Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This is how I can explain life for right now... just crazy... just can't get over one thing without another popping up.... we are still treading water though... and not complaining WHATSOEVER.... life is good... we have a life to make us crazy so therefor we are Blessed... yep you got it- I am being glass half full again!

Update on Ms Kensley earns the #1 spot. She is doing better- aggresively going through therapy- showing small improvements everyday it seems. She celebrated her 6th birthday with tons of balloons, cards and a cake. Kaylee and Kyle called and sang to her- I had to pull the phone back because they got a little loud and I am sure she would have told them to BE QUIET if she could have :) We are praying for them continuously. As I talked to her mother tonight I joked that I didn't know I liked them so much until now because I haven't seen them since Thursday nite and I am missing them terribly! We will get there sometime this week- Kaylee is about to have a fit to go so we plan on taking her. She has never went this long without seeing Kensley in their lives (other than the 2 1/2 months Kaylee was here before Kensley was born)She misses her bff!!!

We are trying to get things together in our world- but it is day by day- and we are just going through the motions- not much time (or care) for many things that aren't necessary lately. We had a death in JD's family so that took up our weekend- our a/c decided it no longer needed to work (guess it didn't see the need since it is October and all) and our car decided to start acting up. BLAH BLAH BLAH.... it is all good....

MY KIDS.. are doing great! Kaylee had a "first 9 weeks of school" awards day (not sure why.... ) but she earned an ALL A's award (such a smarty... like her momma lol) and Perfect Attendance (which neither she or myself thought she had... I am still certain she missed a day or two???)
Kyle did really well on his report card- most of his was S's- but he had some N's and P's - mostly on things revolved around TALKING! He is his father's child... doesn't know when to be quiet (you know it CAN'T be me who he got this from!)
Kaden decided after all of my training and assisting that he would roll over- while I was in Florida and he was with Granna and Granny!!! I was like GO FIGURE!!! He did show me his new trick as soon as I returned home- he was so proud:) He is sitting up really well lately- which is a good thing because he has gotten so big I have taken him out of his infant carrier and put him in a BIG BOY car seat and he has to sit in the shopping cart now- which he loves!

I am doing a run through post- I have neglected my blog and thought I would atleast let y'all know that we are still here. I may throw some pics on here to so you can see the kids - and Kaden's new hair that is coming back in!

We will have some trick or treat pics next week.... they are all going to be PIRATES! (I had to do some tricking of my own to convince Kaylee not to be something else ;)

Later gators..... oh.... not gators.... but elephants doesn't work here.... hmmmmmmm

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