Monday, June 15, 2009

Survival of Revival

OK- I am so sure this will be my only post for the week. We are 4 services into our revival at church and OH MY how tired I am already. I do not mean to complain b/c I love my little (big) family of 5- but let me tell you- I don't know that I will survive the laundry of 2 church services a day! I started out with 30+ outfits that I had ironed up for the kids- but my "poop monster" (Kaden) is running through about 3 or 4 outfits a day...... sad thing is ..... we have that many outfits.... and they all match/coordinate for the most part b/c I need a hobby other than making the whole family look picture ready just to go to church/singings/ vacation etc.

We have had heavy hearts this week- missing Bro. David more and more it seems. Of course revival season was what he lived and breathed for- and going into it without him just leaves us longing to hear his sermon on Noah or "No-eee" as he would have said. Just to hear that bible slam that Ark door shut one more time.... oh we miss him terribly. We know he would only want us rejoicing and praying in new souls. Pray for us- the Jones family and the church family- pray that someone will make it this week and that our hearts will be lifted.

All sad-depressing- teary posts aside.....

I will be taking Mr Kaden to his 2 month dr appt on Thursday- so I might can through some stats on here.... I am guessing he is weighing all of 12 pounds now- he is a chunk!

Kaylee has found 2 wobbly teeth that I have forbid her to touch until I get a good pro-pic of her before she goes into "scraggly no teeth" mode! Why must they grow up so fast?!?! I am not prepared for all of these major milestones..... my first born has became a first grader over night !

Kyle is now into story telling "Menochio" (Pinnochio) is his favorite.... favorite... I make him tell it to me just to see his facial expressions and hear his miss pronouncing of every other word.... I love it.... this will be classic video 15 years from now!

Good night all- I will catch you up sometime this weekend after I sleep for 12 hours or so ..... or 8.... anything sounds good at this point.

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Sherrill said...

Life is often so bittersweet. Bless you for the efforts you make - for the mothering you do - for being JD's "helpmate" LOL - and His blessings will make all of it worthwhile. . .but you already know that. :-) Rest in the knowledge Bro. David enjoyed many, many good days and would want nothing more than to see the generations behind him enjoying the goodness of the Lord and their lives. Just in case he's watching (not sure how that works!), make him proud - enjoy your life and the goodness of the Lord. He would probably have a few words for you if he found you too sad. . . :-) Love you kid - can't believe I remember when you were a baby - the only good thing about being this old is having lived through enough "stuff" to KNOW He will truly deliver us - whatever we need - in His time. And we will smile again after the storm.