Saturday, June 20, 2009

We made it

Yes, we survived revival. No, my house will never be the same :)-
No new souls were saved, but our alter going people have been coming out of their "rutts" it seems. We are praying for them with new minds and they have seemed to have uplifted hearts. We are looking for them to make it soon- real soon. Bro Matt and Bro James worked so hard this week- and we are seeing the reaping from their sewing- some things just can't be done in 1 week. The Lord is always on time....
We have our baptizing tomorrow for our "new" additions at church. We had 4 make it the week after we layed Bro David to rest and they have anxiously waited for this day..... we have had to reschedule 4 times I think..... thus leaving it to fall on Fathers Day.... oh well.....

Mr. Kaden weighed in at a whopping 13 lbs and 1 oz and he has grown to 23 1/4 inches. I knew he was big- but that is more like HUGE! He is passing up our other new baby boys at church- and they came into this world almost 2 lbs heavier than him. He must be trying to get big enough to defend himself from Kyle LOL! I am trying to get some new pics on here... but it is the whole "remembering" thing that gets me every time.... I have early onset Alzhiemers I am sure.... being a mom is draining my memory more and more each day!

It is late- but I have been up doing some (secret) online shopping for our upcoming Disney trip. OK I admit that I am a SUCKER to a sale... but the Disney store online had polos for all 3 kids 50% off.... so they all will have matching polos with their names on them..... and of course I "needed" a personlized backpack..... I will spend more getting there than I will after I have arrived!

And for a note on Fathers Day... I will give some praise to my sweet husband whom is the best daddy I know. He adores our kids- and they feel the same about him. Having the home life that he did when he was growing up has really had an impact on how he parents our kids. I love him more than he will ever know- he makes me proud to be his wife :) (except when he starts telling stories in the microphone at singings.... then I want to tape his mouth shut LOL)
I will also praise my Daddy- he is the best also.... he has taught me so much in life. He has a big part in who I am today.

It is hot as blazes and we will be sitting beside the pool for most of our spare time- so I hope to get some great summer pics shot and posted soon. Until then......

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