Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Why don't I listen to myself???.......

We have a church picnic every year on Memorial Day.... every year we get together and eat too much and talk too much and laugh- well- you can't ever laugh too much..... and every year we play volleyball (that is the ONLY time most of us play ALL YEAR) .... and every Tuesday-after-Memorial-Day I utter the words "Not next year-this pain isn't worth it!" (and every year the pain seems a little worse... and let me tell you... I AM NOT old!!!!!) So I am sitting here with what feels like a dislocated shoulder and a minor spinal dis-alignment with some super sore muscles in between- reminding myself that it will be worse tomorrow- and I have houses to clean Thursday- so I just might need to go find me a super-sized heating pad to lay on for the day :)-

All of my whining aside... We had an awesome day yesterday! The rain came pouring down one time and sent everyone running for cover (you should see about 100 people trying to pile onto a carport in about 15 seconds.... when they have ran from 50 yards+ away.... it was pretty funny!)We were sitting on a 4 wheeler, porch swing, wet chairs, steps.... and eating like pigs and enjoying every minute of it. We finished our lunch just in time for the sun to come out- and we headed back to the park for a major volleyball tournament- I wish I had some video footage of Kerri's "guns" hitting the ball all the way across the ROAD sometimes- good times, good times :)

I took pics on my mother-in-laws camara (Will someone PLEASE give my husband a message that I want a GOOD camara because he is not understanding me!!??) I will post them later when I steal her camara again :) ok.. borrow her camara... don't want y'all thinking I am a thief!

This week has lots of boring cleaning and revival prep in store- everytime I think of how close revival really is I get that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and it isn't because my base boards aren't all cleaned yet.... my spritual house is in need of some cleaning too (more like renovating!!!) I need more than 2 weeks to get all that straightened up!! I guess it is time for me to "Have a little talk with Jesus"! I don't want to tell Him all of my troubles- I just need to make sure I am on the right page in His book :)

Happy Monday/Tuesday!!!!

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Sherrill said...

You precious child! I'm pretty sure you're on the right page in His book. . .just because you want to be and are concerned about your "spiritual house" more than this temporary house we have here. :-) Stay with it - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE clean and neat - but I love the Spirit better. My experience is that He recognizes that also. You've made my day! So good to see you Saturday night. . .