Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A happy 4th it was

We had a great 4th.... just sitting by the pool ... relaxing and eating- our favorite things to do :)
We went to Jimmy's house, then to Granna's (aka Marquetta's) where we did a few of our own fireworks before heading out to Parkway Place Mall to see the fireworks show after the Stars game was over.

Shall I say DUD... it wasn't the fantastic fireworks we were hoping for.... but the kids had more fun sitting on the hood of my car eating popcorn.

I am still in total CRAZY mode trying to plan for Disney.... I had no idea it was such a big deal to go somewhere for 5 days! I did find out there is a coin laundry at the hotel... this is a major help... Mr Kaden can DESTROY some clothes let me tell you. (We went to church Sunday morning and about 2 miles before we were at the church- he had an explosive diaper which required minor surgery to remove... that wasn't in the morning plans to say the least... I stood in the parking lot for 10 EXTRA minutes trying to figure out HOW to remove the outfit without ruining shoes, socks, ME.... luckily I had a back up outfit... if being a mom to 3 has taught me anything it is to always be prepared for the worst case... because when your not.... it will happen)

Back to Disney- I do believe I will pay more for monogramming than I will pay to go to Magic Kingdom lol. I have schemed some pretty good coordinating outfit ideas in my head- the following through of these schemes is to be determined. Of course as for me and JD... we will be in the coolest (and I am talking temperature...not stylish) clothes possible. My shopping list gets longer by the minute... ponchos, snacks, nursing cover, kids tennis shoes.... it is forever long. Every time I talk to someone- they tell me something I have to add to my list. I am not sure our car can hold it all.

I will post later this week- hopefully with Kaden's two month pics.... which I have GOT to do this week.... he is almost 3 months old.... I am so behind on LIFE! (probably b/c I am blogging lol)

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