Monday, October 3, 2011

My mind is full....

I am talking overload. I have been way more forgetful than usual lately- like making me worried- I even stop mid-convo and can't remember what my point was or what I was even talking about to begin with. I have determined I am on brain-over-load.... problem is..... how do you actually clear your mind? Saturday I cleaned out our storage building- took all of our junk we have accumulated in the 5 years we have lived here and sent it to the dump...... I really wish I could do that with my never-ending-to-do list in my mind.

Just this morning I have finished my cousin's picture/invitation order for her upcoming wedding shower, while potty training Kaden, while cleaning "potty" out of the floor, giving Kaden a bath and deciding the pros and cons of a crawl space- because- oh yeah- we decided as of Friday that we are going to build a house and sell ours. You have to get my drift- the brain is SHOT!

As for the new house- I am excited/scared/already tired from thinking about it. We been tossing the idea around and praying about it for over 2 years now and we have decided that now is the time. Do I have a clue what I am doing? NO! I am not a paint/cabinets/brick picker-outer..... I thought I was doing well when I chose my hardwood for this house! My main concern is that the laundry room and pantry are big and that I have enough closet space to hold 5 peoples stuff..... the rest is Greek..... but that's what friends are for right (Lindsey ;)

Oh, and all of this comes the week before that stupid, horrible, awful birthday I have coming up... in 5 days.... no, I just looked at the calender..... FOUR days...... uggghhhhhhh!!!!!

So, pray for my sanity- I am long past the padded cell.... not real sure where they put people like me nowadays :)

And if you know of anyone who needs a house in my area..... send them to me..... :)


Nicole said...

I have come to the conclusion that being a mother allows for "forgetting". I think birth somehow erases brain cells. :)
As for the building. My advice is getting a builder that you really trust. Our experience has been wonderful!!! Normally you hear horror stories. Did I freak out a time or two....YES. BUT it all worked out. We are about 2-3 weeks from moving.
PS: the thirty word isn't allowed in my vocab.

Amber said...

LOL know, they say if you can survive building a house together, you'll make it through anything else, LOL. TRUE!

Lee said the other day he wants to re-do our master bath, tear out the shower and tub, and move walls, etc....I told him he was crazy and I wanted more cabinets in the kitchen before all of that!

I *do* wish we had a bigger laundry and pantry, that's for sure! Oh, and a convection oven....but we won't go there....still trying to pay for THIS house!

Oh, and haven't you heard? 30 is the new 20!

Cassie said...

Oh goodness - I will say it - you are about to be old! 30! Thirty! One more year than 29! LOL which means older than me! Always! :) I love you Drea :)

Anonymous said...

Oh but with the 30th birthday come the 30th birthday celebration day with your besties!