the toilet taking care of business) starts hollering like he is going to die.... and drops his pants & underwear into the huge puddle of water in the floor...... AND ALL I WANTED WAS TO ENJOY MY CUPCAKE!!!

And I love the Noah analogy.... hilarious!

Shelby Baker said...


''And all I wanted was to enjoy my cupcake!'' -- hilarious!!!

Bless your bones!

Marty said...

Drea - I'm sure ALL of our friends will agree that there is no boredom that EVER surrounds you! Kids or no kids!! :)

Anonymous said...
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The ETK Blog said...

No pictures of the New Harmony Christmas?