Thursday, June 25, 2009

busy busy busy

What else is new- we are on the run again this week. I have had to work twice (well.... today and tomorrow... so it is ALMOST twice as of right now) We have visited off to church-went to our church- JD is going to visit again tonight (with out me... I just didn't have the "get ready" energy tonight) Go Go Go... it is endless... but I am proud we are well and able to do so... even though it is a little tiresome- it is worth it when we get there.

This is a pic of our big boy.... it is amazing how fast one child can grow! He is going into size 3-6 month clothes... kind of crazy that they only get a few weeks of wear out of each size at this age. I am thankful for my healthy kids... they are worth it all.

I did manage to get a pic of all three of them ready to go to church- this is something I did all of the time when Kaylee was a baby... then with Kyle.... with poor Kaden we are usually completely running out the door with 10 seconds to spare..... no time for pics.....we only got one shot of him on his first time to church.... I have got to do better with the snapshot thing!

We are officially going to Disney World next month and we are SO excited! We have told Kaylee we were going to take her when she was five years old.... and we are going to be there 12 days before she turns 6.... close call on that one :) ( we had 2 other trips planned but timing , sickness and a new baby brother kind of post poned them....) We will actually BE there for Kyle's 4th birthday.... what a happy place to celebrate... last year we celebrated with a 12 hour drive to Washington DC... not so fun.

I am now going to put the baby down and put up the 15 bags of Wal-Mart stuff I brought in .... the fun never ends .....

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Stephanie T said...

BTW - I am SO jealous of DW!! You know you can get free tickets for Kyle's BD, right?