Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Happy Anniversary :)

Yesterday my hubby and I had been married for 8 years :) ( I know.. AWWWWWWW.... I hear all of you) We have had a very wonderful, eventful, childrenful 8 years. I am proud to say I picked him out myself- but I know the Lord had alot to do with! He is so good ( and messy, and crazy, and rotten) I love him more and more each day!

We went out Saturday (14th) to eat and do a little shopping- just had some peaceful time together ( couldn't do near as much shopping as I wanted b/c of his sprained foot/ankle... I am beginning to think that was planned lol) The kiddies stayed with Granna and Granny for a while. Yesterday we went to lunch (with Kaden and Kyle with us... oh yes... we are so romantic ;)- We aren't big spenders for gifts or suchlike- we require monetary things to show each other how much we really do love one another. Like- I take care of his house and kids and He goes to work everyday to provide for me, the kids and the house. It all works just fine!

Ok- now for the real reason you check my blog- The kids are GREAT!
Joe David had a reality shock Saturday because Kaylee wanted him to pick her up over his head- he said OK- and then quickly realized she is much bigger than she used to be and he could BARELY do it. He came into the room almost in tears because he knew that she was growing up so fast (he also said he was going to work out so he could still do it... HA... I will believe that when I see it!!) She is getting so big it is unbelievable! I put an outfit on her to go to a school function and she had on blue jeans with her new black boots. She checked herself out (yes... her daddy's girl!) and looked at me and said "I look like a fashion girl!"

Kyle did get on yellow at school.... we have been surprised that he made it this long... not that he is mean... but OH SO ROWDY! He is a mess- doing this new thing of copying EVERYTHING you say- I think it is funny- Kaylee doesn't appreciate it one bit! He is our little comedian to say the least and he definitly has his PawPaw David's charm!

And Kaden (who will be SEVEN months old tomorrow *tear*) is coming out of shell to say the least! He gets so mad if you walk by and don't pick him up or play with him. ( he is in the exersaucer fussing at Kyle as I type!) He is becoming super attatched to his momma (who can blame him!) and will let anyone hold him as long as he doesn't catch sight of me. He is still trying to cut his top teeth- I am sure his nose will run until sometime around March! He has also decided that certain men scare him to death.... not cool when we did pictures with a male photographer... not cool at all!

Pics are from everything.... and I can't for the life of me figure out how to put them in order on this STUPID new updated blog layout whatever!!!!! It is what it is...

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