Monday, April 2, 2012

Where in the world have you been?

Hello world! Happy Monday-after-spring-break morning! I was last complaining about not having internet and low and behold if I completely stopped blogging after we got it :/ Life has been hectic... the madness of building/being out of pocket/spring break/singing season has been occupying 99.9% of my life. I have developed a list of things I will never (ok... don't ever want to) do again.... #1... building a house.... # 2.... move.... #3... do anything pertaining to building or moving...... so on and so forth.....paint... doors... floors... tile..... AAAGGGHHHH!!!!

Rant ended... We are now 18 days away from our first flight- oh yes- JD is flying. We leave to go to Miami on the 20th and port from Fort Lauderdale on the 22nd. We are to the point were we can't discuss the trip while JD is eating or he gets sick ;)- I have shopped til I could croak trying to get kids ready for spring (well, summer... this weather skipped spring minus the 2 tons of pollen all over everything) and trying to get some cruise attire for us.... hello... formal night.... for this jean skirt and tee shirt gal.... that is near tragic.... and my huge man feet can't do cute strappy shoes so that is next... finding shoes that were made for a man that wears women's shoes.... RE-DIC-U-LOUS.... I have had many offers for the you tube video of JD while boarding and landing on the first flight- I will just have to see what I can manage. Pray for us both please- aside from JD loosing consciousness in flight- I am having to leave my kiddos for NINE whole days and that is about to make me seriously sick. I know they will be in good hands and passed rotten by the time I return- but just being that far away from them is awful. So, let's not talk about it anymore....

Do you know how hard it is to blog while letting the pest control guy in, getting your husband off to work and getting an invitation to a life event from a Jehovah's witness??? See why it has been over a month since I posted!?!?

Miss Karsyn turned 1 Saturday so we went to her birthday bash. She is so stinkin' cute! Miss Priss to the fullest- even walk around with her hands semi on her hips/ behind her back... and she acts like she is bossing the kids- she is sooo funny!

Sophie had a birthday party at Doodlebugs and they painted the cutest owls!

When you ask Kaden "Are you gonna be 3 on your birthday?" He says "NO! I'm be 5!"

Allergies have been our nemesis lately and the kids have had to take Benedryl- which normally doesn't affect them- but in this case... it affected Kyle while watching tv in the playroom.

And then there is the haircuts.... oh boy... Poor Sunshine got the privilege (more like punishment) of cutting the boys hair. I wasn't aware of Kaden's massive phobia of hair being all over him and let's just say after 5 minutes of the most gigantic mother of all meltdowns I said " Just buzz it" and then she did... and it took my breath for a minute.... but then I told myself (20 times over) it will grow back.... but not before Easter ;) He is still cute though!

And this will have to do for my random-all-over-the-place-post for the day... lots more happened....but it has taken me almost 3 hours just to get this much on here.... anybody out there have any spare time- I will gladly take it!

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Jameson & Joey's Mom said...

All the pictures are great, but the one of him passed out from the benadryl is the best!!!! And I would die if my kids hair was buzzed so I understand, but I think his is really cute!!