Monday, July 20, 2009

Getting Ready....

We have 3 more days! I have the kids things (mostly) packed. I have been working on my house all day- getting everything together that is going with us and trying to get everything here in order so I don't come back to a disaster! I love cleaning my house right before a trip so that when I get home it is still clean- it is awesome. Plus- it is bad enough unpacking in a mess-free house. I still have a few things to buy- but I am hoping that one trip to Costco will tie up those loose ends.

Kaylee pulled ANOTHER tooth tonight! She did it all by herself- I didn't even think it was that loose. She was proud- and I am now waiting for her to go to sleep so the "Tooth Fairy" can pay her AGAIN. (I know if I go to sleep that I will not be waking up before 7ish when Kaden gets up and my luck will be that she will check before then)

I still haven't seen who Kyle and Kaylee have for teachers this year. I am pretty sure Kyle will get Miss Erin b/c she did his testing-but I am clueless about Kaylee- not that it really matters b/c I don't know ANY of the first grade teachers at New Market. I was told by another teacher there that all the teachers are great so she should be safe with any of the 3.. or 4... I can't remember. I guess we will be buying supplies when we return from Disney. Kyle has to get his vaccinations- so y'all pray- I get a sick feeling everytime I think about taking him b/c he is probably going to go nuts on me. Kaylee did really well- Kyle is a little more tempermental than she is though. Kaylee has already asked to make sure she doesn't have to have them again this year.

Kaden is staying awake more these days. He is growing out of "newborn" stage and into "everyone is supposed to hold me and talk to me all day". He likes laying under his little toys but that seems to be short lived. He might be a little spoiled (okay... he is .... majorly) but we like to hold him. Kaylee thinks it is her duty to tend to him constantly- I have caught her changing his diaper twice. She is a great helper- but scares me to death half of the time. She doesn't ask to do things- she takes it upon herself b/c in her little mind she believes she can do just about anything that I can. Kaden isn't going to know what is happening when she is at school and she isn't here to pick him up everytime he whimpers.

I don't have any pics to post this time.... but I guarantee I will have them in a few days.... I may have to do an album link so you can view all of our Disney pics. Goodnight- the Fairy has to fly in the bedroom before she passes out LOL!

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