Monday, September 26, 2011


Two days in a row.... I am determined to catch up on my blogging slump. I just came in from folding (smashing, stomping and cramming) and putting away the kids water slide so I had to take a break (lol- a break- when I have been out of bed for 1 hour and 10 minutes). The slide had to be completely dry before you stored it and every time I had it almost dry.... it would get left in the rain and I would have to start over again.... I know- the highlight of my day is storing a water slide- try not to turn green with envy ;)

And on to the next highlight ... checking Zulily on my phone while blogging on my laptop..... sigh.....I need to get a life.... (btw if you have a little girl smaller than a size 6- today is awesome)

We had a singing at church Friday night. It was pretty good. I missed alot of the second half because I was downstairs helping with clean- up... but Kyle gave me somewhat of a glimpse of it... I checked my gallery on my cell phone and there are about 5 or 6 shaky-mini-videos of the Long Family on there.... He told Marquetta he was going to put them on You Tube. Sad thing is- he probably is more likely to know how to do it than I am!

The boys and I stayed home all day yesterday. I wasn't feeling great and Kaden has been battling the crud for a few days now. He obviously didn't feel good Saturday night because he was a nightmare during church. Two hours of crying over everything from wanting our cell phones to having a meltdown over a tube of chapstick. I weighed it up yesterday and decided it was best for us- and for those who sit close by us- that we stay home. Good thing we did- he was up at 2:30 this morning coughing every breath! I hate that my kids do this- I was the same way when I was little- if the weather changed my breathing and allergies would go crazy. Maybe the rain today will settle this crazy high pollen/ragweed/whatever down!

Not much else to report.... same ol stuff..... so I will end with MORE pictures..... because I know that is why you came here in the first place :)

Before the singing Friday night- Kaylee declared this was the ugliest dress she has ever worn!

This shows why Kaden and I didn't attend church yesterday.....

Kyle loves being the big brother (though I am not sure whom actually is the biggest :)

He can be sweet...

Allie and Kaden trying to fit under the bar stool (& looks like they were deciding who got to stay and who had to go)

Brody as Batman... Kyle as Spider/Bat Man

Kaden wasn't turning the lights on and off.... Woody was....

Chandler and his adorable self

I am now going to force myself out of this chair and in to doing some type of house work- I don't know which is sounding more appealing... the bathrooms..... or the dusting.... or the laundry.... or the floors...... ugghhhhh..... none of the above- perhaps I will blog some more ;) Happy Rainy-But-Warm Monday!

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Amy Baker said...

I showed Allie the pic of her and Kaden, and her only comment was "where are my shoes?" oml... i think she's going to have auntie em's shoe obsession!