Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Warning... boring post ahead....

We had a not-so-exciting-trapped-indoors-for-days week last week because Kaden had a fever from Tuesday night through Saturday night. I would tell you what caused it but after my $30 copay (AGAIN) I got the "It's Viral" diagnosis- which in my book is the Dr's way of saying "I am clueless as to what this is and I have to say it is something". I am not the type that wants to medicate my kids or anything- but I am the type that only takes my kids to the dr when it is past what I have tried to resolve on my own at home- so when I hear "It's viral" every other time I go- it does not set well with me. His fever ranged from 103.8 - 100.1 for 5 nights and he would not eat and could not sleep and was the clingiest he has ever been- but never the less he is much better now and (knock on wood) no more fevers for him or the other two- so I guess I shouldn't be complaining.

We did get to go to church Sunday night- it was one of those last minute "Do I go or do I stay home one more night?" decisions and so I decided that the kids and I would go (JD was going with or without us) I had cabin fever and the baby did too- and he was 24 hour fever free for those who are concerned that I was spreading cooties :)

Monday we went to Gunter's Mtn church for their Labor Day picnic. The kids had a blast just running around and getting as dirty as they could! We love all the people out there- they treat us so well.
We left there and headed to Scott and Josie's to hang out for a while. (oh yes- we were traveling around the world and back!) The kids did more playing and absolutly LOVED playing in the subdivision, riding power-wheels on the street, taking full advantage of the neighbors playhouse, etc. It did kind of give me an itch to move into a subdivision- which is against all I have ever wanted. I am a house and land kind of girl...... JD is a "whatever I don't have to mow" kind of guy (that does not appreciate our 2 acres of lawn like I do :)

And here we are- back at the norm- life, school, church, and life..... and the singings start this weekend. I do like singings- but by Sunday night I am usually past my point of ironing, pack a diaper bag, get kids in the car- go again. That ONE extra time of getting ready really is a killer! If you see me nodding at church this weekend just over look it (after you laugh..... because you know I would be laughing at you too!)


Marty said...

Since I usually sit across from you - if I see you nodding - I'll throw a book at you. That's what friends are for... :)

Cassie said...

LOL - I remember not long after yall moved to where you are now and Joe told me "Don't get a lot of land Cass! I have to mow 2 acres and it's horrible!!!!" I was like "I lived on a 7.4 acre farm for most of my life...Get over it you big baby!" Clint and I want AT LEAST 3 acres at our next place of dwelling :) But the community of subdivision sounds nice but see I have that now anyways :) Course I only have 2/3 of an acre ;)

Stephanie T said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with subdivision fever!!!! I wouldn't want to be there forever, but how cool to just send them out the door to play with other kids there waiting?? I think if we do it, we'll be canvasing who the neighbors are MORE than the house :)

Remind JD that most subs have rules about how often you have to cut the grass - HA!