Monday, May 24, 2010

Today is the beginning....

We are up (with the exception of Kaden... and I have been making the kids tip toe around until he is!) we aren't getting ready... we don't have to pack back-packs.... we haven't brushed our hair (oh yeah... really pretty) and we have officially started our summer break!!!! The kids had their awards programs last week and though they did have 3 make-up days they were supposed to go to school for this week... they aren't going.... we are DONE for the school year!!

Kyle got his certificate for completing Pre-K... I was kind of disappointed because there was no program (singing, reciting, etc.) like there was when Kaylee graduated. They did have a program back in February but that is when we were all quarintined with the awful stomach virus and Kyle didn't get to participate.
You can tell from the pictures that he literally RAN to get his certificate and RAN back (the only one who ran- his daddy pointed out to me... like I would be suprised!)

Kaylee had her Awards Day ceremony on Friday (she wasn't happy that it wasn't a true "graduation". She is one who likes to over-celebrate life- which I think is great- except when she gets disappointed when the party is over and it wasn't what she thought it would be LOL She recieved 2 awards- All "A" honor roll for the entire school year (Go Kaylee !!) and All "A"s for the last 9 weeks of school. I am so proud she is doing so well- she is the youngest one in her class and that always worried me- but she is a smart cookie and has done so awesome :)

We went home and opened gifts from Granna (Kaden graduated from taking a pacifier on his own... I was not ready for this.... really sad day for mom)

We got ready and took off to the cabin for the weekend.. I have pics from that too... I will save it for next time.... Have a happy Monday :)

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