Sunday, September 25, 2011

I went down to the river to pray.....

OK- that has nothing to do with this post but that song plays on my Pandora all the time and (even though I am well aware that it was on the movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou) I love it... and it is stuck in my head today :)

We went to Karen's yesterday to watch Bama stomp Arkansas in some good SEC football... but before the game I took the kids to Karen's back yard for a small photo shoot in their Bama gear (well- Kaden's Bass Pro hat didn't quite "go" but his hair is in major need of some clippers )

Kaylee at the top of the water fall (JD was scare just by looking at this pic :)

Notice Kyle's feet NOT hanging over... he thought a fish was going to bite him!

He decided to be brave

Fall #1 (somehow I thought I could do creek pics and no one get too wet... WRONG!)

Though he looks scared... he is really trying to push Kaylee away....

Praise the Lord (well... this was before Fall #2)

Tasting the water

After the final fall.... Kaden had a mouth full of grass :)
We then removed the wet clothes (minus Kaylee and Kyle's jeans because I didn't have any spares) and took them to the park at Grant. They loved their 30 minutes of freedom- we had to get back for the game to start :)

Kaden wasn't so happy about having to leave...
And this is my post for the day... possibly the week..... I have had my camera out alot more lately and JUST figured out how to put them on my laptop in order without duplicating them..... so watch out blog world- you will be seeing more and more pics of the life with the Cantrell's! (Now if a dear soul would teach me how to use my photoshop software I would be set... and I tried the you-tube videos that "teach" you.... and I still can't understand the geek that is trying to teach me!!!) Later!!!!


Nickie G said...

Weelll, if you ever get Photoshop figured out, I NEED A TUTOR!!! I still can't do it either & I bought a book "Teach Yourself Visually - Photoshop Elements 8"! Didn't help. LOL!

Shelby Baker said...

I'm about to start a Photoshop for Dummies Anonymous group if you'd like to join. Ha ha Just kidding- it took me a while to figure it out. Mostly trial and error stuff, and most of it is self explanatory! You can try googling it, and several photographers have personal blogs with ALL kinds of down-to-earth (in our language, more or less) tutorials. :)

Marty said...

Let me let you in on a little secret.....Photoshop is ridiculously hard. I am a computer geek through and through and me and Photoshop DO NOT get along. Here's my $24.99 a year for the advanced Picnik. It does the same things and is MUCH more user friendly! :)