Sunday, May 2, 2010

I am up.....

but it is way too early to be at 'em. For some (stupid, crazy, I am not this old) reason- the medication that I took for this allergy/sinus junk that I am trying to fight off has had a (stupid, crazy, I am NOT this old) side effect on me.... and I am up ..... for good..... at 6 am..... after being awake about 3 times during the night.....I felt like my eyes would fly open at the sound of AIR.... I have that nervous, jittery, eyes-wide-open-brain-still-asleep-feeling.... I don't feel so "normal". Well.... I never feel normal.... but this is another level! I am guessing these meds are headed to the trash! I think I would have been better off not being able to breathe through my nose.... Oh, and I failed to mention that Kaden is up with me.... yeah.... he is the one who "shared" this crud stuff with me.... wasn't that sweet of him! He is actually the reason I am up and not trying to go back to sleep (of course JD's snoring is what woke me up first... but lets not tell him that... he kind of has a complex about the snoring thing :)

We are having "dinner" for our older people at church this morning. We have done it around Christmas in the past but we decided this time of year is just as meaningful and isn't so hectic as around Christmas. I have got to finish icing my cake and make my deviled eggs here in just a few. I hope we have a good turn out- I know some of them were worried about this weather. Speaking of which I just looked out the window and it looks like it hasn't rained!! of course... we have a newly planted garden and newly planted shrubs that we will have to get out and water ourselves!!! Thats OK Lord.... I am sure someone needed it NOT to rain... we will catch it next time!

Well.... my NOT old self is going to go get my newspaper and check out all the sales for the week..... with my orange juice in hand because I fear that mixing caffeine in with all this junk in my system will make me start running laps around my front yard.... and that would make my neighbors think I have cracked up for real this time :)


Shelby Baker said...

Oh, Drea, I'd pay to be your neighbor for that day! Not just yours, but anyone running laps around their yard.

The Pritchett Parade said...

You crack me up!! I love reading your posts. I think I have finally found someone who has more crazy dilemas than me!!LOL I would pay to be your neighbor on a normal day!!! LOL