Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday JD!!

Today, 30 years ago, my wonderful husband was born! I know that the Lord put us together- no doubts about it- he is my soulmate- and he was made just for me :) I love him more everyday. His is a big dumby most of the time, he loves to joke around and make everyone laugh, he is so tenderhearted, he tells me how much he loves me everyday, he adores our kids, he works hard (stop laughing... he really does :) to provide our needs and wants, he is perfect for us! He has enjoyed today too. He took off work, hung out at the house with me while I did my "normal" Monday routine (taking the bulldozer to my house to repair it from the weekend) He got to relax... and eventually got to go fishing which really made his day. We met up at his mom's house to eat cake (he always gets an ice cream cake....not really my thing... but he loves them)

We had a surprise party for him this past Saturday at his favorite place... Simmons Park! He has loved going to Simmons park every Memorial Day for as long as I have known him. I have always joked him that Memorial Day was his Christmas- rain or shine or tornadoes (its circulating... I can just hear Goody and Norma lol) we are there every year. I checked out a few places to have his party at - but none suited him like the park did. Keeping it a secret from his was a big deal too... he knew a party was coming but he didn't have a clue as to when or where... and he really was surprised. We had fun and just about burned up in the hot, humid weather. He was so happy with the whole thing..... and I am so happy we pulled it off (and it is OVER :)-

Here are pics..... I will post more about our super spaz week we have.... Kyle is graduating from PreK and Kaylee is from 1st grade..... busy, busy, busy.... we are ready for some lazy summer days FOR REAL......


Stephanie T said...

We couldn't believe we missed it!! We were stuck in the never ending violin/piano recital which led to MANY pain pills for all of us :)

Scary - the invitation (which was too cute) - his senior picture is still how I think of JD!! When I see pictures of all of us then, I think we still look like that!!! NOT!

BTW - great fam picture with the cake!

The ETK Blog said...

Did he get alot of phone calls from friends old and new wishing him a Happy Birthday?

Melissa Kelly said...

Oops, I see Dancing with the Stars on in the background, better not let you know who see!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday JD!

I'll have to get with you and get some pointers, Lee turns 30 this year too, and I'm wanting to do a party for him....he, on the other hand, is not so much loving that idea, LOL....I mean, it's not like it's HIS birthday or anything, right? LOL