Monday, November 30, 2009

So how behind am I ????

I have so much to show and tell on this post.... and I wish I could put the pics in order somehow... but as I have already fussed about- I CANNOT figure out how to... all you Blogger savvy ones feel free to pass that info along in "Dummy" terms for me!

First and most important- Kensley made it home!! We had a big welcome party for her- we were so glad to see all of them at home and doing well. She has been all over town since they got home- she has visited her school- been to church- been shopping-and she is loving every minute of it!

and as for us.... we have been on the go as usual.... we have had 2 big events (well... they are "big" in our world) The Alabama/Auburn game and Thanksgiving.

We went to our families Thanksgiving things- lots of food and of course good laughs :) We went to Norma's house with all the family and some of our closest friends. We then went to my aunt's house in Winchester to be with my dad's side of the family.... it is so hard to have only 1 day to go to all of our family functions- I wish I could do all of them but then sometimes wish we didn't have to travel all day either.... I am thankful that we have so much family to spend holidays with :)

Friday I got up at 3:45 to do some Black Friday shopping.... MISTAKE... I didn't get anything that was worth missing out on my sleep! I returned home by 9:30 (because my daughter called my cell and said "Momma, when are you coming home... Daddy don't know how to do nothing!" I still have a major Christmas list to knock out in the next 3 weeks (makes me want to gag thinking about it!)
We headed out to Aunt Karen's that afternoon to watch the game we anticipate every year.... Bama VS Auburn.... and Alabama won!! That was a major thing to us! That was an awesome game if I do say so myself... and I am not one who is all in the know on some football! (I should be as much as I am forced to be a fan.. oh I mean how much I love Alabama and I am the wife to their biggest fan...) lol

and Kaylee is still dramatic... Kyle is still wild... and Kaden is still fat.... its all good...

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Amber said...

Very cute kiddos! Too bad they are forced to wear the wrong colors! HAHA!

To arrange the pics, when you add them to your post, just click, hold and drag them to where you want!

HTH, Amber