Thursday, June 11, 2009

Well today is going to be fun...... shopping for revival with 3 kids in tow.... I have made a list (actually 3) of where to go- what order to go in- and what to get while I am there (cold things must be purchased last we all know- which means leaving the grocery store for last... that never turns out well- I can hear the melt downs now!) We have our revival next week and being organized isn't something I do well. I have 400 outfits picked out to iron for my kids, while I will be stretching it to get 7 outfits in a row b/c my baby weight is here FOR LIFE it seems :( FYI- babies before revival will put you in a trial over clothing! I will have to have shoes, hair accessories, socks, all the baby works, etc. clean, packed, sitting in order to make it to church all 13 services.... yes 13.... not counting that we have church Sat. and twice on Sunday immediatly following.... making that 16 .... lets not ponder on that one....

Now that I am totally complained (shame on me I know) I will say we are doing great with our newest addition. He slept until 4:30 am (after being put down at 12) 4 straight hours is good.... really good.... way better than 2! He is getting so HUGE! I had to add onesies to my shopping list b/c he is busting at the seams in the newborn sizes. He is somewhere over 11 lbs- crammed into 21 1/2 inches- therefore he looks like the marshmellow man. He smiles- which I have yet to succeed in photographing.

Kaylee is as dramatic as ever (tears in the mornings over not enough milk in her cereal, her tv isn't on the right channal, Kyle is breathing her air) I am sure we won't survive teenage years with this one. BUT she is a big help to me right now- sometimes too good- but she can calm Kaden enough for me to finish whatever task I have a hand and she is my "go get whatever I need" person b/c she is the only one who understands where I am talking about in this house. Love her.... she is precious..... even through all the tears :)-

Kyle the wild man- just runs through like the Tazmanian devil.... you can't understand half of what he says and he leaves a path of distruction following him.... and he eats everything in sight!
He doesn't pay much attention to Kaden- except to tell me he is crying (like I can't hear him lol)
He has started wetting the bed again.... out of no where.... we thought we had jumped this hurdle.... guess not...

I guess this is enough for now- I know- LONG post... but this is a catch-you-up post. From here on- just updates... maybe :)
and here are more pics from Kaden's 1 week old photo shoot. Our great friend/family Marty came to our house and stayed with us one CRAZY afternoon to try to get some good shots...Kaden wouldn't sleep and Kyle wouldn't smile.... it was entertaining.... check out the one where Kaden decided he needed to go.... on JD's arm.... hilarious!!

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Cassie said...

Thanks a lot Drea - you have now gotten me to thinking I might like to do this myself - like I have the time! LOL, I may only have 2 kids but I also work part time and sing with New Harmony and also recording a CD with the Byrd's so I really DO NOT HAVE TIME TO DO THIS! But I am going to look into anyways :)