Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ummmm... is it going to be winter FOREVER.....

Saturday was so nice.... 65 degrees.... no bundling kids up..... kids got to play outside without the fear of frozen appendages..... sun shining.... good ole' car washing weather.... but then I watched the news ( Dan the man is such a buzz-kill) UGHHHHH- 23 degree nights and highs in the 40's almost brought tears to this momma's eyes. Thank you Lord for the one sunny day.... I appreciated it :)
OK... off the soapbox that I feel certain almost everyone in the state of Alabama is on.....

Lets recap last week..... school, work, church, school..... and I got an entire day off YAY ME (entire meaning I didn't have to get anyone dressed but myself- I drove in a vehicle by myself- I got to eat lunch with friends and NO ONE interrupted my hot lunch as soon as it was set in front of me to say "I need to go to the bathroom BAD!") Several of my friends from church along with myself- went to visit a friend of ours whose husband had a terrible accident a few weeks back and has been relocated to Atlanta for therapy for his injury. It was her birthday and we all surprised her by driving over and taking her out to lunch. We had a few gifts for her and an awesome birthday cake. She was so surprised. We ate at the Cheesecake Factory and OH MY it was as wonderful as always! (Yes I ate cheesecake AND birthday cake...... shut your mouth....) It was so good to go see her and visit with them- we have missed them terribly and have prayed for them daily. I can't express to you how precious they are! As for me being completely self-centered for a moment.... it was so refreshing to have 1 day to myself. (this required some skilled planning and lots of "getting ready" the night before and getting up at 4:45am but it was all SO worth it) I LOVE being able to stay home with my kids and I LOVE my life as a momma and a wife..... but every poor soul needs a break every now and again ... I needed it.... I took it..... I enjoyed every minute of it.

We had a singing Friday night (after I got in at about 10pm the previous night- kissed and loved on all my babies and put them to bed AGAIN-collapsed into a near comatose state from getting up before the chickens- got up the next morning and did our routine get ready for school/work- cleaned TWO houses- picked kids up from school- got everyone bathed and dressed) Needless to say the roof could have flown off the church building and I am not sure I would have noticed! I was exhausted!!! What parts I remember- the food was good, the singing was good and we got home before midnight which was really good!

JD had to get up super early (you all know anything around 7 am is super early for him ;) to go to the studio for a second round of recording the music for their new cd project they have going. This is something I feel certain they would all do all the time if life would allow it- they LOVE them some singing! They will be doing this the next 2 weekends and I am not sure as to when they are looking to have it all completed. So this is a TO BE CONTINUED..... subject.

The kids and I went to the mall and had Kaden's 10 month pics made. I have pics of Kaylee and Kyle in the little bathtub/washtub and I had to have his for my little bathroom photos. He did SO good! I am having a hard time thinking that almost 1 year has passed as quickly as it has. His birthday is in less than 2 months!! It is just UNBELIEVABLE!

And speaking of Kaden..... He slept in HIS bedroom in HIS baby bed for the first time last night.... it lasted until sometime around 2am..... he then woke me again at 4am as he covered himself and I in vomit.... oh yes.... what a way to wake up for the day!(Uh-huh- thats right- I have been up since 4-something this morning. My coffee has me sitting up-right but my brain still hasn't fully came to life yet.) I am guessing he has a stomach bug- poor little baby!! He went back to sleep at 6:30- just in time for me to get everyone up for work/school. :)

Kaylee has all A's and S's in school so far. She is doing awesome- which I really am proud of- she is the youngest one in her class and it was always a worry that she might slip behind but she is doing AWESOME! She loves Dylan for the moment but she tends to change things around every day or two :)

Kyle is Kyle....still the wildman/comedian of the bunch. He has a program at school this week... I think the songs are supposed to be a surprise because I keep catchign him mumbling the tunes and when I look at him he just grins and stops singing..... I will post pics next time. (JD has been chosen as the parent that gets to sing with him....I didn't give him a choice in the matter.... this momma doesn't do public appearances..... I keep my Broadway styles for the car :)

No clever ending line today....... my funny bone is still asleep :)


Stephanie T said...

Oh NO! Abby started throwing up Saturday night and didn't stop until sometime yesterday. I tell you what - the last time we came to a New Harmony singing on a "social" visit we all came home with the flu. Not sure we will be groupies anymore - JK!!!

Hope we all escape this week with NO MORE SICK COOTIES!!!

Cassie said...

Let me just say for the record it was not NH that gave them the flu! LOL - trust me my family was sick too :) Thankfully none of us got whatever yall did friday! BTW - I love that pic of Kaden