Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend get-away....

OK... it is late late late Tuesday night and I am just now getting a chance to blog about our weekend.... one day (maybe, hopefully) life is going to slow down! ANYWHOOOO..... we took off Friday evening after work/school/etc. and went to the cabin with Scott and Josie and all of our kids (we were out-numbered 5 to 4) We unpacked all of our stuff and went into S'boro to meet Dustin and Mo and eat supper at Pizza Hut. I-of course- did not pick this venue- I have one place that I eat in S'boro and that is Buena Vista- but Scott (being the big cry-baby he is) refuses to eat mexican- so pizza it was! We had a rather good dinner- considering we had SEVEN kids that were worn out from all of the weekly rush of "getting out of school" activities. We went back to the cabin and hung out and played some Phase 10 til late and Dust & Mo left (we wanted them to stay but Mr. "I'm so awesome" Kelly had to play for a funeral and had to do all sorts of things for a singing on Saturday... guess we will have to book some of his free time a few weeks in advance next time :)-

We got up Saturday to a house full of kids wanting to go out on the lake.... but their Daddy's had gotten up super early and went fishing so they had to wait (what they felt like was FOREVER) until they returned to go out on the boat. They had a blast riding the intertube and jumping off the boat-house... yes.... the ROOF of the boat-house.... Granny wasn't too thrilled when we told her about this!! They played and swam ALL day.... and it wasn't too much of an effort to get them all to bed that night..... JD and Scott were like zombies too (they took the kids to the park, out on the boat, and went fishing AGAIN that evening) Josie and I basically had a weekend of chit-chatting, cooking, cleaning and tending to kids. We determined that we must be getting oldER because we turned down the oppurtuniy to go out on the intertube ourselves!!! I have something wrong with my shoulder and I didn't think I could hang on tight enough.... and we pretty much agreed that getting in that water just wasn't as appealing as it once was.

We got up Sunday morning- cleaned everything up and headed back home. We seriously unloaded the car and went straight to work on our yard. I had bought flowers about 2 weeks ago and JUST got them planted... hopefully they aren't dead already! We got ready for church, went over our friends' house afterward and came home and crashed! I declared to JD that next time we go to the cabin (where we plan to be ALOT this summer) that I was staying more than 1 whole day.... too much work and not enough rest time... I was wore out!!!! Here is a video of the kids jumping (ignore whatever it is I am saying.... I can't stand the sound of my own voice on video....how do all of you listen to me!!!!


Cassie said...

I'm such a baby - look at those kids jumping off that thing - I'd probably cry just walking up the steps to THINK about possbily jumping off ;) Looks like fun though - I must not be old like you and Josie cause I would LOVE to be on the water! You can clean for me too!

Amber said...

Haha! I was laughing the whole time! My kids have been begging to go swimming, until I threatened to through them in the Lake to swim....no way! My boys are sissys and only like pools, LOL.

Wasn't that water freezing though?