Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V-day!

In our rush this morning- I didn't get to give the kids their (very small and inexpensive) gifts so I will have a part 2 post for this one.... but Happy Valentines Day (Or Happy Thanksgiving as Kyle keeps saying :) JD and I aren't doing gifts... I don't think.... well.... I am not doing a gift so I hope he doesn't lol! Maybe we can go out to eat this Friday or something. Valentines Day is a bit over-rated to me and I told JD that and his response was "That's because everyday is Valentines Day with us" I told you before- picking up clothes and giving kids a bath are not his thing but he definitly lets me know how loved I am! He is my sweetheart for sure (awwww...I know.... gag.... :)

For those of you whom didn't get a card (Yes- Kaden is looking off- but the ones were he was looking AT me he was crying or pouting- there for I opted for the sweet profile pic - he isn't in to my photographing EVER)

We Had a rush in and out weekend- singing- a very tearful barber shop visit (Kaden thinks everyone is a doctor these days) 3 church services and a mini-visit from Dee and Rod.... I am wiped out and my laundry is in mounds :( Not a good start for Monday!


Kendra-Logan said...

LOVE the picture of the kids (: i miss them!!! love your blog too. it makes me laugh everytime i read it!!!

Practice Makes Philpotts said...

Happy Valentines Cantrell's! We think you guys are the best!