Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh Sweet Summer

As I am typing- Kyle is asleep in the recliner- Kaden (also fast asleep) has just been put in his bed- and Kaylee is near to joining them in dreamland.... no fussing, no arguing, just sleeping... this is a rare occasion in this house! Summer days are full of hard core play which means earlier bedtime... and this Mom loves some early bedtime.... and I know I am sounding so terrible right now b/c I am so happy they are sleeping... but you have to know my kids.... they are the up all hours of the night and early to rise kind- sleep isn't something they seem to require much of to function. And when I say "go to bed" the tears begin to flow- they are all the sudden thirsty, hungry, sick, sad, need to tell me anything that will keep them out of bed- so a night of going to sleep on their own deserves praise.

We just returned from a friends birthday party (swimming party) and that is why the kids are so pooped. It was Kaden's first birthday party.... to attend that is.... besides Aunt Emily's.... but Mikato's isn't a true "party". We had a blast... pics to prove it.

Brittney and I have had kids together for almost 6 years now (5 for her) She had hers first this time though.... it was so fun having a friend who was pregnant the same time I was! Look at Mr Holden's legs compared to Kaden's... he actually HAS legs LOL! It is looking like we are going to have yet another short kid!

Check out Kaylee's eye- she was playing outside yesterday and was stung on the lower eyelid by something and it has swollen something terrible. This was the first time this has happened to her- totally scared me to death b/c I swell badly when I get stung by certain things- I went on a frantic search for Benadryl when I saw her eye!

We have been visiting churches this week for revival- it is so great to be with everyone and even though it isn't intended to be a "social" event- this time of year is about the only time we get to go to some of the churches and see our friends that we don't see often. With JD in a gospel group- we only visit on Friday nights when New Harmony is booked for a singing- and not everyone attends singings. I also like for our kids to get close to our friends children- and when I say friends- I am talking about those who we spent every weekend with as teens that have married, moved off and we hardly ever have a chance to spend time with. We all still have an incredible bond- it amazes me sometimes- it can be 4 or 5 years since I have seen one of them- yet we can pick up on conversation and never miss a beat.

I must be more tired than I thought- because as I proof read this blog post I can tell I am about as random as I can be.... I have covered kids sleep habits to bee stings and then jumped to long lost friends....... my mind is tired and going in about 100 directions and I am writing it all down for you LOL..... not that I am too concerned.... all of you know I am about as random as it gets......
Happy 4th..... God bless you all

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