Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Party Pics in random order...

Davida, Kensley, Heather & Ann Marie

Chad and Emily

My BFF's

JD, Isaac & Chad

The Malone's and I ... & Kara doing the hand-on-hip thing :)
Around the bonfire

Looking at the fish in the park

Chad & Karsyn
In the limo... they were so excited

Getting out of the limo

Chad's pics

My pics

Justin, Alicia & Halle

Josie, Nicky, Amy & Alicia

Lindsey and Kerri- the party workers :)

Opening my Pandora bracelet
Mr. Kyle whom hardly ever looks AT the camera

Watching ducks and fish

Sweet girl on the red bicycle in the park

Karsyn loves JD
Sidewalk chalk and ice cream.... now that's a party :)

My bracelet... from left to right meanings of the charms-
Holy Ghost birthday pearl & gift box charm- Kara, Tasha, Heather G, Nicky and Alyson all got me these
Best Friends- Kerri got me
Girl and 2 boys- Marquetta got me
Pink birthstone- JD got me along with bracelet
"D" - Chad, Em & Karsyn

Took my birthday money and added birthstones for JD and my kids and
birthstone for November for my anniversary.
I love this bracelet because of the meaning behind each charm.
It was the perfect gift to remind me of an awesome birthday!

Hmmmmm... 2 posts in one hour..... and it is only 1 am.....

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