Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy (2 days later) Halloween

OK- this is a quick recap. We went to Granna's house as we do every year. Granna and I worked on putting lace sleeves on Kaylee's "wedding" dress for what seemed like forever (don't look too closely- they are pretty messed up.) She wanted her dress to look just like my wedding dress so we got it as close as we could.

Kyle was "Hulk Smash" (this he came up with because that is what Hulk says on the Super Hero Squad) most of you know him as Incredible Hulk.

Kaden was Big AL. I know- you are shocked that we have a mini mascot in OUR house.... like we are fans or something...... hmmmmmm......

Tanner and Clay brought Heather, Tim and Holly :) over and we went trick or treating to about 10 houses because NO ONE was doing trick or treating hardly in Madison County. The kids got about 2 lbs of candy each (yes- they weighed their bags at Publix when we stopped by to trick or treat there) They got to dress up, they got candy, we walked about 3/4 of a mile..... it counted in my book :) .... but as for next time it falls on Sunday - we are a)going to a trunk or treat of some sort or b) going on Sunday with all the other people instead of looking like dumbies.


Cassie said...

So ppl there still treat on Sunday huh? Everyone here went on sat - if there was anyone on sunday they didn't stop by our house ;)

We had a trunk/treat on sat before going house to house - I LOVE doing that - that way I get to see everyone else's kids all dressed up that I normally wouldn't see as they would not be home but out themselves :)

The ETK Blog said...

Dumbies? hahaha.

kelsisk said...

I enjoy reading your blogs. you do sooo good! Kel