Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I am telling you what is the truth- I know I survived last summer with 3 kids during revival but this one was rough! Kaden was a sleepy little bundle last year that everyone willingly held as soon as I walked in the door. This year he is about 20 pounds heavier, loves only his MOMMA and can't sit still for long periods of time. That plus Kyle who likes to sit, stand, talk and laugh at all the inappropriate moments and Kaylee- who thinks she is way older than what she is- ran around like she was NOT supposed to! It all makes for one wild church service after another...and did I mention that 5 people recieved the Holy Ghost... we had a GREAT revival!!! I will take being this tired all over again if it meant 5 more would make it!

We have been doing our usual visiting again- we went to Scottsboro last night and stayed all of 45 minutes due to the rising heat INSIDE the church. I can't handle 83 degrees+ indoors. I love me some Scottsboro people- but we can come back on a much cooler day :) We plan to go to Williams Cove one night this week- and next week we will be at Gunters Mtn most of the week or Aunt Karen will have our hides! I love revival season- the social part is always a plus- but to see someone recieve salvation is priceless. You that know what I am talking about... well.... you know what I am talking about!

We have also been enjoying the abundance of sunshine! I am a summer gal- 90 degrees would be good with me all year. We have been going to Uncle Jimmy's pool, playing with the slip & slide at home and taking full advantage of the water hose! I have widdle my work week down to one day now so we have lots of lounging around time and play time (that we have been using to go to church lol)

I will blog more later- just letting you all know that I am still alive- which most of you already know because I have seen you out and about :)

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Nicole said...

I was glad to see yall the other night but it was the worse night to visit. Our air is suppose to be fixed today so yall come back!!!
I don't blame you at all for leaving. If it wasn't my home church I would have too :)