Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall into Pictures...

This is the good one of about 10 shots... seriously.... guess who wasn't in the mood???

And yes... I figured out later that this is the same shirt I did his pic in last year with the pumpkins....
maybe it will teach him to eat more so he will grow ;)

At least his face is in character with his shirt!

He escaped (& I wanted to show you my awesome new wreath ;)

Buzz Lightyear takes on NMS Fall Festival

Kyle aka Black Spiderman in the costume parade...with no mask.... and no shoes...

CeCe from Shake it Up doing her prance in the costume parade

Western day at NMS
Kyle in his non-western-had-buttons-there-for-a-church-shirt and his boots

Crazy hair & socks day

Woody and Bullseye
I can't believe how BIG she is looking... Mrs. Growny
I bet none of you have a paper boy that is this adorable :)

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The Pritchett Parade said...

Love the wreath! Did you get it from Lauren?? And i love little miss Shake it up. Too cute!